Saturday, February 21, 2009

Documenting the stalkers

This organized stalking that no one wants to talk about or address is getting way too out of hand. Quite possibly if you have not experienced it first hand, you might not understand the true destruction of what this type of harassment and stalking does to a family.
I have written numerous blogs about the tactics used and evidence of my claims and am honestly too worn out to think about going on any coherent rant so I'm just going to post the claims of these stalkers that have been slandering me and filing false reports about me in order to initiate false investigations and have my children taken away, institutionalized or imprisoned, in an effort to document these attacks.

All of these claims have been spoken on LIVE internet broadcast radio and podcasts, posted in blogs and press releases and sent to my youtube and myspace friends and subscriptions and guests of my show, potential guests and basically every group I have even heard of in the "patriot/freedom" movement.

Their claims:

  • I have bombed and conspired to bomb federal buildings
  • I have threatened to kill congress and conspired to murder others
  • I killed a mexican military guy (then fled to Mexico)
  • I am a prostitute
  • I am a child pornographer
  • I forced others to participate in orgies (although I have never been to one LOL)
  • I choked my children (and other abuses)
  • I blew my dogs head off
  • I stole money from an fbi mole
  • I am conspiring to overthrow the federal government
  • I called someones social worker and pretended to be a doctor
  • I starve my children
  • I vandalized a canyon and gave a "bj" to have someone else help me set someone else up
  • I have been accused of stalking these very same people that have been stalking me, although I have NEVER contacted them even once!
  • I am conspiring to kidnap Jim Stachowiak using chemical nerve agents
  • I am a Nazi who works for La Raza
  • I am a delusional schizophrenic
  • I kidnapped my children
  • I threatened to beat someone with a bat in a location I was never at
  • I hacked in to government computers
  • I am planning an armed invasion of the state of Georgia
  • I am stalking my stalkers

What really happened?

  • I have been stalked physically and electronically for over 2 years.
  • These claimants who file false reports about me (Jeff Schwilk, Jim Stachowiak and Celeste Diedre Bonds Cortes) have threatened to kill me, have filed false reports which led to another investigation and ultimate raid on my house after they committed a crime I refused to participate in after I exposed a sex trafficking ring run by the city
  • Have threatened to poison me, my children and my housemate
  • Have threatened to steal my children and take them across the border to sell
  • Have been attacked with non lethal weapons that burned me and my children
  • Was completely disabled
  • I have been shot at
  • I have been beat up physically
  • My children and I have been burned with DEW's (Directed energy weapons)
  • I have been set up for multiple crimes
  • Computer hacked and phone bugged
  • My house broken into multiple times, bank account defrauded more than once to the tune of 7 thousand dollars. All family heirlooms stolen from my home in the middle of the day.
  • Posted my personal information online and radio broadcasts repeatedly to encourage others to pay me a visit.
  • Have made 37 fake youtube sites impersonating or slandering me.
  • Have made dozens of videos making false claims
  • Have actually reported these fake crimes to intelligence agencies
  • Have had multiple sites taken down due to false reports by those trying to conceal their crimes
  • Have been harassed by police and other law enforcement due to these false reports
  • Have been pulled over and searched of all my belongings and detained for 12 hours trying to move to a safe place due to an anonymous report that I was a terrorist and carrying contraband and/or bombs
  • Have been investigated by multiple agencies including CPS because of these false claims
  • My car has been vandalized numerous times
  • My car was completely dismantled (totaled) in front of my house
  • Dead pets left on my front door
  • Attempted arson to my house
  • Have been to court (and won EVERY TIME) due to these false allegations
  • My domain names were hijacked and directed to other sites
  • I have been denied help from multiple law enforcement agencies
  • I have been denied restraining orders even when video evidence of me being physically beaten was presented
  • I was set up by falling for a story of a mother who lost her children and needed a nice place to live so she had a chance of getting them back and drove her to her anger management and personality skills and English classes who stole and highjacked everything she could get a hold of and terrorized our lives after the police had to escort her off our property for threats against myself, my children, a housemate and friend
  • They have attacked, threatened and slandered anyone who dares talk to me
  • They have called harassed and threatened congressional candidates that I have worked for or did shows with

I probably have left a few out but will edit after I have a good nights sleep. Of course all of this can be found in my previous blogs about this the past couple years at
I will continue to document and expose their actions in hopes that no one else can ever be hurt by these people.

I appreciate those that have stood up to this and thank you for documenting the slander and harassment you are also receiving because of these people.

Please continue to report and document. I will not stop till justice is served! This is not only a civil crime, this is criminal!
They will be exposed every step they take and I will not back down to their threats...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Threat from Jeff Schwilk

I really don't want to waste a lot of time on this, but apparently there are those that aren't as happy about the reinstatement of my youtube site as I was.

Dozens of blogs here document the repeated attacks by the violent woman beater, bikini boy, Jeff Schwilk who is the self proclaimed leader of the San Diego minutemen.

He is the one you can see beating me up in the video below, along with asserting his forceful control over many other women he encounters with his typical angry racist violence.

Yes, the same Jeff Schwilk who called my mother at midnight making up stories about how I attacked him after he had beaten me up and called 3 hours earlier to apologize. You can hear the recordings here in a video one of our listeners made...

There more more at that youtube site.

Since I don't want to waste any more good time on this update, please follow this link to read the rest of the story and attacks, if you are not familiar with it.

The reason I am writing about this again is because in my email inbox today, I received a threatening email from the famous bikini boy demanding I take down my blogs that show you who he really is...with links to proof, of course.

From: Jeff Schwilk <>
Date: Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 5:21 PM
To: Christie Czajkowski <>

TruthBrigade is BACK on youtube, trying to reupload the hundreds of videos that were unfairly deleted multiple times for false flagging and false copyright claims by people like jim stachowiak of freedomfighter radio and jeff schwilk of the minutemen.

I'm assuming he's taking a quote from this blog which of course details many of his threats.

I will end with my reply in an effort to continue to document these attacks. I moved 2000 miles away to get away from these stalkers and they are still trying to force me into silence. Of course they won't be able to follow me around out here anymore...must be driving them nuts...

Or perhaps, he could be a man for a change and leave me and all the other women he's stalked, harassed and threatened alone! I will not back down and will continue to post the truth. Threats like this, howerver small in comparison to what he's already done to me will only make me put out more truth...he should have learned that by now...


What are you threatening me with now bikini boy?

Do you really think I care at all about your power trip and need to control every move I make? One would have thought you'd have given up years least a smart man would have.

Who are you to speak of lies when you know damn well every word I have said is true?
You who accuse me of being a child abuser, pornographer, prostitute, thief and whatever else your dirty mouth could spew, in order to defame me now wants to impose more restrictions on what I'm allowed to say about you?!?!?! LMAO I wil always post the truth and your threats mean nothing to me...other than good comic relief and more to send to the authorities to prove you have stalked me for over 2 years now.

You know, things like this make me want to come back to San Diego...just to make sure they prosecute you for all your crimes...and you might think you can get away with it just because you're a low level provocateur, but trust me, they are TIRED OF YOU!

How's your zoloft and bud treating you anyway...think it's time for a change???

You know I have proof of everything I have ever said about you and you also should know I have been very nice, despite the trouble you caused and your sickening displays of chauvinist violence, anger and hate. If you had more than one brain cell to think with, you would have backed off long ago and at least pretended to be the man you think you are.

FYI...Men don't beat women, they don't threaten, stalk, slander and harass them for years, they don't file false reports about them, try to censor them by taking down their videos which is an expression of free speech...something you say you fight for...nor do they try to control them, call their family and associates to attempt to harm their personal lives.

Jeff Schwilk, you are the biggest liar of them all! How dare you point fingers and threaten me with more of your lies? What are you trying to save face for? Must be driving you crazy that no credible person takes you seriously anymore, and when I decide to take time out of my precious day to give them another dose of truth, you will run like the little coward you are....just like you did when you tried to run away from being served with a response to your lies.
I loved those judges...they certainly saw right through you and all the games you played. It was fun looking at your beat red face too. A memory I will never should be ashamed of yourself! You shoud be in prison for all the felonies you commited in filing false reports and LYING to judges!

You know I have much more evidence of your criminal actions than I have already should really think about that before you start on me again.

If anyone should be making demands, it is me, demanding that you take down your malicious criminal slander about me which you have used in a manner to harm myself, my family and business and personal relationships.
Go take your little dose of drugs and scheme some more about how you can "destroy my life" (in your own words).

I am please to hear you want to harm me again. Each time you try to slander me, ten more people pop up to assist. Haven't you learned that everytime you try to hurt me, you only hurt yourself?
I feel very sorry for you. After all this time, you still have nothing better to do than follow me around...
I will pray for you...and send you a mirror.

You might even try looking in it one of these days...the truth shall set you free!

Be a man and face it!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I know this will be hard to believe, but youtube has actually adhered to their own guidelines this time!!!
After being completely erased 9 times on youtube with over 150 videos each time around, I decided to challenge them.
My last page was supposedly deleted for copyright infringement on my own videos, which we know is impossible, so I decided to take the bait on their DMCA rebuttal options and won!!! This means that my page was reinstated after a month of being gone and that the FALSE accuser will now be penalized for LYING about my videos to serve their agenda.

Youtube reinstated my old account today at which contains video of the sex trafficking ring, aztlan, police abuse against citizens, the border and videos from Revolution4Freedom last July!

YEAH!!! :-)

So now I can be found in 2 pages on youtube! Whoo hoo!

The current site I've been working on will feature videos clips from our radio show TruthBrigade Radio and I'l leave the last page to upload the more controversial political videos that always get deleted.

I would encourage anyone else who has been attacked like this on youtube to also fight back. There is a point where the law has to be upheld and I will not sit back and do nothing while my rights are constantly infringed upon by jealous competitors who are trying to silence me and cover up ther crimes!

Please consider adding my pages on youtube and spreading the good news around!

Because of the deletions, I have lost hundreds of friends and subscribers so any help getting the word out is appreciated!


P.S. For those of you afraid to call in to our new show, you also have something to celebrate as our new cohost gave up trying to change my show.
Everything back to normal and ALL callers are welcome!