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I am being questioned on my belief systems, which of course are backed up by medical science and experience, but apparently, those who are on drugs think everyone else needs drugs and if you refuse, they will force you after they steal your children as leverage!!!

STOP CHILD KIDNAPPINGS BY THE STATE! They are the ONLY child abusers I know!

Full story here:

Please write them letters to they don't lose their connection with the outside world!

Please add this myspace page and send out to all on your lists! WE NEED HELP GETTING THE WORD OUT AND EXPOSING THEIR CRIMES AGAINST FAMILIES!

Thank you!

Blessings and Love,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Night of the Living Dead Beats

I wanted to share this interesting twist in the kidnapping of my children by the state due to false allegations by those who do not even know us....of course they have big names, badges and a lot to my children are being held captive by the state till they find the highest bidder to sell them to.

You know the funny thing is we always wanted a dad. So did I, as it was something I never had.
They would hide in the wings trying to sabotage everything we have ever done or tried to do, but never took care of their responsibilities as fathers. I have to admit, this is something that has hurt me to this day, and although my children pretend they don't care, I'm sure it's just a cover for their true emotions. I used to say I didn't care.

After years of tears, begging, and even pleading the sperm donors involved with creating my children we gave up and just tried to make the best with what we had. That might not be much materially and financially, but we always had a lot of love. We've tried repeatedly, getting the states involved for child support and other court ordered obligations, but not one state could ever find them...even when Samantha's father James Keddington, Mr Norad computer gamer lived 1/2 block away!

Now, out of the blue, they muiracualously know where to find them! WOW, after all these years?!?!? Why couldn't you find them when we needed help?

The social worker assigned to our case called me yesterday to let me know that they all were found and another big surprise...they even know where my dad is! WOW, Mr G Man, Mr, I'm too important to be a daddy because I'm too busy training people to be assassins to further the destruction of our country in my special secret black ops projects with the ONI, SEAL's and SS, never mind the children we steal, sell and use in our secret projects.

Yup, that "dad" then one who left when I was 3, the one who NEVER sent me one birthday or christmas card, the one who has never even talked with my children that I have raised ALONE all these years. And alone was not by choice, but it's what you do when you are abandoned...
Well, apparently he flew here to visit MY babies even though they don't even know each other. Not once has he even acknowledged that they exist!
Hmmmmm.....I wonder if he has another special project in mind, or perhaps a politician buddy to sell them to?

This is also the same "father" who after I was shot at and was sure that it was feds involved, had evidence backing it up and knew of his ability and connections to get certain drug traffickers off scott free, I figured maybe he could make up for not ever being a father and get them off our back. His response to me was, "If that is their job, I cannot interfere."
Gee, what a great father and grandfather! NOT!

What impeccable timing! All these people around all of a sudden out of the blue. The same people that ABANDONED us and not only just abandoned, but actively worked against us to make life as difficult as could be. Gee, I wonder if that means we get all of that back child support that was never paid?

In all honestly, although Thom Dives, Amberly's "father" did not do the things to us that James and Frank, my "father" did, but he NEVER had any interest, never supported us with even one penny and has never sent a birthday, christmas card or even picked up a phone to call us. Not once.

Hmmmm...I never understood how men could do that and I'm not beating up men, because I have also seen "women" do the same thing, but in our case, it happens to be 3 men, 3 dead beats and now all of a sudden they have an interest in my children???

It's funny because when I was pregnant with Samantha, my husband James would say, "How could a father leave his daughter like that? I would never do that!" Then I heard the same thing from Thom.........I guess it's just something they say when they are trying to get you naked. James left while I was pregnant and Thom left when Amberly was just a few months old, however that was only after coming back for a short period of time because just like James, he left while I was pregnant.

So why is it that these people are involved all of a sudden? How about my medicated "mother" who takes over 20 different pills (DRUGS) each day just to be able to get out of bed with her 300 pound body and move her ass to the chair so she can be hypnotized by the boob tube all day every day...The same "mother" who has tried force drugging her daughter more than once. Has anyone every wondered why people on drugs think that everyone else needs drugs???
My mother was the one who dropped me off at an abortion clinic when she found I was pregnant with Amberly and told me she would disown me if I had her. My "mother's" hate for Amberly was obvious for everyone to see. Christmas time would come and Samantha would be given at least 5 times more than Amberly. My "mother's" friends would even apologize to me and her about how she would treat amount of talking could make her change her mind, so after years of emotional abuse by my mother towards my children, I decided enough was enough. My children didn't like going over there at all, but I thought having some "family" however medicated would be better than no family. After my children came home with a new vocabulary, asking me what words like prostitute meant because she was calling me that behind my back and trying to brainwash them that I am evil, my daughters said they did not want to see them anymore. I was not about to force them to be with people that made them uncomfortable and Amberly always suffered because grandma would treat her less than human.

I always wanted my children to have family so I allowed them to be with the extended family of the ex since the father had zero interest. Of course that was until they got caught lying to me, working against me and forcing the children to eat their dinner half naked so they didn't get their shirts stained.
They also begged me to not make them go see those people again. Of course I obliged. See, we're not in to force here. We are not in to forcing people to spend time with abusers. We are not in to forcing people on drugs, calling the thought police because you don't think as we do. We like to live and let live and encourage others to thrive. Interesting how the people in to FORCE are the ones that say we are abusive and backwards...Hitler, Stalin and Mao would be proud...

I also find it curious that all these years even we didn't know where any of these people were. The states said they couldn't find any of them for their financial obligations, yet all of a sudden they are here and talking with MY children, whom they don't even know without my knowledge or consent?
I guess the bright side would be that maybe I can start collecting some of that back child support and other financial obligations...?

How do you people live with yourself? Is that why you have to take those drugs? Is that what's necessary to go around hurting people that don't think exactly like you?

Very interesting that all these people trying to hurt us are on drugs, yet claim that we are the ones that need them?

Words of advice! DRUGS KILL!!!!

Here's some info about your drugs and if you intend on stealing my babies you better know this because if you don't, they will educate you on them and the chemical lobotomy you paid for. Don't you dare even think of force drugging my children! See, I can't sue the little stalkers because they have nothing, but if you harm my children I guarantee we will take every penny you have.
The evidence shows what these drugs do. One would think you would look at yourself to see what drugs do to people.
I promise if you put any drugs in my babies bodies you WILL pay for it with what you love most. Paper, paper money......your God.

Educate yourself before you are beyond repair!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010


So the time has come... thought I could get away from the stalkers, but I guess not. They made good on their promises, after years of trying to find me, posting my address online and encouraging others to find me, making friends with my neighbors and having them carry out their plan to have my children removed, here we are again...
Please pray for my children.

First off I want to thank everyone who contributed to our get out of jail fund. I apologize I do not have a list of those who donated to personally thank so please accept my apology and gratitude. I am more than grateful and thank each and everyone one of you during our time of need.

Of course this is where the battle begins. I am out of jail, yes, but my children are still being held captive in Springfield, MO at Boys and Girls Town

We are posting updates here:

Who Is Christie?
Audio/Video/Written Work
Media Coverage
Update’s From Christie
You Either Love Her or Hate Her

Who Are the Girl’s?
the Girl’s Talk

Who Are Their Stalkers?
Top Level
Middle Level
Local Level

and on my facebook page at:!/christieczajkowski?ref=profile

I have been completely overwhelmed with supportive emails so please forgive me for not being able to get back to every single one in a timely manner.

They gave me a mailing address if anyone is interested in writing them, but it goes to the "workers" first and then them. The address is:
Samantha and Amberly
2720 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy
Branson, MO 65616

I also want to thank everyone who has tried to get this story out! It appears there is a bit of confusion here as I see a blog from 2 years ago was posted as this event. Just to clarify, yes, I was harassed, beat up and shot by the police with laser weapons when they came to my door live on the air, but the date on that event was March 11, 2008. Link here:,933.0.html

This has been ongoing harassment since actually before that date, but I do want to clarify that is not what happened this time.

What did happen this time:
(how could charges be filed on Friday, April 9?)

Saturday, April 10, my children decide to not do their homework and run to their friends that they are not allowed to see, that say that reading over the summer or on weekends is child abuse...the same people, the Bayer family, works for the county that has refused to protect us who has caused a lot of damage to our property, garden, home vehicle, have broken in to other homes on the property and have killed 8 animals that we know of. The same people we've been complaining about to the landlord who has been well aware of their assaults and threats towards my family...Photos here:

( Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link: )

Throughout the weekend we were playing cat and mouse, they were coming in to the home to get whatever they wanted while they were playing their independence game. We had spoken to each other several times, no screaming, yelling, physical violence, force or abuse. Kids simply being kids. They were not forced out, locked out or tied up as the media claimed.

Monday, April 12, 7:26 PM central time Deputy Darien Carter came to my door with a social worker named Emily. When I saw who it was, I said give me a minute, I’ll be right out to see what you need. He had already gone through one of my doors at that point, including opening my outside fence. As I turned around he opened the next door and grabbed me, twisted my arm and tried putting me in a head lock. He informed me I would not be going back upstairs. I told him I had a show, I want to talk to him, but I need one minute and will be right back. He proceeded to follow me in to my house; I asked if he had a warrant. He said no. So I suggested one more time that he let me go back upstairs handle my business so the producers know I won’t be right back. He then grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back as he knocked me on to the furniture chest by the front door, which a clump of hair still sits. He stepped on my right foot and used his foot to my left knee pushing me down. My children and I were screaming and Amberly ran to the neighbor’s house. They ran over here immediately and asked what was going on. Carter let me go and grabbed his tazer and threatened to taze them. No force was used by anyone other than Carter. After we talked sense in to him and he knew he broke the law bursting in my home with no warrant, no charges, no evidence he let me go back upstairs to do the show. By the time I got outside, both neighbors were arrested and handcuffed, they grabbed me immediately and took my video camera which the police escorted my children to return upstairs in my camera bag which I found when I got out of jail. So they unlawfully entered my home again. No miranda rights read, no charges at the time, no warrant.

I sat in the car for at least an hour as they took the children to the side of the building to talk. The girls came over to me asking where I’m going, why, where they were taking them, Amberly opened the door, kissed and hugged me. When I asked Emily what was going on and why all this, do I get to know what I supposedly did wrong, she said I kicked out my daughters and tied them up in the woods. Amberly said, “No she didn’t, that’s a lie.” She was told to be quiet and close the door.

Show archive here: (forward to about 30 mins)

Tuesday April 13 they came up with charges, trying to scare me with 50K and 31 years, on top of the one year they were going to leave me in solitary investigative hold for not giving them my social security number. This is where they informed me that I supposedly locked my children out of the house and tied them up in the woods, or "ordered" someone else to do so. This person has not been named and no arrests have been made by this person who supposedly did this.

All my phone calls were blocked except to the bondsman who informed me that the station had put up a chip in for donations for bail. I found this out on Wednesday, April 14.

Thursday, April 15, Bond reduction hearing, from 50K to 10K meaning we only needed 1K. I was released a few hours later and chased by 5 media cars for one hour and one half. Found out I was front page news…well, not really me, but the character they are trying to sway you that I am.

Who are we really???!/christieczajkowski?ref=profile

Friday, April 16 Judge Justus of the Juvenile court deems the children must stay in protective custody at least till our court date June 4, 2010.

Monday, April 19 FST meeting, where I find I can see my children one hour per week supervised and their location. Boys and Girls Town, Springfield.

Wednesday, April 21 I met with the girls for the first time in Branson, 2720 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

Update Report before

April 21, 2010

Update Report after

April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, get to meet with my children at another facility in Ozark, MO one hour supervised.

Update Report

April 27, 2010

Next visit May 5

Updates will continue to be posted:

So for over 3 years we've been asking for help by those stalking and terrorizing us to numerous agencies, filing repeated false reports ranging from me abusing my children, to prostitution, to trafficking my own children, child pornography, bombing buildings, hacking govt computers, murder, vandalism which resulted in a raid on my house 2/8/07 after I exposed a sex trafficking ring in San Diego.
more about Detective Lenhart (please follow links for full story)

So if it's about the children, why would they REFUSE to help us? From the local police, sheriff, fbi, cps, judges for orders of protection, lawyers and even "family."

Record of attacks and false reports in audio, written and video by the perpetrators who have been threatening to have my children taken away for the past 3 years:,36.0.html
start here and read blogs from this month and after...
or here:

News reports/blogs/media:

I speak:
Christe arrested, children kidnapped
Christie Czajkowski guest on Global Freedom Report
Christie Czajkowski on Buckshot Survival Hour
Christie Czajkowski on Truther Girls

I will be speaking:
Christie Czajkowski on Freeman Radio
Christie Czajkowski on Irritate the State

I realize this is a lot of information and I may have left something out. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact me.


- Pray
- Expose the wrong doers and this story
- Write letters/affidavits of your knowledge of our family, how long you’ve known us and what you’ve observed within the family, the endless threats, harassment and stalking and any other relevant information regarding this current situation.
- A ruthless lawyer who works out of the goodness of his heart or who is cool with trading cleaning, cooking, fresh grown organic food and herbs, advertisement, and money donated for our legal defense AND offense!

Thank you so much for your Loving prayers and Blessings,
Christie, Samantha and Amberly