Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cointelpro Agent Provocateur STALKER Alert

This man has been stalking me for over a year as he does all his ex co hosts. He is now stalking other women, disseminating criminal slander and filing false reports which is a FELONY! Please beware people like this in the movement and spread around to others who might get involved with this person!!!

In these clips you can hear him talk about the georgia guidestones, filing false reports as revenge to CPS on TWO women, threatening WeAreChange and members and talk about his "connections with FBI and homeland security", along with his "network of private investigators" that work for him!

Jim Stachowiak is an agent provocateur. Please check the evidence before you get involved with this psycho!,44.0.html,2726.0.html,2601.0.html

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is the Georgia Guidestones Vandalism History Repeating Itself?

The Georgia Guidestones are a huge granite structure in Elbert County, GA that were erected in 1979. They were engraved with controversial messages that pique the curiosity "conspiracy theorists" around the world. Of course this is not my area of expertise and wanted to focus on the mysterious vandalism that has occurred there recently.

In the past couple weeks, I have received a large amount of email and phone calls regarding Jim Stachowiak, whom with I used to be a cohost on his show. Some of these emails are what brought my attention to this recent act of vandalism.
To me, it sounds like a broken record...been there, done that. So I know how the story ends.
What I found was, December 11, 2008, a post was made on Alex Jones InfoWars that showed photos of this monument vandalized.

December 15, this video appeared on Jim Stachowiaks site with this message,

"An anonymous patriot appeared at the Georgia guidestones, sending a riveting message to the global elite, giving them their final warning. If they do not repeal their heinous acts and restore our rights we will rise up in a way that they will never forget. We will overthrow every high ranking position and replace their seats with patriots while we try the elite for treason."
The voice was disguised through some type of recording synthesizer.

Three days later, this video appeared with a claim that the host who was seen in the first video with a disguised message to the new world order had recently had his videos suspended for copyright even though he was the owner of the video.

Why would Jim Stachowiak want this video deleted?
Could it be because it's in his own voice?
Could it be that he was perhaps the vandal?

Upon further investigation we see that Jim Stachowiak is out threatening and stalking people again in the same way he did to me when I quit his show after being fired from RTR Restore the Republic Radio and being dropped from We Are Change for his behavior. (Listen to his latest here!) The woman he stalking now is also a prostitute druggie and an unfit mother (in his words)...sounds like a broken record I know, but it is important to see the signs of these provocateurs to prevent yourself from falling victim to this!
Here is a blog I wrote about it in the past.

It was just 2 years ago where I was involved with an activist group that staged an event eerily similar to this one. The self proclaimed leader of the group orchestrated several field trips to a canyon where repeated incidences of vandalism would occur.
It wasn't until one of the group members opposed what they were doing till they decided to frame someone for this crime.
I was the fall guy in this situation, so I know how these organizations work. I have posted tons of evidence that the people operating numerous so called patriot groups are actually the people that you think you are fighting against! It is their JOB to create crime and set people up! Remember the SS? It's 1984! No good deed goes unpunished! It is their job to befriend you, keep tabs on you and then take you down when you start to question their authority.
COINTELPRO is not a thing of the past! Your tax dollars are hard at work creating crime and picking out a target to take the heat.

I just wonder if the recent vandalism at the Georgia Guidestones is history repeating?

Jim Stachowiak teamed up with Jeff Schwilk, the perpetrator of the crime in McGonigle Canyon who tried to set me up after I had left his show. The evidence shows they have been stalking me ever since. They both read from the same playbook, make up the same rumors and attack people in the same manner.

Could Jim Stachowiak be using this incident to set up some of his new "rebels?"

The message is clear, if you disagree with Jim's tactics, HE WILL SLANDER YOU AND FILE FALSE REPORTS TO GET BACK AT YOU! He considers anyone who disagrees with him his enemy and will attack. He admits his service in couter intel ops for the DIA and brags about the ability he has to get people investigated in a pair of seconds...also eerily similar to Jeff Schwilk in the last vandalism incident.

I'm curious to see how this all plays out, but my guess is that he IS repsonsible for the vandalism and someone was there with him who hopefully will turn him in to the authorites to get this violent stalker of the streets! If the script continues to repeat, he will turn others in who either weren't there or were not participating in this crime to take the heat off him...if he hasn't done that yet.
It took the San Diego police 11 days to raid my house after Jeff Schwilk turned me in for the vandalism he committed...thankfully they chose a day I was out of town to try to set me up where I happened to be on the front page of the newspaper in that location to prove my whereabouts.
Of course that didn't mean they still didn't come in and steal my computers, videos and cameras and hang on for 9 months, but of course there were no charges since they knew I had no part in their crime.
After all, I was the one telling the truth about them which is why they chose to set me up.

Now who will Jim decide to try to take out with his recent act of vandalism? His history of drug abuse, arrests, threats, suicidal tendencies and other acts of violence prove that he is more than capable.
I just hope more people come forward to talk about his abusive attacks and criminal actions.


Monday, December 22, 2008

American confronts ADL Mafia at Penn State!

November 5, 2008 Penn State University in Abington, PA.

The No Place for Hate program was removed from the schools after confirming their links to to the mob.

Why are they now at the University?
An American confronts them!

More info here...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tripping in Tucson

I'd like to start this off by saying that until recently, I have never had a conversation with what I believed to be a spirit or other entity. Never has God come down to speak to me, I haven't seen Jesus, nor have any angels come to talk to me.
I have seen orb's in photos where people claimed that they are spiritual entities. Other than a few photos I had taken throughout my life that I thought were misprints, I really hadn't experienced it myself.
I am not a ghost hunter, nor do I have any experience or association with any paranormal societies.
Now that I've got that out of the way, I would like to record my experience.
Since taking these photos, I have had time to read what people on the internet are saying about orb's, including what skeptics have written. No knowing anything about it, I could probably believe either side of this debate. What makes this different is that I experienced what I'm about to tell you FIRST HAND!!!

I was out of state last week to record an event. I was planning on sleeping in my car until a friend mentioned that he had another friend that had an extra bedroom at the last minute. I did not know this person...or so I thought.
(I will get in to that in a later post...)

I've always been skeptical about everything I hear. I have a hard time believing things that I haven't seen and witnessed first hand. Not that I doubt the common theory or putting the facts together to form a credible hypothesis, I prefer to wait and see for myself till I can say something IS fact.
Over the last year on my show, I had come to realizations about my own life, to my own amazement. We learned these things together on the show with a wonderful selection of guests that happened to be a part of my missing past.
This last week, I was able to come to closure on a small part of that which I know could have only been possible through divine intervention. Of course I'm still sorting these facts out to come to the most likely possible conclusion and explanation for such events before I post more on that part of the story.

Let me get to the point...if these orb's were NOT spirits, then how could my dog see them? How would they have the ability to add such a presence among us to where we KNEW someone (or something) was there? We all knew it!
My dog Snickers has been around the country a few times. Everyone knows her. She does not bite, she does not bark, and she doesn't do tricks other than high five. (Is that a trick?) She has better things to do...
She is basically the sweetest gentlest animal you have ever met and thinks she is a lap dog, even though she's around 50 pounds!
In conversation with my new friend, it was evident that there was something or someone around us, though it (they) were not visible with our eyes. Even my dog saw it and started to bark at this presence. They went on and on, as if she was playing with someone visible. After about a half hour of this engaging presence and incredible demonstration, I decided to snap some photos since my video camera doesn't have night vision.
You will see in these photos that Snickers is clearly barking at and playing with something here. I have never seen her act this way!!! In some photos there is one orb, in others, there are many. Some are large, some are small. They appear in all different parts of the photos which show that these orbs were moving around. In a couple of the photos, these orbs appear to be in motion.
When I took photos of other surrounding areas, there were none. So it is beyond coincidence that these all happened to appear exactly where she was excited.

If anyone has any experience in this, please get back to me and tell me what you think and why they would be different sizes and the ones that appear to be in motion.

Thank you!