Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hit men in the San Diego Police?

How long has the mob been running San Diego?

We do know that Mayor Jerry Sanders who served as Chief of Police from 1993-1999 till he left the Police Department to become president and CEO of the United Way of San Diego County and was then appointed to the board of the American Red Cross San Diego County in 2002.
Given the impeccable reputation of these organizations, he was a shoe in for mayor of the hit squad, who was elected in 2006, then re-elected by 11% of the population in San Diego in June of 2008. We also know that his assistant, Fred Sainz is a die hard member of the communist party.

In 1993, he was married to his second wife Rana Sampson, board of directors for the mob, Bronfman crime family via the ADL who collected 6.5 billion for holocaust survivors who never received a penny and only furthered to help them create money funneling businesses raking in billions of dollars per day at the American tax payers expense.

Now you have the mob training our law enforcement who the terrorists are?

It is not widely known that over 450 murders were committed by the San Diego Police in which only 2 were ever investigated with no charges or disciplinary action or dismissals of the hired hit men at tax payers expense.

Ironically most of the police officers involved in these shootings were then promoted to detective, namely Detective Patrick Lenhart and Phillip Bozarth who were on the team to try to frame me for a non existent crime.
But wait! I thought we pay them to "protect and serve?" I thought their job was to PROTECT our rights, not deny them.

On February 8, 2007, Detective Lenhart who was promoted shortly after murdering Francisco Jiminez in 1994 conducted a false raid on my home in an effort to silence me by stealing my computers, videos and cameras under the color of the law after we discovered that the San Diego Police Department, northeastern division was covering up a sex trafficking ring in McGonigle Canyon. Mayor Sanders made a secret deal behind closed doors with La Raza claiming that these slaves were living there legally with permission of the land owners and that police were PROHIBITED from arresting or questioning them in relation to any crimes.

Although Captain Boyd Long guaranteed us that there would be no more prostitution going on in the canyon and there would be undercover police to ensure that on December 2, 2006, after sending him evidence that the slave ring was still going on, he was conveniently off work the day he said he would be there, then came on the news to deny that any of this was going on.

Captain Boyd Long...DO YOU WATCH THE NEWS??? It's one thing to say that I am lying, but what about NBC's undercover reports by Ana Garcia??? Everyone else saw it. Where were you?

Now it's starting to make sense to me why they tried so hard to set me up for something and why everyone who dared talk to me was then threatened, shot at or suddenly had heart attacks and lost their business.

What I did not know at the time was that these hit men sent after me were actually full fledged MURDERERS!
Of course the way to get around that is to claim that the victim had a toy gun in their hand or the famous slander campaign I fell victim to where all of a sudden it was published everywhere that I was suicidal, delusional, a prostitute, druggie and child abuser and pornographer.

So the question is, why were they so afraid of little old me? How can one justify any of their killings, let alone coming after a single mother???

There is more information coming out on this story in the near future that will also expose the border patrols involvement with the minutemen and these same police thugs.

Until then, I'd like for you to think about this...why would minutemen be seen giving cash to a border patrol captain money who happens to be married to another investigator at SDPD northeastern division where these hit men are employed? These same hit men seem to own property at the border where the flow of drugs is endless.

To see more of the mob infiltration in San Diego law enforcement, military and politics, please go to this link.

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