Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

I sincerely wish you all the best in the New Year. Let us not forget our role in orchestrating our reality. Once we realize this and take responsibility, all our dreams WILL come true!

Get to your know your self, your higher self, your spirit, your soul and be true to your heart always.

Be Blessed and Loving and Lovable...let it penetrate every moment of everyday in every way...this is one key to magic.

This is what I wish for the New Year...

Abundant Blessings and Love Eternally,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why I Hate Christmas

Oh no, here we go again, first she bashes males, then females, now Jesus?!?!?

To be clear, I am not bashing Jesus the Christ or any other child of God (Creator/Spirit), what I hold utter disdain for is government mandated corporate holy days and the illusion around them that is shoved down our throats...and even being used against those who choose not to celebrate the traditional lie.

We are brought up to believe that Santa Claus is coming to town, after of course he's been watching you every second of every day all year to see if you are "naughty or nice" or are deserving of more toxic plastic toys produced by child slave labor in China.
Who do you think has more super powers? God or Santa? Or could they even be referring to big brother?

So, according to this first lie, the so called "poor" kid who's parents don't have credit cards to max out, courtesy of foreign banksters, obviously was naughty that year or santa would have crawled through their chimney and dumped a bunch of gifts under your dead lighted tree. Can you say fire hazard?
Well, what if they don't have a chimney? What if you don't feel like killing a tree or simply couldn't afford one? What if you can't afford the extra couple hundred dollars per month to decorate your home and dead trees with lights and flashy iconic holiday cheer?

Then what?
According to the way we are taught to celebrate, my children would obviously have been in the "naughty" category.
What a miserable way for a child to grow up. The rich ones of course are deluded even further since they are rewarded with their every little frivolous desire for being "nice" all year....which of course we know is not true...

Could this be considered rewarding bad behavior? Could it have something to do with the entitlement mentality so prevalent in our society today?

Why is it that we hold so dearly to these lies? Why is it that those who choose not to participate are considered some kind of threat and are even reported to "authorities" for not celebrating the lie?

Look, I'm not trying to piss in anyone's cheerios, but I think we need to look more closely at our roles in purporting delusion and bad habits, which of course I believe contribute to the chaos in this perfectly managed society and have nothing to do with the true spirit of Christmas.

I have to admit I'm a bit anti-establishment and are not programmed by the boob tube or the radio, but occasionally while I'm driving through a city, I will turn on the radio to see what people are saying. For a month now, all I've been hearing is "Tis the Season to Shop and be Jolly."

So it's December and I'm supposed to shop? Why? What if I don't have extra money to throw around to try to impress the Joneses? What if I simply just don't want to? What if I am content with knowing all our needs are met and do not want for anything? What if we are just happy being together and sharing love every day of the year and talking about the REAL SPIRIT, not just the one day we're supposed to put on a smiley face and pretend we love or have a relationship with perfect strangers who happen to be part of our family, however disconnected it might be the other 364 days of the year?
Is this the day where all of a sudden every thing will be magical and this spirit we refuse to recognize will automatically repair whatever damages has been done throughout the rest of the year?

I will admit here that I might be coming from a negative vantage point, but I am positive my upbringing is not uncommon, so I will share it with you.

The day after Thanksgiving, the day where we are supposedly celebrating the natives and newcomers getting along to form this new land in peace and harmony, not bloodshed, genocide and greed, we had to wake up early to go shopping at all the spots that we were told to shop at on tv or on the radio. If we weren't the first one there, we wouldn't get the deal we have been waiting for all we so harmoniously do what everyone else in the matrix does, get stuck in traffic, stand in really long lines where fights actually break out because someone cut in line or took too long to write their check or because the light turned red. If this is the season for the spirit, why all the haste and anger? People were not smiling and I have to say, nothing on that front has changed over the years.
People are honking their horns, screaming at each other, then go home to scream at their children or loved one because they spent too much money they never had and cannot afford to pay back......but what the hay? Every body is doing it, at least we are part of the cool crowd.

Now Christmas is approaching...a week or more in the kitchen preparing for guests, guests that you never had time for the rest of the year, but now feel you need to impress to make up for the guilt of not being a good friend of family member the rest of the year and of course gorge ourselves like little gluttons, which was really confusing because I thought that was a sin...hmmm, so we sin to celebrate Christ? As you can imagine, this could cause a lot of confusion for a curious child.
In my house, it was all screaming, yelling, blaming and stress, up to the minute where the first guest arrived where the spirit would miraculously make it all disappear and change it to love and smiles in an instant. Until uncle Tommy came over, he was the most despicable human in the world, but put on that fake smile as soon as the door rings.
The meals were not prepared with love, the gifts were not bought or prepared with love and in most cases the guests were not invited out of love, it was called obligation, guilt and one upmanship.
Of course, nothing some sparkling wine or spiked egg nog couldn't take care of for the evening.

As a child, I apparently was one of the "nice" kids who santa made a special trip to see and fill up half of the living room with toys and clothes to show his appreciation for our good behavior all year...sure, doesn't that sound like a dream come true? I was kind of bummed that I never actually saw santa, but I was amazed his taste was obviously very similar to my mothers.
Imagine my surprise when I was all of a sudden getting yelled at for santas credit card bill!!! Of course it was my fault that my mother had to max her credit cards for Jesus...or was it the Joneses...?
I was constantly reminded how she was going to be in debt for 20 years because she HAD to max her credit cards for us to show her love and contribute to the lie of the system. Damn, what a naughty child I must have been to make her do that.
Honestly, I never wanted all those gifts, in fact it was obvious to everyone who entered our home. I felt it was a big waste and almost felt guilty myself because santa obviously didn't love anyone else the way he loved me, I mean come on, we totally scored (if material counts in your world).
My favorite thing to do was gather gifts, clothes, books, homemade cookies or whatever was around to bring to the people in Mexico which loved in cardboard boxes. I would even spend whatever was given to me at toys r us to bring to children who never received a Christmas gift in their lives. I couldn't understand why santa didn't love them too. But the beauty, spirit and love of the exchange when I saw the look in their eyes of gratitude filled me up, enough to want to continue to play santa for those in need most of my adult life. Then I woke up and scrooge (and truth) reared his ugly head...

What I always wish those toys could have been replaced with is LOVE. I wish there was a TRUE spirit of giving that wasn't reserved for one day per year. I simply wanted to be told I was loved, I wanted to find out where santa lived, how he did it completely unnoticed, and more importantly learn about Christ who we were supposedly celebrating that one day per year.
Do you think Jesus, Christ, God, Creator, Divine Spirit or whatever you call it was ever mentioned??? I was told we were Christian, so why no Christ in Christmas???
Not was all about the hustle and bustle, keeping up with the Joneses and living the lie. The stress was unbearable, even for a younging who didn't even know what stress was. All I knew was that it didn't feel good.
I almost felt like I was being bought. I WAS being bought! I will give you this and max my credit card for that if you promise to be a good little slave all year long...imagine their surprise when I actually said PLEASE DON'T BUY ME ANYTHING!!!
Of course I said that because all year long I heard about how broke we are, how the payments would never be made and that with interest, she could be paying for those same dumb gifts for the next 30 years which would make us homeless. Even as a child that didn't make sense. So after one of these breakdowns I asked my mother to return my violin and cancel my classes. I think it was about 12 per week at the time, but to me that was a phenomenal amount of money and I wanted to do whatever I could to help reduce the stress and bring in the spirit of the season.....
Of course I failed at that because as soon as she canceled the classes and returned my violin, it was replaced with more plastic. Sometimes I think I should have kept the violin.

I don't really want to moan and groan here, but come on, I know I'm not the only one that went through that same kind of dark holiday celebration.
And I know this tradition is still being continued today.

I'm not going to go in to the religious debate here in this blog, but we are going to do a show tonight with Tobias Lars about the Real Story of Christ if you want to learn more about that. What is the season about anyway? Is it about reporting me to CPS because I don't celebrate Christmas or other corporate holidays the way you do? Is it about treating me like a terrorist because I really don't feel like killing a tree and bringing the fire hazard in to my home to light up and triple my electricity bill?

Is it time to recheck the old ways that have permeated society, leaving us feeling empty while supporting the corporations we know are not only not serving our interests, but using child slave labor to produce a material society where whoever has the most toys wins?

Sorry, I don't see the spirit in that.....

My prayers for the season are that we come to an understanding of the powers that be. No, I'm not talking the elitist genocidal maniacs trying to control the world, I'm talking about the REAL POWERS THAT BE, the ONLY REAL POWER on the planet and that is LOVE! That's it! There is no power in darkness and lies. That is force. Force to conformity, force to feel and believe a certain thing, force to possess, which includes also being possessed. There is no spirit in force
Give of yourself, yes, but that doesn't mean you must spend yourself in to debt for one day a year where corporations make between 70 and 90% of their sales for the year. What about a true gift from the heart? Your time, your understanding, your unconditional love?
What about giving that of yourself every day of the year?

What about honoring mother nature and the beautiful abundance she is longing for us to appreciate?
What about honoring your family and loved ones, those in your community or lending a hand to those in need?
You don't need to look far to find one in need. My guess is you could start with those you share a roof with, then branch out to your neighbors. Perhaps they may not be in need of something material, but might need a little love or companionship...?
I would be willing to bet you have a street nearby where homeless people reside and would love nothing more than for someone to go share with them a smile, conversation or a hug....yes, even homeless and financially challenged individuals also need and deserve love.
Nothing compares to helping someone less fortunate than you and is also one of the best way to lift your own spirit. The spirit of giving, the spirit of love can be so beautiful if exchanged in it's natural state. Consider de-commercializing it for a day and see what beauty you can bring in to your life.
You are not a better person because you have more credit cards. You are not a better person because you bought more junk for your children and paid a higher electricity bill and look down upon others who do not. You are a better person because you are true to the spirit, your soul, the divine spirit within every day of every year and strive to be a Blessing in others lives.
May you Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others this holiday season and may all your dreams come true in the coming new year!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


In case you haven't listened to our show, it is time to realize that I am an equal opportunity offender.
I do not discriminate and and I not a man hater, I am an evil hater.
So you pretty little women giving me high five for calling the weak little men out, stand back because now it's your turn...
As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am not blaming men for controlling the current power structure. We women are just as guilty for allowing this to happen. Not only that, how many of us have succumbed to this false position of power or authority and not only facilitated it, but encouraged it?
Look, before you you say, "I didn't do that, it's not my fault" I would like for you to clearly look in the mirror.
I am not too proud to admit that I myself took place in that matrix. I bowed down to false authority, based on fear and ignorance, lack of confidence, sense of self and education.
I played the whole game. I spent the 3 hours in the mirror each day trying to make myself pretty enough to be seen in public, worried about every little hair I felt had to be in it's proper place, buying the latest fashions because the magazine, billboards or industry I was in demanded it.
Yup, I actually thought that was what life was all about...
Women, make sure you're pretty (and shallow) so that you can get a man to marry you and rescue you from yourself, you little damsel in distress...

Of course after you are lucky enough to attract a shallow man in lust with the fake persona you were able to dust on with a makeup brush, chemical products and stilettos, you found he only wanted you for your body.......well DUH!!! How much time did you spend on your heart and mind in your beauty routine? Beauty is only skin deep.
So you battle it out, blame him for using you as a toy, feel worse about yourself then perhaps even trap a man with pregnancy, thinking that would be your key to locking a man.
Well, that didn't work, so let's dress up like a whore and go prancing around town in hopes to find a drunk man that will love how I look...for tonight.
What does this tell men about women? And I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg here.
You bought the lying media about what life is supposed to be about. You bought the fact that you need a man to save you. You bought the Hollywood movies portraying women as worthless little sex toys who would do anything to keep a man, then you complain about the results of you mirroring this disgusting behavior.
Blame the male, right? They are all weak, they are all shallow, they are all out for themselves...
Come on ladies! We need to look at our role in this situation!
You act like a slut, dress like a slut and bring another man home every other night for a temporary boost of confidence, then get mad that they treat you like a slut. If it walks like a duck, talk likes a duck, it is a duck! Why is it that we women refuse to accept that?

We often settle for less because of our own insecurities and inability to look within for power and truth. We handed our authority over because we were taught if you did not have a man that you were less than. Yes, maybe men have said it, but YOU BELIEVED IT!
What are these men supposed to think when we are the ones that turned ourselves in to this piece of meat/trophy or stepford wives?
Would you like a man that thought all he had to do is look good to get a woman or love?

So, now you have the man, the kids, the sign up at the country club or gym and spend hours each day on your beauty routine or work out, while your nanny takes care of the children you gave birth to, then you send them to public or private school, giving up your authority to the establishment, trusting they know what's best for your children, or perhaps you are just too lazy to deal with the responsibilities it takes to raise them properly. Many of you don't even show up in the classroom to check on your children and see what they are or not learning because you are too busy driving around in your SUV or spending your husbands paycheck on frivolous fashions to keep up with the Jones. You have a purse full of colorful pills to create whatever mood you want because you are too weak to face the truth. You cover it up with drugs and alcohol. You've made anxiety, depression and bipolar fashionable and glamorous...
You are not home cooking good quality and healthful meals for your family, tending to the chores and responsibilities of keeping a good household. You are dining out, eating junk food or buying TV dinners which of course is contributing to all the dis-ease going around today due to lack of nutrition. You took them to their wellcheck appointments, instead of weighing and measuring your own child, poisoned them with vaccines even though you had no idea what was in them and gave them sugar every time they cried or asked for it.
When the children are home, you plop them in front of the boob tube, the back up babysitter and hand them some video games to keep them out of your hair so you can tend to your own selfish desires. If the children act up, you take them to a doctor for a psychotropic drug instead of taking a look at how you are contributing to this so called abnormal behavior. Then you sit around with the rest of the stepford wives complaining about what an awful life you have because you bought the lie that your children had a mental illness and use them as your token conversation to prove how strong you are for being able to put up with all you created.
Ladies, I want to ask you, how do you feel when you are ignored? Do you think perhaps you would act out somewhat too? These are children and they are YOUR responsibility!
Did you consider that before you brought them into this world?

Maybe some of you are in abusive relationships and are of the belief that you don't deserve anything better. And maybe that's true, at the time, due to your choices, but did you know you can turn that around? You make excuses like, "the children need a father", "I'm too stupid or too weak to raise them on my own", "I need his money to feed my children"....whatever the excuse may be. So you stay in a destructive abusive relationship and cower in your own SELF IMPOSED FEAR that you are weak and you need a man. Not to mention the fact that you are instilling this dysfuntional behavior in your children only to be repeated over and over rather than take part in breaking the cycle. This of course leads to what? More abusive relationships, physical and mental issues, which of course lead to more hate and fear. You think you despise what someone else did to you, when ultimately you despise yourself.

Yeah, I know that mirror doesn't look so good sometimes and truth is not always an easy pill to swallow, but you MUST if you expect anyone to respect you! You must respect yourself first!

Yes, we covered the existing power structure and it is fact that it has always been led my males, but really, is it their fault?
Wouldn't it be fair and truthful to assess ourselves and how we have contributed to this imbalance?

I received many emails yesterday about my blog, mostly good, I must say and I thank you all for your contributions and sharing your beliefs. I believe this is a topic that needs to be addressed, but are we ready to look in the mirror?

I happen to love the proverbial mirror, not because I like looking at myself, but because I do not like to stagnate. I am a full time student of life and prefer to work towards improvement. Denial will get you exactly what you've always had...nothing. You've been down that road...isn't it time to change it up if you are hoping for better results?

Some of the feedback pointed out the weaknesses and horror stories of women and for those who have experienced this type of abuse, I am truly sorry. Just as some men make men look bad, some woman also make women look bad. And you know what, just as I said yesterday...MOST PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME! MOST WOMEN AND MOST MEN!
The only way to fix the problem is to face it.

You women out there wasting your whole life away on bagging a man, whoring around, cheating, selling out for a paycheck or those with the entitlement mentality are doing all woman an injustice! Not only that, your children! The wellfare women popping out more babies for more government handouts....well, I have addressed you on my show, but to reiterate, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

If it will make those I offended in my post about men feel better, I will share some of my stories about women with you...
I shared with you some insight to my upbringing and the male influence, what you may not be aware if is I have a mother too! :-)
Would it shock you if I told you how much she was to blame for the existence we lived?
She not only chose the path, but insisted that it was for the better. She discouraged me from ever speaking my mind or butting heads with authority. She didn't teach me I had any worth, only that to have a good life, we must do what men tell us to do. "Women should be seen and not heard" was her favorite line. In fact, all the times I was beat up or raped, she blamed me! She said I deserved it because it must have been something I said. "You are not to challenge men," she would say, "shut up and smile."
She believed that if only I shut up and married a man for money that life would be great and I would have everything there is to live for. Another good one she used to say is, "Never marry for love, marry for money."
Wow, that seemed really dark, but hey, she's my mother, she must be leading me in the right direction...
Although I knew something was wrong, I couldn't put a finger on it, after all, I only knew what I was taught. Men are smarter and stronger and woman and stupid, quiet and pretty and must compromise our own ideals to please a man.
How shallow is that? In fact she actually took part in coming after me for them men I ran away from because of their abuse. Yup, she honestly thought she was doing the right thing by doing her part in keeping my life controlled.
I remember before my marriage, I told her I really didn't want to marry him. Her response was, "Well, you can always get a least he will have to help you financially."

Now I have to honest with you about that. I personally believe that if you make a commitment you keep it. Unless it's extreme conditions, abuse or influences, you stay married...after all, you made that promise. Love is a decision, not a temporary feeling and sometimes that means it isn't easy. Getting a divorce was not something I would have ever done on my own volition, so I am thankful that my husband left me, because I would have continued to justify the abuse to maintain the status quo. After all, I didn't deserve any better, I made my bed. Which is true, but that doesn't mean it is concrete.

WE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE OUR OWN EXISTENCE! We don't have to sell out, give in or tolerate any abuse! EVER!!!
Why do we do this to ourselves? So is it the men we attract that are abusing us or is it a reflection of how we feel about ourselves?
We believed we didn't deserve any better, and we had a lot at stake in the false reality. After all, we were the ones that brought it on ultimately with OUR OWN BEHAVIOR!

Remember the ducks? Quack quack! Now it's time to do something about it!

Do you want to be loved by a real man? Well it's time to learn what love is and what a man is. A man is not solely attracted by your charm and physical beauty. Plastic tits look like toys. If you don't want to be a toy, stop acting like a toy or pumping up your body with silicone.
Consider putting the same time (or even more) into your emotional and spiritual beauty than your face or clothes. Get back in the kitchen. Yup, I said that. And it is your (one of your) place(s) in the home. Accept that!
I'm not saying you need to be barefoot and pregnant and that a man can't be in the kitchen in fact many men are magical in the kitchen, but if you want a man to take care of you, you must take care of him too and every REAL woman knows the way to reach a mans heart is through his stomach, Not his dick!
If you seek to attract the lust of his member, do not expect that to last. If you use sex as a tool to get a man, you are equally to blame for being treated like a whore. Don't be mad at him for not showing you the respect you can't show yourself by spreading yourself around in this manner. You are giving part of your soul to each person you engage in this act with. Think about that and how thin you want to spread yourself.

It's no wonder we are all screwed up these days. Everything we thought we knew about ourselves, the opposite sex, love, power were totally backwards! The issues have been perverted in the media, yet we continue to accept that as reality or go to some other "expert" to tell us how to be ourselves...LOL Think of the irony of that! WE ASK SOMEONE ELSE HOW TO BE OURSELVES? What do they know about you? They know you are human and that you NEED the approval of others in this existence, based on the current power structure. How about looking inward and cleaning out our false ideals, purifying our soul and practicing self discipline? Mastery of the self is the key to freedom. Know thyself and to thine own self be true. You are your own authority. You do not need to rely on anyone else to fix yourself or to make you free.

Truth is freedom! Time to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. A REAL woman questions authority and teaches her children they should do the same. You know how to think for yourself and don't NEED anyone else's approval. You teach your children how to think for themselves and honor your husband, and yourself.

Stop treating yourself like less than and watch your reality change around you. It is time to get real...

And a little treat for those who think I am coming from a self righteous standpoint, please start pointing your fingers now.
I was one of these women. I was the stepford wife, I stayed with the mobster king pin...after all, I thought my children needed a father...and you thought I was just picking on you... ;-)

Been there, done that, now let's do something different!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just an excerpt from a book to be...

There comes a time where one has to ask at what expense do I give in for evil to prevail? What am I willing to give up for an illusion of safety or protection?

Holing up in a cave might protect you from some rain, some bad weather, even some random crazy people you might have run across if you were out. But how many good people, experiences and magic will you miss entirely?

I guess if you never knew it, you wouldn’t miss it, and holing up doesn’t sound so bad, especially with all the threats there are out there to fear. But do we cower in fear because of outside forces inducing fear or are we afraid of ourselves? When you are afraid of love, giving and receiving, it’s easy to use the excuse of other outside threats entering your world. So, being used to fear and pain, we block out the unknown to willingly accept the status quo. Well, it might not be all there is to be had, but I know it, I’m familiar with it, I’m comfortable with it, so I will take it. No one wants to walk alone in the dark. They want to clearly see the path ahead of them ,which gives them a sense of control over their environment, which of course only leads to more of the same. Those walls, although invisible are as sure as the bricks your house was built with.

How do we step outside those walls? How do we learn to break free from fear and pain? Pain is inevitable, no magic pill or safety net, or running out to the woods to hide in a cave will protect you from pain. It’s how you deal with that pain and what you do about it. You can cover it up, bury it in the toxic waste dump, but those toxins aren’t going anywhere. They are still there, being piled upon by more toxins that will eventually erupt, perhaps even getting it to the water supply to poison the community. This works the same in your emotional body. Covering it up doesn’t work! Protecting yourself from feeling will not work either! You must feel it to set it free. Enjoy it, love it, embrace it, erase it…this is part of your path, your journey into the unknown realm of true freedom here in your physical body. Is it safe? Are you here? You’ve made it this far! Get out there, take a step, simply avoiding what could be painful will not release it, it will not cover it up, it will just boil beneath the surface preventing other systems to flow freely and seep into other areas of your life until you can embrace and release these illusory fears. It will show up where you least expected it and force you to deal with it, no matter how much you run. And no matter how fast you run or how far you run, you will always be there. Face it, feel it, free it, fuck it and have fun with it. Love yourself all the way through. Of course it’s different. That doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Future of TruthBrigade Radio

Hi there! It's time for me to make decisions about my radio show and thought I would share some of my personal situation with you...
I have been on the air, literally working 7 days per week for 2 years to bring you the best guests on a wide variety of topics that you will not here anywhere else. We have focused on a solution oriented format that will only uplift and empower you and give you the tools necessary for total freedom, sustainability and breaking through the false paradigm system that has governed the world for so long.
I am a single mother who home schools her children and volunteers full time. We grow our own organic garden, thanks to Big John of , and herbs, and do most things for ourselves to reduce our cost of living to the absolute minimum.
In this time, 3 people have donated to our show to help keep it going...perhaps that is my fault for not going out and getting sponsors even though I have no idea how, and that I've never really told anyone our real situation of living day to day.
I also work in the community to heal people and animals from a variety of conditions from cancer to diabetes and just about any other ailment you can think of. Not to toot my own horn, but I am batting 1000....I do this because I love it and feel that it is needed, it is my gift, and judging by the feedback we get, you feel the same. Now it's time to ask, how important is our show to you?
It is important to keep in mind that the universe is governed by laws that make reciprocity a necessity. Within each and every interaction, each and every relationship, each and every exchange there must be reciprocity. Therefore, we ask that you consider making a donation so that all will be in balance.
There are many ways you can help! You can send our show to your email lists, facebook pages, twitter and myspace accounts, and tell your friends, family and community about our shows, products and advertisers. If perhaps you have a business or something to advertise, you could consider sponsoring our show or doing a banner exchange...?
Did you know that I make organic tobacco? (That means you can smoke all natural clean homemade tobacco and can drop the chemical laden poison you are purchasing from our gangster government that loves you so much)
Did you know that I make herbal smoking blends? (Think ceremonial blends, restful sleep, relaxation to assist in lucid dreaming and self awareness?)
Did you know that I am a master blender when it comes to healing oil? (Are you suffering from psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, pain, sprains, cuts, burns, etc)
Did you know I create meditation and massage oils? (Are you interested in stimulating your pineal gland, deeper meditation and self awareness)
Did you know that I am nutritional coach/natural healer?
Did you know that I now have in stock to sell the sea weed product that saved my life and in the 2 years I've known about this I have personally seen it CURE cancer, aids, ms, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, blindness, heavy metal and radiation poisoning such as DU, DEW's, agent orange and vaccines?
While I would love to heal the world for free, continue to produce our show to provide free information for our growth and spiritual development, it has come to the time where I need to consider why I am doing this?
The biggest road block here is that it does take money to accomplish these things, never mind the fact that my emails and sites get blocked, youtube and myspace pages deleted (15 +) and links broken when they do allow me to post. My children need to eat and shoes really come in handy...unfortunately I am not going to be able to continue working 7 days per week for free. (FYI, there are no alimony checks or govt handouts going on here.)
I have been looking for a "real" job and I have sadly come to the place where I am going to have to seriously consider taking a regular job full time and drop the show and alternative healing.
I am asking you, if you love our show and what we are doing to please contribute or come to the realization that we will not always be here.
Of course the archives will always remain so you will be able to access the information as you need it.
I am dedicated to keeping the truth alive, but I do need your help as I am only one person.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement throughout this amazing time. It has been one of the greater Blessings I have received in this lifetime and would like to continue to Bless others in their path. Can you Bless our show so we can continue to Bless others?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meditation, healing, massage oils and more!

It's that time of year where we think about giving gifts of love to one about giving the gift of health?

Meditation, healing, massage oils and more!
Organic tobaccos, herbal smokes, and herbs by the ounce.


Have you heard of luxury pampering medication? Yes, you can pamper yourself while you heal! Whether your concern is physical pain, dis-ease, emotional blockages or spiritual development, MyTrueEssence has the oil for you!

Nutritional coaching available

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introducing My True Essence

MyTrueEssence.Net started off as my hobby helping others heal through nature, alchemy and intuition using predominately herbs and essential oils. I use only the finest all natural ingredients, made by God, the Creator, not synthetic lab copies.

The amazing benefits of essential oils have been known and used for medicine all throughout history to treat any dis-ease or emotional ailment known to man.
Perfect for mediation, massage, emotional or physical healing.
I use emu oil as the carrier because of it's transdermal properties, like the essentials which also naturally contain omega 3's, 6's and 9's to nourish your skin, leaving it supple, soft and smooth.
The natural properties of emu oil in itself are known and widely used in sports medicine, for pain, strains, swelling, scrapes and burns and is also used in Hollywood for aging, wrinkles, stretch marks, bruising and age spots. Some claim it also helps with balding.
You name the result and I have the oil for you!
Each oil is specifically meditated over with love and intent of helping you connect to your true essence, using the life force and vital essence of the plants being used.
Use in place of your current beauty routine and replace the toxic synthetic chemicals with PURE LOVING NATURE!

You can choose your blend from any of the oils on the site here or allow me to guide you in your choices. I offer nutritional coaching for a nominal donation as well as other herbal alternatives such as modifilan which cures cancer, aids, ms, diabetes and detox's from nuclear radiation, DU, DEW's, agent orange and heavy metals, helps to rebuild and produce adult stem cells and homemade, homegrown herbal blends and tobaccos.

(If you are allergic or opposed to using animal products I can blend with apricot, grape seed or almond oil.)

Here is a sneak preview of some of my products already available...please check back as we update the site!

Hikers Peak Oil has stood the test from the humid backwoods of the Ozarks to the arid western mountains and desert climate. No need to worry about the bears tracking and eating you as you will fit perfectly into their habitat. With this special blend that contains some of natures best anti-biotics, anti-fungals, anti-infectious, anti- viral and antiseptic, ticks, chiggers, spiders, fleas...all will run away from you.
Recommended use: Apply full body for initial application before your day in the forrest and reapply on open areas later in the afternoon before mosquitos make their appearance or after exposure to water.
Use as a preventative, but if you forget to apply before your day in the woods, use afterwards to thwart itching, redness, swelling and infection brought about by being bit.
Most common uses: any skin condition, rash, burns, scrapes, bites, infections, soreness, inflammation, arthritis pain, coughs, cold and flu symptoms, candida, eczema, pain and soreness.

Our Summer Dream Blend will take you back to the warm sun kissed rays of the summer sun any time of the year with the fragrant aroma of rose, geranium, lavender, bergamot and jasmine. This blend will do more than just make you smell good!
Can be used as a calmative or stimulant, anti-depressant, bruises, stretch marks, psoriasis, sprains, expectorant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, anti-biotic, skin rashes, burns, scrapes, strains, sprains, psoriasis, eczema, stress, tension, pain, fertility, circulatory issues, emotional balance, coughs, colds, bronchitis, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety and general skin care.
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Are you missing that spring in your heels? Spring Ahead will allow you to naturally attain the state of the joy of natures natural course in the blooming season.
Emotional problems, nervous tension and poor circulation are just a few of the barriers we commonly encounter when we are out of balance. Wash them away and feel the life flowing through you with this special blend.
Can be used for skin care, infections, scars, bruises, stretch marks, depression, anxiety, tension, stimulant, PMS, heart palpitations, fear, shock and nervousness.
Has natural antibiotics, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and anti-infectious properties.
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God's Gift is a special blend that contains some of natures finest and most versatile time tested ingredients all throughout recorded history dating back to the bible and beyond in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese and Indian literature.
Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood are known to stimulate the pineal gland and are most beneficial in meditation and religious rituals and prayer. They were also 2 of the 3 gifts given by the Wise men to baby Jesus. Of course the benefits don't stop there. Can be used as an antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antibacterial for wounds, sores, skin care, chapped skin, depression, coughs, colds, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, fluid retention, nervous tension, nausea, exhaustion, acne, skin care, calmative, sedative and aphrodisiac.
Apply directly to the area is question as often as needed.

Who doesn't need a little more loving kindness in their life? Fake it till you make it with this special blend of ylang ylang and jasmine, which have been used for thousands of years as a remedy for frigidity, infertility and reproductive issues, PMS, exhaustion, stress, tension, depression, aphrodisiac, anxiety and more. Our other ingredients have stood the test of time since the black plague where users of lavender were not affected.
Other beneficial uses:
Cuts, burns, rashes, infections, sores, eczema, insect bites, infections, antibiotic, headaches, meditation, skin care, stress, constipation, eliminating toxins, disinfectant, stimulant or calmative.
Use as often as needed.

Magical Meditation is a combination of God's Gift, Native Intuition and ancient Egyptian records. Is recommended for both male and female and is a favorite for achieving that inner balance and peace of mind so long desired.
Pineal gland stimulants along with some of the most amazing skin care remedies combined to make this oil desired every day of the week.
Historical records dating back thousands of years suggest most of these ingredients were used in Egyptian tombs, biblical days and also used as an aphrodisiac in the times of Cleopatra and beyond.
This oil best used on the skin for meditation, or all over your body for a total body calmness like no other.
Can also be used as an antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-infectious, for skin care, stimulation of the immune system, circulation and antidepressant.

Native Intuition will not only help you get to that deeper place inside, the calmative and restorative effects of our blend will help with circulation, blood infections and heart issues. One of the main ingredients, Cedarwood will also help induce sleep on those restless nights by helping you brain produce natural melatonin.
Can be used for muscular fatigue and pain, stress, tension, exhaustion, bronchial infections, sinus infections, asthma, coughs and colds as well as nausea, recovery from infections, antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties as well as a bug repellent.

Relax and Refresh has a unique ability to remove tension and produce a calming effect while being able top stimulate the senses and give them a lift without the over bearing effects of caffeine induced wake up call.
Chamomile has been used thousands of years for pain relief, spams, skin disorders, rashes, eczema and as a sedative while the peppermint acts as a gentle lift in mood and spirit any time of the day.
Most valuable uses are:
Headaches, nausea, sinuses, muscle tension and stress, fatigue, poor circulation, shock, travel sickness, decongestant, infections, digestive disorders, cuts, burns, antibiotic, antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-parasitic, insect and spider bites, anti-inflammatory and general relief of everyday tension, giving you that burst of energy you need to complete the day in a soothing space.

I am delighted to help you in your journey to experiencing a total mind, body and spirit connection which can only be achieved by finding your true essence!

Some of the mental and emotional dis-eases I have been able to help with are:
heart disease, blood pressure, poor circulation, strains, sprains, muscle soreness, growing pains, gum infections, depression, frigidity, sinus issues, cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, aids, ms, diabetes, adhesive capsulitis, addictions, sexual dysfunction, burns, cuts, scars, bone and tendon healing, anxiety, nausea, demon removal, deeper meditation, opening chakra communication, aphrodisiac, psoriasis, eczema, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bladder infections, fungus, candida, infections, insect bites,

What is unique about natural medicine is that there are NO SIDE EFFECTS other than LOVE AND HARMONY!

Use the abundance of nature to help you break through the matrix! Mother Nature is waiting for you to recognize her so she can bring you back to your essence!

All product exchanges are made with donations through paypal.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Do haters have souls?

As a radio talk show host, I get to speak to some of the most amazing and talented individuals on a regular basis. I owe a lot of my spiritual growth and the path I am on to these bright and centered individuals. I thank God every day for my many Blessings in sharing and learning from such a vast array of abundance. In my opinion, I have met personally the best of the best, the creme of the crop in science, art, business, activism, politics, self sufficiency, spirituality and every other category one could think of.
Of course the flip side of being a controversial radio host is that you also attract the worst of the worst, the weakest of the weak. You get the psychos, the terrorists, stalkers and the feds (I think they are all the same). Even more baffling that you get a whole new life....but is it real life, or is it by design?
All of a sudden everyone knows you, or thinks they do. If your life isn't interesting enough, they will make one up for you. But is it "interesting" they are looking for, or someone to demonize, someone to love to hate to fuel their needs in the ego department.
Teachers on the schoolyard will tell you that bully's are trying to compensate for their lack of confidence. Is it just confidence or is it skill, inner strength, love, finesse, power and the ability to think freely?
Well, I suppose that's debatable, and better left up for discussion at another time, but what is not debatable is that I am human. In fact, all of the demonizers I have met are also human. All humans have free will choice, they also have feelings and emotions.
So these humans choose to hate the villian, based on the words of other humans, humans who are weak that fill their ego by hating on another human...hmmm... And these humans have souls?
Wow, now that is hard to take. But yes they do, we all have souls. We also have hearts and minds and with that comes feelings. It's easy to put people in a box and label them, but how easy would it be for us to reach out to them, know them and love them? Is that even possible?
There is something loving and lovable in every human I have come across, including the stalkers and feds. Believe it or not, there is also something loving and lovable about me. Ouch, I know you didn't want to hear that.
You were having too much fun reading the carefully orchestrated criminal malicious slander and libel about what a druggie prostitute I am...or how I'm supposedly a racist murdering building bomber, or how I'm planning an armed invasion on the state of Georgia, shooting helicopters out of the sky, kidnapping my children and fleeing to Mexico after I guess I shot my dog and choked my children...which of course that was only after I arranged some wild orgy with the cia and some poor helpless homeless women I was prostituting to the militia and minutemen...allegedly.

Whew, yup, I read that's kind of hard not to when you are bombarded with accusations like this daily, where people actually call in to every radio show I've ever heard of, and then some to spread this filth...where they call anyone you've ever talked to, your family, your friends, your employers and associates, and even report these events as actual crimes to law enforcement leaving you susceptible to being roadblocked by a dozen men in black uniforms with no name tag because they received a call saying you are a terrorist (photos below) or having law enforcement show up at your door up to 3 times a day, some even burning you with laser weapons because they know they can get away with it. I've been branded so as far as anyone else is concerned, I do not matter.

But where do these accusations come from? Why would anyone make something like this up about another human, another soul...?
There of course are many possibilities ranging from boredom, to the need to hate, to even paychecks.
Yes, people actually get paid to go around terrorizing other people's lives, and they get paid by your federal government...
Now you would hope that any thinking individual would have the courage to make decisions on their own and the fortitude to see between the lies...or at least the ability to ask themselves if there could possibly be a beneficial reason in getting you to hate the "villain." Perhaps this "villain" has something to say that could change your whole perception on life, the life you feel is about living as a slave in the matrix or the preconditioned box you've allowed others to put yourself in. I think this is where our need to hate takes over. We all mostly want to belong, we all want to be part of the cool crowd so we give up our self, our soul to do what we think will make them, the so called cool people, the in crowd happy. We buy into lies about life, about love, about every subject you are confronted with on a daily basis. We have been conditioned to need a villian...such as 911. America was so content to have osama, the cia asset who supposedly masterminded and pulled off the greatest breach in national security single handedly from a cave in Afganistan, so that all Americans could take their anger out on Al Queada and muslims and their faith after those tragic events. We needed Timothy McVeigh to blame for the Oklahoma City bombing....we had to hate Randy Weaver and his family for being a so called white supremacist, which of course in the minds of Americans justified the feds murdering his lovely wife and daughter. I could go on and on here about how we sheep have fallen for the lies and deceit of others, who have something to gain, by us feeding our need for hate by falling for the deception.
Now what would a grounded loving person do? Would a loving person just buy in to these lies? Would a loving person want to gang up on another human soul to feel better about themselves? We are all innately programmed with a bull shit meter. For purposes of this blog, let's call it your soul, your self, your spirit, your mind. With this also comes free choice, the ability to reason and the ability to love. Free choice dictates whether we choose to live in love or fear, which is where hate comes from, but what if this hate is synthetic? What if you found you hated someone for something that wasn't even real? How would you feel? How does your soul feel? Your soul is yours, not mine. I don't have to look in your mirror and you don't have to look in mine. Only you have to go to bed with your soul at night. You have to wake up with yourself in the morning. Do you want your natural loving self or the artificial hating self?
What happens when you hate?
It is well known that hate leads to all types of disease, such as cancer, heart disease, migraines, diabetes and other disorders stemming from the colon, liver, pancreas and more. When you think about what dis-ease is, it makes perfect sense. A dis-ease is not a life sentence, it is your body's way of tell you that you are not at ease within a certain element of your life path. It can be healed with changes in your lifestyle, diet or sense of self. Your goal at this time should be to get to the root so that you can heal the cause, not the symptoms of your dis-ease. Taking a pill will not heal you. Taking responsibility will.
Wait, Christie, what are you saying here? Are you really saying that it's my fault if I'm sick?
Well, do we really want to lay blame or fault, or do we want to get to the root and heal your soul? There are so many factors contributing to the blame issue, we don't have time in this blog.
Taking responsibility for our efforts or lack thereof would be just one of the components, however I would suggest if what I am saying here is uncomfortable for you, that you explore this idea when your soul is ready.
Just as I am not the judge of you, or your soul. You are not the judge of me.
Although your words, thoughts and actions are energy, manifesting in whatever way you would like it to, it does not affect me. If affects you. It not only affects your perception of reality, it affects your soul's health and wellness.
"Thy will be done..." You can will, manifest, materialize anything you shall. Shall we work for good, positive and healing loving energy, or shall we work against it? The answer is pretty simple to me, call me selfish, but I like what feels good.
Whatever you give out, bad or good, you WILL get in return. It's called the universal law, which precedes mans bogus unlawful laws. If you choose good, good will choose you. If you choose love, love will choose you. If you choose dark and muddy, it will also choose you because you made the free will choice to allow that into your life, your mind, your soul.
Think of yourself in this universe, let's imagine a bowl of water, you are the center. You create a wave of energy, let's just say a drop of water, right directly in the center of the universe, or bowl of water. You will see the rings go to the outer reaches of the bowl, the universe... and you will see them come back to the source. Ah, the source, yes, YOU ARE THE SOURCE, your souls, your spirit, your mind. You can be connected to your source, which is connected to the rest of the universe whether you like it or not, or you can separate yourself from the source and live in the darkness which it brings. Walk in to a room of darkness, turn on the light and what do you have?
You have light! The truth is the light, the way, the source of your soul.
Are you really comfortable with others creating your truth?
As for me, I count on my soul in conjunction with the source, from the Creator, my spirit as part of the whole, where 1 plus 1 equals 1.
Do you want to be part of the whole and live in love and experience the magic in the fullness of our Creation, or do you want to stay in the dark, like a mushroom? An individual like of darkness, control and possession?
Only you can make that choice for you, but I would advise you to not impose your life of darkness upon me.
You have a choice! You can stand up for what's right and be persecuted by weak men, Blessed by the source or you can be praised by men living in the dark because you gave up your soul to fit in.
Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted For Righteousness Sake - Matthew 5:10

You can continue to threaten me, lie about me and make yourself feel bigger for that tiny little instant in your created universe, if you will. You can detach yourself from the whole and live in fear if it feeds your ego. Just be aware that those like me will continue to turn the light on and watch the cockroaches run. Don't out yourself...the cool crowd (those that seek to control you) might kick you out too!

My challenge to you is to search within. Check your universal consciousness, which is your soul, your mind, your spirit. Do you want to be part of the cool crowd or the whole? Would you like to experience all the abundance of this beautiful Blessed universe or are you more comfortable hiding in the dark? Only the strong souls will survive these challenges.
Which side are you on? Does picking sides feed your needs or are you looking for something more?
The choice is yours! Live the change you want to see. You must first connect inward to make that decision.
Abundant Blessings await you, it is yours for the in hate/fear/darkness will only ultimately rob you of the abundant miracles of the fullness of our creation.
Follow your soul...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tribute to Dead Beats

Well, here we go again. I have something to say and it's not because I want to say it, but because I am being forced to defend my self once again.
Most know that I will do anything to avoid conflict, but you also know you can only press so far before I say NO MORE!!!
Well, another one of those pivotal moments hit this week where I decided enough was enough and if I have to muddy my blog with personal stuff, I will.
Many of you know that if you talk to me, like me or come on my show you will be harassed by agent provocateurs and stalkers. You will be stalked and you will be threatened if you publicly admit that you like me or talk to me. It's just the way it is when you rat out a bunch of rotten murdering lying FED's, especially if you're a woman who won't take the abuse certain big strong men exert to feel good about themselves.
We are all used to their usual routine where they call me a fraud, a prostitute, liar and say I bomb buildings and other outrageous acts, but this week really crossed the line. They started messing with my children again.
Let me tell you something you rotten pukes!
Everyone knows I am a single mother and not because I wanted to be, but because I had no choice. That's what happens when your husband leaves you for a man when you are pregnant.
So, I did the best I could do raising my children ALONE without a care in the world from the sperm donors. Not once did they care if we had food, didn't care when I was in the hospital or couldn't walk and they certainly didn't care when I was in a wheelchair and my daughter was raped and sodomized.
THEY NEVER CARED ABOUT A THING other than their own selfish needs which did not include my children. Is it just par for the course since I had a dead beat dad like that too?

Of course Mr NAVY SEAL and Secret Service HERO Frank Czajkowski was too busy running black ops and taking orders from his butt buddies in Washington to care at all about his stupid daughter....maybe if I was a man, I would be cool enough. He could dress me up like his twin, like he did my brother to go show off? Gee, that sound fun...
Well, I hear this type of thing is generational, if you don't have a father, your' children won't have a father and so on...honestly, it was no big deal. After knowing who my father is, who would want one like that anyway?
This helped to appease me when my husband, James Keddington walked out on us while I was pregnant, for his self professed boyfriend of 15 years named Kipp. Since I don't believe in breaking commitments I was happy he left me for a man, that way it wasn't my fault.
Well, you know I'm only bringing this up because this week certain youtube and facebook "friends" have been going around sending emails to my friends trying to warn them that I am lying to them about my children and that I stole my children from their loving fathers...LMAO
Yup, that's what the messages say, so I've had enough! I'm not going to take these lies anymore and the more you put out there, the more I will dish about YOUR PERSONAL lives to defend mine and my beautiful innocent children. I'm not going to sit back and be lied about by a bunch of stalkers...besides, if you were so confident in what you were saying, why can't you use your real name, BusyBee???
Anyway, getting back to James, I owned a small restaurant at the time named CJ Taylor's Deli Cafe in the Avenues in Salt Lake City. You can clearly see on the article my address was 382 4th Avenue. I built an apartment next door which initially was a storage room and that address was 376. My sweet loving husband who loved his daughter lived at 315 4th Avenue. After the initial separation, I used to write and beg him to be a father, he just didn't have time for us. In fact he took the special long way home so he wouldn't even drive by us! After a while I thought his boyfriend might be stealing his mail from me so I went to pay my employees to hand deliver letters to him begging him to be a father.
Not once did he respond, and not once did he offer to help in any way. Samantha didn't exist to him. There was a time where he received pressure and pretended he wanted to be a dad while still living in Salt Lake City, of course he called it "babysitting" not spending time with his daughter, but that was quickly cut off when he disappeared and moved out of state without any word to me or Samantha. Come to find out it's some computer job for the federal government...oh big surprise...LMAO Last time we spke he said he was working for NORAD and that is what his mother used to justify him not being a dad, he has too much work to take care of...
What gets really interesting here is that around this time I had some knee surgeries that kept me laid up. The ex's family literally KIDNAPPED my own daughter and fled to Oregon. This slime ball was actually consorting with the parents and siblings of James, my loving ex husband.
So I find out where he is months later from an old babysitter and figure, oh well, what's new, if he wanted to be a daddy, he would be here or would have said something.
To date, not one Christmas or Birthday Card.
I may sound matter of fact about these issues, but it's only because it's been so long. I do have to admit this was very hard for me and hard protecting my children from the pain of not having a father figure....but somehow we made it.
I almost got married in 2001 and I was able to get a hold of James through his mother. I called to ask if he would sign over rights of Samantha so her new "daddy" could have full legal custody. He loved the idea since he would not be liable for child support or any of the other costs he was court ordered to pay. But really what good is a court order anyway, when he is has been court ordered to pay me tens of thousands of dollars all these years??? Do you know how much I got of that? Not one red cent!
Of course the courts say I need to go back to court to pay someone else to enforce the court order. Since I have no respect for kangaroo courts, I have never done that and figure karma would take care of the rest and we would be better off in the long run no matter how hurting we have been financially.
So, of course no enforcement, why would he pay??? This really makes me wonder why certain people are going around trying to defame me in emails and phone calls to my friends, messages on youtube and facebook? In fact on facebook, there is a person there who tried to tag all my photos of MY daughter as a missing child!
Now how is she missing? Who's missing is the "daddy" who claims to love her to his buddies who then go around to all my videos or any video I'm in, then contacting guests of my show to try to scare them away from me making up lies like this:

From: B B
Date: Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 12:31 PM
Subject: TRUTH

I have seen the beautiful pictures of you and your family....Daughter.....Well, I want you to know that Christie claims Sams dad is out of the picture or doesn't care. No, he pays child support every month and Christie has taken Samantha and he has no idea where to find her. He doesn't get to speak with her, see her except for an occasional picture on myspace. How would you feel to be denied your daughter because your ex up and moved and hid!!! This is what Christie has done. Sam's dad is a very good man. He is caring and would love to just spend time with her. Or even talk to her.....which he has done in the past. He had Sam for the whole summer 2 years ago and offered to have Sam even more. This up set Christie and she has now kept Sam from her dad. She even has Sam saying that he was never in her life???? What was her summer vacation, a dream??? Christie isn't honest and she uses people, unfortunately her own daughters are being used too!!! You seem like a strong and intelligent man. I am sending you this for help in anyway. You probably like Christie, it is normal until you piss her off, or what she thinks is you pissing her off and then, you will be on the BAD Christie side. Hope you never have to know that person. Just be careful.

Come on pukes! Now this is funny and doesn't take a NORAD rocket or computer scientist to figure out...
Don't you think that if he really loved her he would have called by now? DUHHHHHHHHH Don't you think he would have returned an email by now?????????? DUHHHHHHHHHH
Common sense. In fact James is the one that created Samantha's email address! You can't pretend he doesn't have it, never mind her youtube account that Busy Bee thinks he can harass by emailing 7 times per day! I know for a fact that they know where we are and how to get ahold of us...not to mention the fact that if his stalker buddies no where, he can figure it out too.
So now there is an army other other people supposedly fighting for him, but he just loves her so much he can't speak for himself? You freaks are so transparent! At least use your real name when you are tyring to convince somene what a fraud you think I am! LMAO

Here are some emails to Samantha's youtube account...

BusyBee12341 has sent you a message:
Your dad
Your dad didn't leave you. If he didn't take a better job, your mom wouldn't of gotten all the child support that your dad has given her. He has helped out more too. Your dad thought of you all the time. You just had a great summer with your dad, wouldn't you like to do that again, or even see him on a more regular basis ?? Family tries to understand each other, your dad wanted to have a good job to help make your life better.....that counts!!!

BusyBee12341 has sent you a message:
Sam, I am writing because your dad tries. I think your mom is deleting the messages!!! He sends tons and tons of stuff all the time. He hasn't gotten credit for anything he has done for you. How would you know when it is being hidden from you. Sure, you love your mom BUT your dad would protect you too !!! He helps your mom out every month. You could call him. He calls and no one ever answers. Why don't you call him tonight and hear what he has to say. It doesn't hurt to talk to someone. Maybe he wasn't there as much as your mom would of liked BUT there is more to it than you know. But it is okay, you can make up for lost time. Its ok. You use to talk, you spent time with him, don't you want to do that again??

So what is this Busy Bee up to anyway? What does he have to gain by interfering in my life trying to subvert me and lie to my daughter?
Samantha is a lot smarter than you stalkers give her credit for! She knows who loves her and who doesn't. She knows who is there and who is not. She also knows who emails or calls her as she runs her OWN email, which I do not ever log in to in fact don't even know the password! But, James does.......since he set it up, so if anyone is supposedly deleting emails it would be him.

Gee James, you are really reaching! Have you ever considered returning a phone call or email? Well, for the record I have saved every thing I have sent and every thing you have sent. Do you really think you can lie and get away with this?
What is it that you have to gain?

I think it's very interesting that Samantha gets not one card her entire life, for 10 years, then you show up out of the blue and demands to take her from me? Hmmmmmmmmmmm, could that have something to do with your employer? Kind of interesting that you communicate with the people that have been trying to silence and even kill us, but you don't have time to talk with us??? LMAO

STALKING US ON THE INTERNET WITH THE HELP OF YOUR G-MEN isn't going to make you a good daddy.
Please take a look in the mirror and see what you have done to this little girl. I am sorry she's not as stupid as the rest of your family who thinks it's okay to kidnap and lie to courts to get what they want. Don't you think it's interesting I've won every single court action??? Do you know why? Because you are liars and I am not and the record speaks for itself.
That is why I have full custody. YOU LEFT YEARS AGO, I moved last year to get away from your stalker buddies and now all of a sudden that's a crime?
Don't you remember when we talked with you about this while I was in a wheelchair. I told you we needed to find a safe place. You laughed, denied, then disappeared again and this is how you try to be a father?

BACK OFF LITTLE COWARD! ALL OF YOU!!! If you want to be a daddy, why don't you try picking up the phone and going from there? You want to take it to the internet, no problem. I feel quite comfortable going after slime trying to hurt us in the open. If I hear of even one more email to any of my friends, you wil have a restraining order slapped on you in a pair of Busy Bee, if you are really trying to help hium, wqhy don't you suggest he pick up the phone rather than hide like the coward he is and blame everyone else for walking out on us without a care for a decade!

PS, you missed her birthday again...