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Chicano Park-Capitol of Aztlan

Another post from the deleted files...3/07



These videos are a MUST SEE!!! In these first two series, I simply show up at a park where there is an event going on, solely for the purpose of videotaping. I am harassed, assaulted, threatened repeatedly. It has gotten progressively worse throughout this past year. Innocent citizens are always the criminals while the law breakers continuously get their way!

Here are all the videos I made from Saturday. It was a long day, this is just 20% of what we experienced. America needs to see these videos so they will be aware of what's coming to their city if we continue to allow this lawless invasion in to the country. It's time for Americans and politicians to WAKE UP!!!

Of course none of the news covered the truth about their true agenda…
Please get everyone you know to view these! I know they are time consuming but it is important that America wakes up now!!!

I feel like the Rosa Parks of the 21st century! Here's a quote from the SDSU Mecha Club website…
"Czajkowski tried to videotape the event, but was intercepted by its supporters, who waved Mexican flags in front of her video camera and pushed her away from the main stage.
Many yelled "Go home," but Czajkowski said she was not violating any rights by being present and would not be forced to move."

Alrighty folks…how long are we going to let this continue?
Please, I beg you to take the time to open these and see what's happening while the rest of America is still in Pleasantville. This is my home town. I moved away for almost a decade and this is what I came back to.

The end of the day. Believe it or not there were actually some kind souls there who wanted to talk to us and even listened and understood. I promised I would show the ones that were nice even though the bad still drastically outweighed the last few minutes of pleasantries...part 7

Vicente Fox Protest San Diego

This blog and videos were deleted so here it is again... :-)

Vicente Fox Protest San Diego


Yesterday, 4/7/07 was the day where a misguided American group presented a humanitarian award to Mexican oppressor President Fox, our friendly corrupt dictator with sought after "family values", south of the border...or so our president says.

Familiar with, and against the corruption and oppression in that country, I decided to join the protest and get some video to expose what's really going on with the people of Oaxaca and why they all feel they have to flee here to get away from the torture.

If you've seen any of my videos, you know what's happening next, unless you thought for some reason the SDPD was really on the side of the American Citizens…I actually hoped for the best since I had met with a lieutenant of the same division just the week before to share the horrible abuses imposed upon me by that department and thought I had made it easier for them to do their job, by providing copies of the laws they were violating.

I have chosen not to cut it down is so the world can see the whole event and how threatening and out of line I was to be showing up on a public sidewalk in downtown San Diego with my blonde hair and a camera. I believe it's important to show America what is happening to our once great nation!

The SDPD clearly wants to arrest me and provoke other law abiding American citizens on a regular basis. They REFUSE to protect our rights while protecting the same group of people that are protesting against them. The captain actually went around to the officers and told them to ignore me! They were not interested in keeping the peace! It got to the point where they had to make 2 barriers (just for me) because they forgot why they put the first one between me and the hundreds of angry anarchists violating my rights again.

It is apparent SDPD will not do their job when it comes to protecting me. You will not believe your eyes and ears! If the fake search warrant and raid to my house, personal invasion, loss of privacy, defamation and humiliation weren't enough, they are determined to make me a criminal! The captain even tried to arrest me for putting my camera in his face! You will clearly see that he got in MY face repeatedly! Then the anarchists pushed me off the sidewalk while the cops did nothing but threaten to arrest me again for being on the street, instead of doing something about the people hitting and pushing me off the sidewalk.

I do want to thank Lieutenant Tenney for keeping her promise and not making me go to the other side of a public street in downtown and standing up to her Captain and the rule of law as much as she could.

That Captain was out to get me and actually condoned using force to 'protect' me! He is also on video CONSPIRING against me and telling his officers NOT TO PROTECT ME!!!

This is not going to get any better. I continue to go to these events for the sole purpose of videotaping the events and am continuously harassed, threatened, intimidated and treated like a criminal from those that are sworn to 'protect and serve' me.

Please watch these videos and send them to everyone you know! Feel free to write or call the SDPD and let them know what you think!
You can fill out a complaint here.

If you do not live here, it is only a matter of time before this comes to your city! I guarantee it! I am a San Diego native, as well as my parents and have seen dramatic changes in recent years…to the point of even police telling us white people that we should move.

On my road trip I stopped in Salt Lake City where I lived for 8 years…downtown is like San Diego was 10 years ago…

(Insert Twilight Zone song here…)

Please call, write and pass this email around. I would really hate to think I keep putting myself out there for this abuse if people aren't watching and waking up.

SDPD 619-531-2000

To the City of San Diego...

I just found that this post was recently deleted so here it is again...

To the City of San Diego...

Dear Mayor Sanders, city officials and law enforcement of San Diego, CA,

I am a native of beautiful San Diego but was forced to leave because of your refusal to uphold the rule of law. You were elected and paid for by the citizens of San Diego, yet you seem to think you can work for your own special interests as evidenced with Mayor Sander's secret deal behind closed doors with
La Raza, making it almost illegal to report an illegal alien, Code 6.18.

You have all betrayed the citizens of that city and I pray there come a time where you will be held accountable for your criminal actions and conspiracy against the citizens for all your unlawful actions and failure to protect us from a
full scale invasion that you profit off of.

On February 8, 2007, my house was unlawfully raided because you were supposedly looking for evidence of a vandalism of an illegal encampment that you allowed and actually wrote in 6.18 that they were not here illegally. You made sure that I was convicted in the media, but your lies were so out there that a 3rd grader could have executed a better plan to shut me up.

You claimed that you were searching for the vandals and that there was a 10K reward for any information about that crime, when you knew all along who was there and what they did. I feel sorry for your poor planning in trying to make me look like the criminal.

So what happened with that case?
Did you ever charge the real criminals,
Jeff Schwilk et al?

Fox Report 8/14/07

You have had evidence of who was responsible from day one, including email admissions of the guilty with a detailed list of what they apologized for destroying and video of some of those acts.

You not only ignored the

sex trafficking in McGonigle Canyon

, you allowed it and vowed to prosecute any law abiding citizen that dared complain or make it public through harassment with your police force, violence, abuse and even stalking and conspiracy to violate laws against me on video!!! You refused to protect me from

civil rights abuses

, numerous physical assaults and even being shot at. You helped on to my property knowing I was innocent for 9 months just because you can. You threatened anyone who would dare talk to me or try to report the truth. You sent your police to my door to use

special weapons on me

for numerous visits and scared the living death out of my children with your repeated harassment and abuse. You successfully drove a great family out of town to cover up your crimes.

Unfortunately, you did not succeed in that effort to silence me. None of you succeeded in your efforts to

falsely arrest me

or turn me into a criminal to cover up your own tracks, because you know you were wrong and that way too many people knew what you were doing. The world is watching and I want you all to know what you did succeed at...

You succeeded in raising awareness world wide of your criminal conspiracy. The world is watching you and we do expect that you all should be sleeping in a cell very soon. If there is any justice, you will be sent to Maricopa to wear pick bikinis.

We know that many of you are part of the communist party

and that you hired the mob to train our law enforcement that we the citizens are the terrorists!

You are knowingly, willfully and forcefully poisoning the citizens by fluoridating the water and adding other poisonous elements such as lead, arsenic and even estrogen. On page 6 your own

water quality report

, you warn customers to consult with a health professional before drinking. Well, why are you putting harmful elements in our drinking supply?

I'm sure that if I poisoned you, I would be in jail. Why is it that you can poison and lie to millions of San Diegans on a daily basis?

Do you really think the city would approve of being run by the mob, via the ADL, Bronfman crime family you married in to.

I'm sure that was just a coincidence, like Fred Sainz being a die hard member of the communist party, among others like Bonnie Dumanis.

There is nothing in the leadership of that once fine city that resembles any respect for the rule of law and the American way.

We, the Citizens of


, would like to know how you justify your criminal actions and abuse against the citizens that pay you to represent them. Remember, you are all public servants! You are not idols, kings and queens.
You must be held accountable for your treasonous actions and we will be filing a complaint and the cause for your arrests very soon.

We the People will not forget, so you might want to start looking for another job.

I hear Tyson is hiring...

If all the jack booted thugs you sent to my house to harm my children and I on a regular basis didn't figure it out yet, I am not there for you to harass anymore. I will make sure you never hurt another innocent citizen again.

Good will ALWAYS prevail and you are living in the dark. You can only fool the people for so long.

A former citizen,

Christie Czajkowski

Let's Talk Guns interviews TruthBrigade Part 1

Let's Talk Guns interviews TruthBrigade Part 2

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hit men in the San Diego Police?

How long has the mob been running San Diego?

We do know that Mayor Jerry Sanders who served as Chief of Police from 1993-1999 till he left the Police Department to become president and CEO of the United Way of San Diego County and was then appointed to the board of the American Red Cross San Diego County in 2002.
Given the impeccable reputation of these organizations, he was a shoe in for mayor of the hit squad, who was elected in 2006, then re-elected by 11% of the population in San Diego in June of 2008. We also know that his assistant, Fred Sainz is a die hard member of the communist party.

In 1993, he was married to his second wife Rana Sampson, board of directors for the mob, Bronfman crime family via the ADL who collected 6.5 billion for holocaust survivors who never received a penny and only furthered to help them create money funneling businesses raking in billions of dollars per day at the American tax payers expense.

Now you have the mob training our law enforcement who the terrorists are?

It is not widely known that over 450 murders were committed by the San Diego Police in which only 2 were ever investigated with no charges or disciplinary action or dismissals of the hired hit men at tax payers expense.

Ironically most of the police officers involved in these shootings were then promoted to detective, namely Detective Patrick Lenhart and Phillip Bozarth who were on the team to try to frame me for a non existent crime.
But wait! I thought we pay them to "protect and serve?" I thought their job was to PROTECT our rights, not deny them.

On February 8, 2007, Detective Lenhart who was promoted shortly after murdering Francisco Jiminez in 1994 conducted a false raid on my home in an effort to silence me by stealing my computers, videos and cameras under the color of the law after we discovered that the San Diego Police Department, northeastern division was covering up a sex trafficking ring in McGonigle Canyon. Mayor Sanders made a secret deal behind closed doors with La Raza claiming that these slaves were living there legally with permission of the land owners and that police were PROHIBITED from arresting or questioning them in relation to any crimes.

Although Captain Boyd Long guaranteed us that there would be no more prostitution going on in the canyon and there would be undercover police to ensure that on December 2, 2006, after sending him evidence that the slave ring was still going on, he was conveniently off work the day he said he would be there, then came on the news to deny that any of this was going on.

Captain Boyd Long...DO YOU WATCH THE NEWS??? It's one thing to say that I am lying, but what about NBC's undercover reports by Ana Garcia??? Everyone else saw it. Where were you?

Now it's starting to make sense to me why they tried so hard to set me up for something and why everyone who dared talk to me was then threatened, shot at or suddenly had heart attacks and lost their business.

What I did not know at the time was that these hit men sent after me were actually full fledged MURDERERS!
Of course the way to get around that is to claim that the victim had a toy gun in their hand or the famous slander campaign I fell victim to where all of a sudden it was published everywhere that I was suicidal, delusional, a prostitute, druggie and child abuser and pornographer.

So the question is, why were they so afraid of little old me? How can one justify any of their killings, let alone coming after a single mother???

There is more information coming out on this story in the near future that will also expose the border patrols involvement with the minutemen and these same police thugs.

Until then, I'd like for you to think about this...why would minutemen be seen giving cash to a border patrol captain money who happens to be married to another investigator at SDPD northeastern division where these hit men are employed? These same hit men seem to own property at the border where the flow of drugs is endless.

To see more of the mob infiltration in San Diego law enforcement, military and politics, please go to this link.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

communist defectve lenhart SDPD northeastern division

Apparently the defective that conducted a false raid on my house violating my 4th amendment has some skeletons in his closet…

Francisco Jiminez Latino (?)

September 9, 1994. San Diego:
Officers Patrick Lenhart and Jeffery Sterling shot Francisco after he allegedly called 911 with a false report. When they arrived at his home, cops claim he came out with two knives and “ignored orders to drop them”. They shot and killed him.

I find this interesting because it was shortly after this shooting that he received a promotion.

Why was this Francisco such a threat? We may never find out, but given the media silence about it and his elevation to detective after this incident, it is obvious that he is a puppet for someone.

Another interesting point is that his mother has some border front property in one of the largest drug trafficking chutes.

Of course that wouldn’t mean anything to the average person unless you have been there.

One of the border patrol captains that I had seen making a cash transaction at the border with a famous criminal ‘minuteman’ in 2007 also has a wife that is a defective in the northestern division of SDPD with Lenhart.

Seems they have all their bases covered.

Here is a copy of the search warrant lenhart used to raid my home over the ‘suspected vandalism of trash in an illegal encampment they denied existed.

Here are some videos of the canyon, including the day we saw the sex slaves and the sdpd refusxed to act and instead threatened to arrest me for ‘tresspassing.’

Here is a video showing lenhart and his refusal to return my property or even a phone call…

lenhart threatened to arrest me for calling him and asking for him to return my property, then when that didn’t work, he actually sought legal council to see how he could sue me civilly for making this video and exposing what a slime ball shill he is…

Mayor Sanders secret deal with La Raza as chief of police…

communist pig mayor sanders treats EVERYONE equally…

A letter to the city over a year after the false raid and so called investigation

San Diego is run by the mob!!! Jerry sanders wife is part of the ADL aka Bronfman crime family!!!


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Ron Paul in Branson Missouri

Ron Paul in Branson Missouri

May 30, 2008 over 1,300 Liberty loving patriots came out to see Ron Paul with less than 24 hours notice! So much for his supporters just being a few dozen spam bots, which we all know has never been true.

Before I post the videos, I'd like to ask you, why are you paying for cable TV if you know they are lying to you? I don't know about you but I'm tired of it!

If 300 million Americans canceled their cable, they would be out of business! Won't you join me in telling the lame stream that we don't buy their lies anymore! I REFUSE TO PAY MONEY TO BE LIED TO!!!

Living FREE is a choice! You will not be free just because Ron Paul becomes president! With it come responsibility! Take responsibility for your own demise and SAY NO TO PROPAGANDA, LIES AND OUTRIGHT TREASON!!! CANCEL YOUR CABLE TODAY!!!

Now for some spam bots...

Jeremy Cady

Missouri Rep. Jim Guest

Ron Paul