Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tripping in Tucson

I'd like to start this off by saying that until recently, I have never had a conversation with what I believed to be a spirit or other entity. Never has God come down to speak to me, I haven't seen Jesus, nor have any angels come to talk to me.
I have seen orb's in photos where people claimed that they are spiritual entities. Other than a few photos I had taken throughout my life that I thought were misprints, I really hadn't experienced it myself.
I am not a ghost hunter, nor do I have any experience or association with any paranormal societies.
Now that I've got that out of the way, I would like to record my experience.
Since taking these photos, I have had time to read what people on the internet are saying about orb's, including what skeptics have written. No knowing anything about it, I could probably believe either side of this debate. What makes this different is that I experienced what I'm about to tell you FIRST HAND!!!

I was out of state last week to record an event. I was planning on sleeping in my car until a friend mentioned that he had another friend that had an extra bedroom at the last minute. I did not know this person...or so I thought.
(I will get in to that in a later post...)

I've always been skeptical about everything I hear. I have a hard time believing things that I haven't seen and witnessed first hand. Not that I doubt the common theory or putting the facts together to form a credible hypothesis, I prefer to wait and see for myself till I can say something IS fact.
Over the last year on my show, I had come to realizations about my own life, to my own amazement. We learned these things together on the show with a wonderful selection of guests that happened to be a part of my missing past.
This last week, I was able to come to closure on a small part of that which I know could have only been possible through divine intervention. Of course I'm still sorting these facts out to come to the most likely possible conclusion and explanation for such events before I post more on that part of the story.

Let me get to the point...if these orb's were NOT spirits, then how could my dog see them? How would they have the ability to add such a presence among us to where we KNEW someone (or something) was there? We all knew it!
My dog Snickers has been around the country a few times. Everyone knows her. She does not bite, she does not bark, and she doesn't do tricks other than high five. (Is that a trick?) She has better things to do...
She is basically the sweetest gentlest animal you have ever met and thinks she is a lap dog, even though she's around 50 pounds!
In conversation with my new friend, it was evident that there was something or someone around us, though it (they) were not visible with our eyes. Even my dog saw it and started to bark at this presence. They went on and on, as if she was playing with someone visible. After about a half hour of this engaging presence and incredible demonstration, I decided to snap some photos since my video camera doesn't have night vision.
You will see in these photos that Snickers is clearly barking at and playing with something here. I have never seen her act this way!!! In some photos there is one orb, in others, there are many. Some are large, some are small. They appear in all different parts of the photos which show that these orbs were moving around. In a couple of the photos, these orbs appear to be in motion.
When I took photos of other surrounding areas, there were none. So it is beyond coincidence that these all happened to appear exactly where she was excited.

If anyone has any experience in this, please get back to me and tell me what you think and why they would be different sizes and the ones that appear to be in motion.

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...


I had a strange experience.

Strange experience in my house night. I don't know what visited.

I drew this then:


I am Hungarian.
I was in Oneness Pentecostalism (Christian) for over 20 years.
(Hungary- Budapest-Faith Church) I had a strong intellectual experience many times.

( A Pentecostal is one who believes in speaking in tongues – glossolalia – as evidence of the Holy Spirit, and one who believes in the emphatic demonstration of the Gifts of the Spirit, such as prophecy or the interpretation of tongues.)

I am an ex-pentecostal and I am not currently attending a church.