Friday, July 25, 2008

I Smell BULLSHIT! - MURDER in Massachusettes

On Wednesday, July 23, 2008 the AP reports that "Massachusetts Woman Commits Suicide Before Home Foreclosure "

It all sounds great on the surface to the gun grabbing lunatics that believe the police will protect us or the UN gun snatchers that simply want to take them away for fear of citizens upholding their duty in holding these treasonous so called servants they've convinced the sheeple that we voted in, but did anyone ever consider READING the article and hearing not only what IS said that was obviously written by someone with the mentality of a third grader, but also what IS NOT said?

It took me a whole 2 sentences to see that this is another con job on the people. Let me share the first red flag with you...

Police said that Carlene Balderrama used her husband's high-powered rifle to kill herself Tuesday afternoon, shortly after faxing the letter at 2:30 p.m.

Okay, now how stupid do they think we are??? How many 53 year old woman can even pick up a high powered rifle, let alone have the ability to turn it around and fire on herself???
Most women have never even shot a high powered rifle, and those who have know that you are lucky to even carry it to the range...

Let me use myself for an example...

I am a 6' (used to be very strong) athletic woman and I have shot large guns of all types. I have had this experience with SEAL's and other experts with the training and experience to show me...they did their best to teach me how to hold those VERY LARGE HEAVY guns, but it was all the strength I had simply to hold it alone and fire in the direction of the target. I was especially thrown off because of the length of the barrel affecting my balance.
If you have been to the range and had the opportunity to practice with these, you know what I mean. In fact most men have a hard time and need special training and lot's of it to be able to handle one of these high powered rifles...

Pardon me but,

You saw the difficulty in my stance and balance in the two previous pictures and my extraordinary height.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average U.S. woman is 5' 3.7 (162 centimeters) tall and weighs 152 pounds (69 kilograms). This corresponds to a Body Mass Index of 26.3 kilograms/meters², which is slightly less than the average man's.

After taking a tape measure to the length of my arm at 6 feet tall, it is only 22 inches long from my finger tips, subtract 3 from my fist where I would be holding the trigger leaving 18 inches to work with. Given that I am 8 plus inches taller than the average woman, it is safe to assume that the length of my arms would also be longer.

Now you take the length of the barrel of a high powered rifle which is at least 18 inches...? It just doesn't seem likely that any woman, never mind a 53 year old can turn one of those on themselves especially when their arms aren't long enough!!! Of course without assistance...but what kind of assistance?

The next thing about this article that struck me BULLSHIT was...

Police did not immediately release the name of the mortgage company. O'Berg said Balderrama's fax read, in part, "By the time you foreclose on my house I'll be dead."

Why wouldn’t they release the name of the mortgage company??? Who are they trying to protect and why?

We have seen in the past how mortgage companies and builders (MOB) have "gotten rid of" property owners that interfere with their plans like the man who supposedly sawed his own head off with a chainsaw...

Chainsaw Decapitation "confirmed his death was not suspicious"

"There's nothing suspicious about the death.
"The place is all due to be redeveloped. He was the last resident left there. He lived there alone."

"We were called to the address on Bodmin Road on 5 July at approximately 4.20pm to a non-suspicious death," she said.

NOT SUSPICIOUS??? Just how does one decapitate themselves fully without assistance?

I'm sure the same way that Deborah Jeane Palfrey hung herself.

What's really amazing about this one is after searching the property and the owners is that this was a rated a top notch living quarters for the elderly that needed assistance and they boasted 24 hour security and cameras all over the property.
So even if he did decapitate himself with a chainsaw, one of the security guards surely would have heard it or there would have been video to play back to someone to confirm that he had no assistance in his murder.

The article ends with...

"...her husband didn't know about the foreclosure.
"John didn't even know about it, that's the surprise," Whitney said told The Boston Globe. "It's just one of those awful, awful tragic events.

How timely can this be with the obvious grab for your guns and property.

Recently, the mind controlling media slime reported that, ABC Predicts Suicide Rates Will Go Up, Just Like During Great Depression

Here they are programming us to accept that when some big mafia builder comes in to steal your property and people end up dead to expect it because that's what people do when they get foreclosed on...(if that really was even the case in this matter.) ACCEPT IT AND RUSH TO THE COMMUNIST NAZI PSYCHOS TO GO BUY PROZAC!!!

After all, in this article...Gramm Calls Economic Slowdown 'Mental'

Former Sen. Phil Gramm, a top economic adviser to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, referred to the economic slowdown as "a mental recession" and called the United States “a nation of whiners.”

Now everyone run out and stock up on prozac!!! It will be good for your mental health while we screw you over out of everything you've ever worked has nothing to do with what is REALLY going on, it's all in our heads!!!

Once again setting the stage for new drug push and gun grab.

Getting back to the original article, doesn't anyone else question why they are protecting the mortgage company??? What if the house really wasn't in foreclosure? If they were losing it that very day, there would have been a notice on the door and the house would have been posted at a local auction house. Where are the records for this foreclosure? Why didn't the husband know anything about it?

So I browsed the internet looking for more news stories...just who is this mortgage company she supposedly wrote this suicide note to?
Unfortunately I cannot answer that at this time, but it is something I will find out and follow up here.
All I found was the exact same article posted on the major news sites and their local news. Then I went to check the blogs to see if anyone else smelled a rat.
What I saw was thousands of posters talking about how sad it was that this poor woman killed herself because she couldn't afford her house and I read in many that they were blaming her for doing it and being a part of insurance fraud!

Isn't there anyone else out there that can read between the lines? Can you really not see that they are covering SOMETHING up here?

I finally decided to do a search on the police chief that made these statements about this so called suicide (MURDER) and came across some articles and press releases that show his inability to follow the law and respect the citizens right to bear arms.

"O'Berg had ordered his department to stop accepting gun permit applications earlier this month
O'Berg's advice to gun owners whose licenses expired was to turn their guns over to someone else"

I am certain there is more to this story than meets the eye. If anyone has heard any more information about the family, I would love to follow up with this.

Until then, maybe we can take O'Berg's advice...

"We just hope that people reach out and seek financial help, and mental health help."

Love 'n Liberty ~ through the Grace of God!


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”: Gandhi

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them Eph 5:11

"And he shall causeth all great and small to receive a number on his hand.
That no man may buy or sell without the mark on his hand or forehead."

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." (1891) Theodore Roosevelt

"I have told you all this so that you may find peace in me. In the world you WILL have trouble, but be brave: I have conquered the world." John 16:33

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence,
and toughness multiplies toughness
in a descending spiral of destruction...
The chain reaction of evil -- hate begetting hate,
wars producing more wars -- must be broken,
or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."
--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. -- Albert Einstein.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keystone Cops in San Diego

These videos were taken February 2, 2007 at the Migrant March in San Diego near the Tijuana border.

The originals of these videos were deleted 5 times from youtube so I decided to redo them paying special tribute to the keystone cops that hopefully lost their jobs after this event. Last I heard they were on administrative leave.

This was an OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVENT/RALLY on PUBLIC LAND that my friends and I were not allowed to attend because of the color of our skin or our perceive political association.
After the racist cops who were taking orders from a mexican government agent and dual citizen, Enrique Morones on our soil, paid for by our tax dollars, kicked out two white skinned supporters of the march and longtime allies donors and associates of the racist border angels, the cops decided to arrest my friend who was a LEGAL mexican immigrant to cover up their racism.
Captain McElroy represented himself as a federal government agent who had authority to decide who was allowed to walk on these public streets. You also might want to notice the lapels on their uniforms that were adorned with flags intertwined with a flag of the country that they chose to represent this day.

This event was such an eye opener to me and the beginning of finding the TRUTH in this matter.

I am thankful to Jay Johnson Castro who was the only man with a spine (besides me of course) who could and would stand up against tyranny. Of all the so called human rights organizations out there that claim free speech, rights for this and that and whatnot...Jay was the ONLY person who recognized that freedom is for EVERYONE!!!

You can go around saying that is bad for me but okay for those other people or vice versa!!! Do you really want freedom? Then act like it!!!

Just say NO TO TYRANNY!!!

I hope people can recognize what he did here and follow his lead.

Communication is the only way that we will ever solve any of these problems!!!

More info about this event where you can also see the old deleted video here...

Please join us at TruthBrigade.Com and TruthBrigade.Org and take part in our FREE SPEECH forum and radio show!!!


Listen to our archives with Jay Castro here...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego Makes Secret Deal with La Raza!

Mayor Jerry Sanders made a deal behind closed doors with La Raza as he was Chief of Police. No one was able to vote on it as it was secret till we got the FOIA...

Here are some quote from the document.
Department Policy Numbers 6.18 and 9.16
and Department Procedure Numbers 3.08, 4.11, and 6.18

They did it without a law, just make up a policy to not enforce the law.

"The duration of the stop or detention prior to the detainee's
release to CBP/Border Patrol shall be in accordance with
Department Procedure 4.01, Stop/Detention and Pat-Down
Procedures. Such factors as remoteness and safety
considerations for the person(s) detained may extend the
reasonable time of detention prior to CBP/Border Patrol
release . However, such detentions should ordinarily be no
longer than twenty minutes."

"Officers are generally prohibited from transporting detained
undocumented persons to a police facility for the sole purpose of
releasing them to CBP/Border Patrol."

"If, after investigation, it is determined the person(s) is/are not involved in
criminal activity unrelated to immigration status, the person should be
released, regardless of immigration status."

The majority of residents living in migrant camps work in the surrounding area
and are in this country legally. Officers are generally prohibited from detaining
undocumented persons in this setting for CBP/Border Patrol unless there is
probable cause to arrest for a crime not related to immigration violations."

Full FOIA here!

Mayor Jerry Sanders in Barrio Logan
admitting his deal with La Raza!

Migrant March 2007 No Whites Allowed!

February 2, 2007, I was not allowed to attend a public event due to the color of my skin.
Watch the San Diego Police take orders from the mexican government and refuse American citizens from watching a planning meeting of the take over of our country.
You will also see how respectful these lying sick excuses for police sworn to protect and serve.
Beat women, false arrest, civil rights abuses galore!

You saw the NEWS (not good) see the truth!!!

US citizens not allowed to walk on same street as Mexican gov't officials..?
The laws are changed temporarily when representatives from several law abiding citizen groups, along with two blonde Border Angels are not allowed to attend the Marche Migrante.
3 videos, sorry. I know it's long but it's worth it to see what took place yesterday with your own eyes. Also watch this short video to see the white border angels getting kicked out simultaneously...

Folks, we have a problem when Mexican government officials pushing for amnesty are allowed to hold events on public property and deny the right of peaceful American citizens (from both sides of the issue) of being there.
False arrests, citizens arrest, media railroading, harassment by goons, unnecessary force, discrimination, police refusing to take reports while the Mexican flag waves in the background.
You decide...

How long are you going to sit there and let your rights be taken away on a daily basis???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008




Annenbergs Legacy who Run the US Constitution Center

Annenberg Center for Education and Outreach

The Annenberg Center for Education and Outreach at the National Constitution Center (NCC) was created in 2000 by Ambassador and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg. Its goal is to provide people throughout the country – and the world – access to the programs of the NCC. These programs help people of all ages better understand the Constitution and its principles and to improve their citizenship skills.

Current programs of the Annenberg Education Center are:

  • The NCC Web site
  • Civic Research – see Civic Research Results for latest studies
  • Educational Resources
    • Lesson Plans
    • School Visits
    • Teaching Aids
    • Education Events
    • I Signed the Constitution
  • Joseph and Marie Field Resource Center
  • Radio and TV broadcasts from the F. M. Kirby Auditorium and Theater – see Calendar of Events for upcoming programs
  • Visiting Scholar Program

Please also visit the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, created in 1994 by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state and federal levels.


Annenberg Foundation Founder - Walter H Annenberg

The Honorable Walter H. Annenberg

"I believe in social responsibility. A man's service to others must be at least in ratio to the character of his own success in life. When one is fortunate enough to gain a measure of material well being, however small, service to others should be uppermost in his mind." - Walter H. Annenberg (1951)

Walter H. Annenberg was born in 1908 and enjoyed a distinguished career as a publisher, broadcaster, diplomat, and philanthropist.He graduated from The Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey and attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He entered the family publishing business in Philadelphia where he became the President of Triangle Publications in 1940 and, subsequently, Chairman of the Board. While serving as Editor and Publisher of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Annenberg saw the need for a publication for teenage girls and, in 1944, established Seventeen Magazine. In 1953, as a result of his belief that television's growth would create a demand for more information on the part of viewers, he established TV Guide as a national publication. Under Mr. Annenberg's leadership, Triangle Publications bought a radio station in the early 1940's in Philadelphia and built a VHF television station which was one of the first TV stations owned by a publishing house. The radio-TV division of Triangle grew to include six AM and six FM radio stations, and six TV stations. The Philadelphia station pioneered a number of broadcasting concepts among which was Mr. Annenberg's decision to use television to present a series of educational programs that ran for more than a decade. In 1951, Mr. Annenberg became an early awardee of the prestigious Alfred I. DuPont Award for pioneering education via television. He was also given the Marshall Field Award in 1958. In 1983, he received the Ralph Lowell Medal for his "outstanding contribution to public television."A man with a deep interest in education, Mr. Annenberg founded The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California in 1971. In 1983, he established the Washington Program in Communications Policy Studies in response to growing awareness that difficult government and industry problems were emerging in the rapidly changing telecommunications field.He served as Ambassador to the Court of St. James's, Great Britain, from 1969 to 1974. By the late 1980's, having sold all of his publishing and broadcast enterprises, Ambassador Annenberg devoted his attention to philanthropy and public service.

Paper Trail -Take away the name and the philanthropy and the Annenberg family history reads just like any other mob story. by Brendan McGarvey

Family ties: Moses Annenberg (left) and his son,    Walter, meet outside federal court in 1939.
Family ties: Moses Annenberg (left) and his son, Walter, meet outside federal court in 1939.

Walter Annenberg is dead. Long live Walter Annenberg’s billions. One of the richest men in the United States, Walter Annenberg was a generous philanthropist who gave millions to universities, art museums, charities and PBS. He was a friend to kings and presidents. Annenberg was the U.S. Ambassador to the Court of Saint James, London, for Richard Nixon. A media magnate who once owned local institutions like the Philadelphia Inquirer, TV Guide, the Daily News and Channel 6, Annenberg split his time between his estate in Wynnewood and a second one in Palm Springs, Calif. And, oh yeah, Walter Annenberg was indicted in one of the largest tax evasion cases in the history of the United States. Annenberg was indicted with his father, Moses Annenberg, and two other business associates in 1939. They were charged with evading more than $2 million in taxes and another $3 million in penalties and interest.On Aug. 18, 1939, Walter Annenberg, his father and two other business associates surrendered to the U.S. Marshal. They posted bond, and were released to await trial.Later that same month, Moses Annenberg, Philadelphia nightclub owner Jack Lynch and two others were indicted for conspiring to bribe a Philadelphia detective. Lynch allegedly wanted to influence the detective if and when he was called before a grand jury investigating four corporations owned by Moses Annenberg. In April 1940, Moses Annenberg agreed to plead guilty to one count -- "willfully" evading $1,217,296 -- and to pay almost $9 million in fines and penalties. In exchange for his plea the government agreed to drop all charges against his son, Walter Annenberg. Moses was sentenced to three years in prison. He was sent to Lewisburg federal pen, but released early because of poor health, and he died a month later. Walter parlayed the family fortune into billions and spent the rest of his life making people forget how Moses Annenberg had acquired this great American fortune in the first place. The story of Walter Annenberg's father is a tale of a hardworking immigrant and financial genius who got his start working alongside violent Chicago gangsters while employed by newspaper titan William Randolph Hearst at the turn of the last century. It was a time when "circulation wars" literally meant gunmen and sluggers beating and killing rival news dealers to gain a monopoly for their newspaper. Both Moses and his older brother, Max Annenberg, were involved in the brutal Chicago newspaper wars in the first decade of the 20th century in which 14 news dealers were murdered. Max and Moses Annenberg were hired by William Randolph Hearst as circulation managers for his newspapers. Their job was to hire and dispatch gangs of plug-uglies to intimidate anyone selling The Chicago Tribune. One member of the Annenberg crew was the exceptionally notorious and bloodthirsty Dion O'Banion. O'Banion captained his own gang of neighborhood toughs. A decade after working for the Annenbergs, O'Banion headed his own mob, but was rubbed out by gangland rival Al Capone in 1925. Bleeding -- literally -- people and money, the owner of the Tribune, Bertie McCormick, decided to hire Moses Annenberg away from Hearst. For a while, the Annenberg brothers were sending out thugs to battle each other. Fifteen years later, Max Annenberg was alleged to be an associate and friend of Chicago crime boss Al Capone. In 1938, the Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, traveled from Washington D.C. to give a speech in Philadelphia condemning Moses Annenberg, who, at that time, was backing the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. Ickes charged it was Annenberg's violent tactics during the Chicago newspaper wars that inspired gangsters like Al Capone. Ickes said that "the hiring of Moses Annenberg by Hearst was the beginning of the subsequent flood of lawlessness that almost engulfed law enforcement in the United States."

But Moses Annenberg didn't just rely on gangsters to improve newspaper circulation. He also came up with the idea of giving away free silver teaspoons to each new subscriber and made so much money he branched out on his own, buying newspapers in Milwaukee and New York. [Philadelphia Inquirer..Daily News] But it was Moses Annenberg's involvement in the shady world of illegal gambling that put him in touch, and in business, with mobsters all across the nation. In 1924, Annenberg got involved with a racing news service in Chicago and Milwaukee. The service provided horse race information to gambling parlors -- also known in those days as "pool rooms." With that information, bookies could set odds and collect from gamblers or pay out winnings. It was called the General News Bureau and it was owned by Chicago's largest gambler/bookie, Mont Tennes. Tennes agreed to sell out to Annenberg after his house was firebombed.

Annenberg took on a partner named Jack Lynch. But Lynch sued Moses, alleging that more than a million dollars had vanished from their business. Annenberg's lawyers argued that "the General News Bureau is aiding and abetting an illegal enterprise," and the Illinois Supreme Court agreed, ruling that it was an illegal business; therefore, the dispute between Lynch and Annenberg was outside the scope of the law.Lynch turned to Al Capone's number-one guy, Frank Nitti, to back him against Annenberg. Moses reputedly enlisted the trigger-happy organizer for the Chicago Motion Picture Operators' Union, Ralph O'Hara, to watch his back. But when O'Hara's boss was murdered gangland-style, the Chicago mafia took control of the union. Before the disagreement between Lynch and Annenberg was settled, George Downs, an Annenberg lieutenant operating in Miami, Fla., was found shot to death, execution-style, in the Everglades. At the time Downs was killed, Moses Annenberg was running newspapers in Florida, the Midwest, New York and Philadelphia. Critics charged Annenberg was using his newspapers to back local politicians who would close down rival bookmaking services and allow his illegal racing wire to operate without competition. Within a few years Annenberg had a nationwide monopoly. Annenberg's Nationwide News Service and subsidiaries were servicing bookies in 223 cities, 39 states and three Canadian provinces. Gamblers, bookies and underworld syndicates were Annenberg's customers. Ironically, there were reports that those who didn't take the Annenberg race wire service were themselves the victims of beatings, fire bombings and, on occasion, murder. The crime syndicates had come to be dependent on Moses Annenberg. Without his service they couldn't operate their illegal gambling rackets. Moses Annenberg made millions and millions of dollars until the federal government indicted him for not paying taxes on his illegal businesses. This underworld money was the source of the great Annenberg fortune and helped to finance Walter Annenberg's own generous philanthropy.

The origins of the Mob and the Atlantic City Conference –

[The Formation of the Syndicate/Mafia..Right Hand Man of Capone Moe Annenberg!]

By John William Tuohy

In 1927 Atlantic City, New Jersey, was New York's playground, the sands were bleach white and great hotels lined the seemingly endless Boardwalk. The perfect place for the first major Mob conclave in American history. The newly married Meyer Lansky was there. It wasn't where he had planned to spend his honeymoon, but his boss and sometime partner Lucky Luciano needed him at the meeting, so ever the loyal corporate man, he was there. Since Meyer and several other members of the party were Jewish, Nucky Johnson, the crime boss of Atlantic City, had reserved rooms for the group in Anglo sounding names, at the exclusive Breakers Hotel, which restricted Jews. That part of the plan worked well, but when a cigar-chopping Al Capone, clad in a purple jacket and white pants and surrounded by a small army of thugs, trumped into the lobby, they were promptly barred from the place. The convoy of limousines drove away from the front of the Breakers to the less constricted, President Hotel. Nucky Johnson, wearing his ever-present red carnation in his lapel, joined the cavalcade. Capone, who virtually ran Chicago and couldn't understand being barred from anything or anyplace, spotted Johnson and brought the parade to a halt in the middle of the street. Luciano said, "Nucky and Al had it out right there in the open. Johnson was about a foot taller then Capone and both of them had voices like foghorns. I think you could have heard them in Philadelphia, and there wasn't a decent word passed between them. "Johnson had a rep for four letter words that wasn't even invented and Capone is screamin' at me that I made bad arrangements. So Nucky picks up Al under one arm and throws him into his car and yells out, 'All you fuckers follow me.' "They all wound up at the Ritz Hotel, right behind Johnson's own mansion. Capone stormed into the lobby and started ripping pictures off the wall and throwing the mat at Johnson. And that is how our convention got started." For the first few days of the meeting, there were a round of parties, good food, the best hookers and liquor available. Each morning the delegates would breakfast in their suites, and then drive along the Boardwalk in canopied promenade roller chairs for two pushed by a strapping Black attendant, which prompted Luciano to say, "How the hell could we talk about anything with those niggers breathing down our necks?" At the end of the Boardwalk, near the suburb of Chelsa, they stepped out of their chairs, rolled up their pants to their knees and waded into the ocean to discuss business. It was here, according to Luciano, that all of the big decisions were made. Formal meetings were held in a large conference room, a crystal chandelier dangling above the rich mahogany table, all of it gleaming from the recent polishing. Sitting around the table was Owney Madden, Frank Costello, Buchalter, Joe Adonis, Frank Erickson and Dutch Schultz. The boys would later meet and agree to the hit on Schultz. From Brooklyn there was Albert Anastasia, Vincent Mangano and Frank Scalise. With Capone was his business manager, Jake Guzak, bodyguard Frankie Rio, underboss Frank Nitti, and a young thug bodyguard named Tony Accardo. During a break in the meeting, Meyer Lansky watched as Accardo returned from the Boardwalk and showed off a tattoo of an eagle that expanded its wings when he closed his fist. He proudly showed it to Capone who remarked, "Kid, you're gonna regret get'n that thing for the rest of your life."

Capone also brought along a heavy set, very tall and distinguished-looking man named Moses Annenberg. Annenberg wasn't a thug, not exactly. He began his career as a lowly circulation booster for the Chicago Tribune and eventually became the paper circulation manager. In 1904, he left the Tribune for William Randolph Hearst's operation, The Examiner, where he headed a small army of goons that included Dion O'Bannion, Bugs Moran, Frankie McErlane, Hymie Weiss, James Ragen, Walter Stevens, Tommy Maloy and Mossy Enright. Their job was to beat up anyone who sold the opposing side's newspapers and the group committed several murders during the bloody circulation wars of 1910-1911. In 1922, Annenberg borrowed money from mob boss Johnny Torrio to buy the Daily Racing Form, and with profits from that, he purchased other publications, including his own newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer. But, Annenberg's main income was from the Nationwide News Service, which provided the results of racetracks across the country, the perfect mechanism for organized crime to control the results of every racetrack in America.

Capone took the floor at the meeting and introduced Annenberg, and pointed out that millions could be made by subscribing to his news service, Nationwide, and turn it into a horse racing announcement service, thereby allowing the mob to control every gambling outlet in America. The bosses listened, they liked what they heard and within a year, Nationwide became the biggest gambler's outlet in the history of the world. Capone, only 29 at the time, had another suggestion too. He wanted the various mobs to pool some of their money and jointly support a national discipline squad, a hit squad, who would enforce the syndicate's will. At the time, the bosses shrugged it off, but ten years later, the New York families did get together and financed just the type of thing Capone had been talking about, Murder Incorporated. Meyer Lansky, the smartest man in the room, liked Capone, for if nothing else, Capone could be likable, charming even. But Meyer's boss Luciano, had a low opinion of Capone. Lucky, always on the lookout for the angle in every sentence, figured Capone was a braggart and a loud mouth who spent too much time trying to position himself within the national syndicate. On the other hand, Capone thought Luciano was an insane killer who was too eager to send a man to his grave during one of his all to frequent temper tantrums. Lansky's sharp eyes roamed the rest of the massive and regal room,straining to match the names with the faces he was now forgetting. There, sitting just right of Capone and the Chicago boys, was Charlie "King" Solomon, from Boston. Then came Max Hoff, Waxey Gordon, the narcotics king who would one day become his own best customer. Next to Gordon sat Harry Stromberg, "Nig Rosen," Sam Lazar, Charlie Schwartz from Philadelphia. At the end of the table, seemingly out of place was young Moe Dalitz. It was his first time out of Cleveland, and the first time he had ever seen the ocean. Next to Dalitz sat Lou Rothkopf and Leo Berkowitz and Abe Bernstein, the leader of the Purple gang out of Detroit. To his right, sat Johnny Lazia, who had come as a representative of Tom Pendergast and his political-criminal organization. The national syndicate would later use the Pendergast contact to work its way into Harry Truman's White House. Lansky's eyes caught a familiar face, Longy Zwillman out of New Jersey. Zwillman was an interesting man. He moved into New Jersey and opened the syndicate's gambling and vice rackets and it was Zwillman who directed the hit on Dutch Schultz on October 23, 1935, after the Dutchman demanded that the syndicate kill New York's District Attorney, Tom Dewey. After the Dutchman was killed, Zwillman reigned supreme over the Jersey rackets. He was one of the first hoods to discover Hollywood, and he was said to have financed Jean Harlow's initial trip to Hollywood. Harlow fell deeply in love with the rugged and personable Zwillman, and he with her. He probably would have married her had she not succumbed to such an untimely death. Over the next two decades that followed the Atlantic City Conference, Zwillman pounded every cent out of the rackets that he could find, hoping to retire early to the life of country gentleman. When he earned his fortune, Longy had decided not to live in two worlds. He quit the mob and lived off the millions he had plowed into legitimate enterprises, married a socialite and moved into a thirty room, $200,000 house in West Orange, New Jersey. It was a completely different life. His wife was a member of the Junior League, the daughter of wealth and with her help, Zwillman spread word around the country club that he had earned his fortune as a self-made man who struck it rich in steel investments, and in fact, his name was on a list of stockholders of the Pittsburgh steel plant. He even donated 250,000 to a slum clearance project. However, his Mister Clean image fell apart after he appeared before the McClellan committee, which pasted his name on the headlines for weeks. The Outfit bosses figured that Zwillman would get hit with an IRS audit. In fact, most newspapers later wrote that it was the pending IRS audit, and the exposure of his alternate life as a hood that led Zwillman to suicide on February 27, 1959. Supposedly, he hung himself with a plastic cord in the basement of his mansion, just before dawn. The FBI didn't buy the suicide story, largely because they had information that Meyer Lansky had advocated killing Zwillman, he said, to ensure his silence. Sitting next to Zwillman at the conference was the always smiling Willie Moretti, then Danny Walsh and Frank Zagarino were there, along with Johnny Torrio. Lansky remembered the old days, back before prohibition, when Luciano was a gofer in Torrio's outfit before Johnny moved out to Chicago to work under his uncle, Big Jim Colosimo. That was in 1907. Twelve years later, Al Capone went west to the Windy City too, but he went to blow Colosimo's brains out of the back of his head with a .32. "I hate this hellish business of ours," Lansky was fond of saying. Now, in 1928, Torrio was living in New York and working with Frank Costello. Capone had muscled him out. It was Torrio who had had planned the meeting, so he was the first one to take the floor. "The reason we called this meeting," Torrio said, "is that we have to get organized. Everybody's working on his own, we got independent guys muscling in, and that's got to stop. What we need is a combination around the country, where everybody in charge of his city is the boss, but we all work with each other." Then he introduced Frank Costello, the Boss in Manhattan under Luciano. Frank stood and made a short speech which was pointed at Capone. "The reason we got to get organized is that we put ourselves on a business basis. We got to stop this sort of thing that's going on in Chicago right now. You guys are shooting at each other in the streets and innocent people are getting killed and they're going to start to squawk. And if they start squawking loud enough, the feds get off their tails and start cracking down, and you know what that means. We got a thing where millions of dollars can be made just getting people what they want. "When I was on trial three years ago on that whisky deal, all the people were behind me and I was able to stay in business. But if you make people afraid of you, they're going to turn the other way and start yelling at the government to clean us up. That means the internal revenue boys, the FBI, the Narco's and every DA in the country and that ain't worth it. "From now on, nobody gets killed without the commission saying so. Johnny and I have a little piece of paper we want to show you. We're going to have a national commission with every family represented, twenty-four by our count. No boss will be attacked unless the commission says he has to go… And no button man gets hit without a hearing from his own boss." It made sense. Costello always made sense. There were nods of approval. Then, Capone took the floor and called for dividing up of the gambling, labor rackets, extortion and drugs businesses between the various gangs and asked the bosses to consider forming a nationally controlled hit squad. He also wanted to form an alliance that would swap prostitutes across state lines and called for more open communications between the New York and Chicago mobs. He also declared that in the future any major dispute would be settled by a conference of the national syndicate leaders, and called for an expansion of the narcotics business, which he suggested would be run out of Cuba, where labor was cheap and the laws were lax. The bosses agreed to all of Capone's plans. Moe Dalitz took the floor and told the bosses that there should be an end to the cutthroat underbidding on liquor from Canada and Europe. If that happened, he said, prices would drop and they would all make more money. Again, the bosses agreed. He was a smart kid, this Dalitz kid. They talked about what to do when prohibition ended, about whichlegitimate business they would take over, and most decided that they would stick with the business they already knew, booze. They would open distilleries and breweries. But Lansky saw the future in gambling. He talked about a worldwide venture that would operate casinos in areas that would permit them, like Las Vegas, Cuba, Central America and the Bahamas. Maybe Asia. The Bosses smiled politely. He was a smart kid, this Lansky, but, they thought to themselves, he was a dreamer.

Look What they Did with the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND PROGRAM”

Left Philadelphia with a $200 Million Debt!!!

The Vallas extension - The Philadelphia PA School Reform Commission has voted wisely to extend the contract of Paul Vallas as chief executive officer of the School District of Philadelphia. Ask any of the school superintendents nationally who have presided over district wide improvement programs during the past 15 years, and they will confirm that academic reform doesn't happen overnight. Under Vallas' leadership during the past four years, however, the Philadelphia School District has acquired a hard-won reputation as a system headed in the right direction. Let's all join the members of the School Reform Commission now in helping Vallas to build on the district's gains.

Gail C. Levin Executive director - Annenberg Foundation Radnor PA

It is so great to hear the Annenbergs speak about to good of the welfare of the Philadelphia Community. They are the proud sponsors of the "No Child Left

Thank their Puppet – Mark Schweiker for this Mess. Now Doing the Same at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.