Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keystone Cops in San Diego

These videos were taken February 2, 2007 at the Migrant March in San Diego near the Tijuana border.

The originals of these videos were deleted 5 times from youtube so I decided to redo them paying special tribute to the keystone cops that hopefully lost their jobs after this event. Last I heard they were on administrative leave.

This was an OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVENT/RALLY on PUBLIC LAND that my friends and I were not allowed to attend because of the color of our skin or our perceive political association.
After the racist cops who were taking orders from a mexican government agent and dual citizen, Enrique Morones on our soil, paid for by our tax dollars, kicked out two white skinned supporters of the march and longtime allies donors and associates of the racist border angels, the cops decided to arrest my friend who was a LEGAL mexican immigrant to cover up their racism.
Captain McElroy represented himself as a federal government agent who had authority to decide who was allowed to walk on these public streets. You also might want to notice the lapels on their uniforms that were adorned with flags intertwined with a flag of the country that they chose to represent this day.

This event was such an eye opener to me and the beginning of finding the TRUTH in this matter.

I am thankful to Jay Johnson Castro who was the only man with a spine (besides me of course) who could and would stand up against tyranny. Of all the so called human rights organizations out there that claim free speech, rights for this and that and whatnot...Jay was the ONLY person who recognized that freedom is for EVERYONE!!!

You can go around saying that is bad for me but okay for those other people or vice versa!!! Do you really want freedom? Then act like it!!!

Just say NO TO TYRANNY!!!

I hope people can recognize what he did here and follow his lead.

Communication is the only way that we will ever solve any of these problems!!!

More info about this event where you can also see the old deleted video here...

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