Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ron Paul in Branson Missouri

Ron Paul in Branson Missouri

May 30, 2008 over 1,300 Liberty loving patriots came out to see Ron Paul with less than 24 hours notice! So much for his supporters just being a few dozen spam bots, which we all know has never been true.

Before I post the videos, I'd like to ask you, why are you paying for cable TV if you know they are lying to you? I don't know about you but I'm tired of it!

If 300 million Americans canceled their cable, they would be out of business! Won't you join me in telling the lame stream that we don't buy their lies anymore! I REFUSE TO PAY MONEY TO BE LIED TO!!!

Living FREE is a choice! You will not be free just because Ron Paul becomes president! With it come responsibility! Take responsibility for your own demise and SAY NO TO PROPAGANDA, LIES AND OUTRIGHT TREASON!!! CANCEL YOUR CABLE TODAY!!!

Now for some spam bots...

Jeremy Cady

Missouri Rep. Jim Guest

Ron Paul

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