Monday, April 28, 2008


I really hate to start my week like this, but it is time that everyone knows what has been going on and why I left.
I have been being stalked for over a year by a group led by jeff schwilk (san diego minutemen) of Oceanside, CA. Many of his group members decided to follow suit when they figured I wouldn't go along with their criminal treasonous program.
In 2007, I was asked to do a radio show with a jim stach of 318 mears street martinez, GA.
He tried to get close to me the way jeff schwilk and others did so when I turned him down and quit the show, I became the object of his obsession as well.
Everyday they would have someone sent to follow me, make false police, cps or other criminal allegations about me, including to my own mother, church, neighbors and work.
They would send police to my door minimum once per week and they would even burn me with their weapons while I was LIVE on camera and on air...

Enough was enough, I had to walk again and make my children safe.
After hundreds of death threats and a 2 mile long paper trail proving that this was of the stalkers doing, the police and city chose to do nothing, of course they had a stake in the game of driving my out of town because I had exposed their criminal actions, like the sex slave ring and others...

So I left my life behind in order to be safe from this harassment again and made special provisions to be sure they would not be able to find me...that is unless they ARE law enforcement and use the system to track me.
This morning, I received another phone call from a friend out of state that warned me jim stach was still trying to track me down so that he could continue "to file false reports about me and have my children taken away to get back at me" for not being part of his program.

I had been quiet about a lot of this for the past year and now I'm going to tell all. All information with links, videos, pictures and documented news reports can be found on my blogs.

I do have to run for work so here are the threads where you can see what he has been up to the past weekend...

Have a great day and God Bless!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Say No to the ADL - No Place for Hate Program In US Schools



No Place for Hate

Roslyn School was designated a No Place For Hate School by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). An assembly was held at the school on October 11, 2007 where representatives presented the school with the banner. Representatives from the ADL were quite impressed with the programs that encourage acceptance of others at Roslyn School. We are very proud to received this designation. Look for the new banner hanging in our new lobby.




The ADL is a Front for Organized Crime – Bronfman Crime Family

The ADL is an organization that is a front for the Bronfman Crime Family. For decades the leadership of the organization had read like a roster from the Organized Crime Family Charts. This Organization has its roots in the Prohibition Era of the Chicago Outfit. THE Anti-Defamation League is a Front for the Mafia!!. This is the last organization that should be involved with our schools and our municipal leadership along with training the police force on activities about hate groups and terrorism. They legacy has been organized crime terrorism on American Communities for years. If the School and Municipal Leadership is unable to correct the situation then We the People need to Roll the Bums out of Office.. If Abington Leadership is some corrupt they will not work with reason, then one can be sure they will be doing more to the community then installing these signs. Our School Taxes will rise due to corruption in the government steering contracts to their cronies. They are the same crime family responsible for placing Casinos in Pennsylvania. Eg. Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia.

Photos of the Current and Former Leaders of the ADL Edgar Bronfman Jr/Sr. Moe Dalitz

The Bronfman Gang – Dope Inc Report

The Bronfman family is best known to Americans through its ownership of Seagrams, the biggest liquor company in North America. The family's holdings stretch from whiskey, banking, mining, to real estate, and although somewhat less publicized, narcotics. Today they are regarded as respectable and outstanding "philanthropists" whose name is attached to everything important in Canada and Israel be it government, business, or cultural affairs. This was not always the public profile of the Bronfman family. Less than fifty years ago, they were known to be the biggest bootleggers in North America and were referred to by the less prestigious title "the Bronfman gang." The Bronfmans have always been beholden to the Hofjuden elite. The first member of the family to come to North America was Yechiel Bronfman, a grist mill owner from Bessarabia, Romania, who later anglicized his name to Ekiel. Yechiel emigrated to Canada in 1889 under the sponsorship of the Moses Montefiore Jewish Colonization Committee. [1] This enterprise had been initiated at an 1872 meeting between Baron Maurice de Hirsch, Baron Alfred de Rothschild, and other Zionists who established a Jewish Colonization Association to bring selected Russian and Eastern European Jews to agricultural settlements (kibbutzim) in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (2) The same period marked the transfer of the Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb, and related Our Crowd migration from Germany and Britain into lower Manhattan. In 1912, William Sebag Montefiore arrived in Montreal where he lived until his death in 1950. Lord Harold Sebag Montefiore, current head of the Jerusalem Foundation (the Zionist wing of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem) was sent to Canada for his early education. In the same period, Baron de Hirsch established the de Hirsch Foundation in Canada as the umbrella for all Canadian Jewish "philanthropic" activities, and the Montefiores created a club (named after the family) to service the resident elites. The Rothschilds, too, planted a branch of their family on Canadian soil. Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, the Bronfman family found little interest in eking a living out of the plains of midwestern Canada. The family first turned to selling wood, then to horse trading, and then most successfully to the hotel business (and prostitution). In Yiddish Bronfman means "liquorman," and the hotel business put the Bronfmans in a good position to take advantage of the 1915 advent of Canadian prohibition. Bronfman hotels became "boozeriums". Prohibition enacted on orders from the Privy Council as the prelude to the 1920s Prohibition in the United States and the birth of organized crime catapulted the Bronfmans into the multi-millionaire bracket and a status as the untouchable kingpins of crime in North America. During Canada's four dry years from 1915 to 1919, the Bronfmans established their contacts with U.S. criminal figures for illegally importing liquor into Canada. In 1916, the Bronfmans established their first link with the opium trade proper. Samuel and Abe Bronfman, two of Ekiel s four sons, collaborated with the Hudson's Bay Company in which the Keswick family of Jardine Matheson had controlling interest to buy the Canadian Pure Drug Company. In this way the Bronfmans rushed into the loophole in the War Measures Act that permitted the distribution by pharmacists of alcohol for "medicinal" purposes. When Prohibition in Canada ended in 1919 and Prohibition in the United States began, the Bronfmans simply turned from whiskey importing to whiskey exporting. After it was all over in May 1936, the Bronfmans agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle their account with the U.S. Treasury; the sum amounted to an admission that half the liquor that came into the United States during Prohibition was from the "liquormans." (4) The "Seagram's Chickencock" the family poured across the border was a mixture of pure alcohol, sulfuric acid, caramel, water, and aged rye whisky. Between 1920 and 1930, 34,000 Americans died from alcohol poisoning. Their control of the liquor flow during Prohibition U.S.A. gave the Bronfmans life-and-death control over American crime. Refusing to play ball with the Bronfman gang usually spelled death, and independent-minded gang bosses were often known to be executed by their lieutenants on the Bronfmans behalf. One of the buyers best liked by the gang was New York City beer baron Arthur Flegenheimer, a.k.a. Dutch Schultz, who succeeded in wiping out his competition, including the notorious killer Legs Diamond. Schultz himself was later rubbed out when he took it into his head to murder crusading New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey. (There is some question about what Dewey was crusading for, as we shall see in the story of the Mary Carter Paint Company.) [5] In the first years of Prohibition, Ekiel Bronfman' four boys ran all bootlegging from the prairie states of Canada to major distribution sites south like Chicago. To secure the shipment lines, Harry set up a dummy firm, Trans Canada Transport Company. Trans Canada was a protective cover for the Canadian Pacific Railway owned by respectable gentlemen back in London, which ran the whiskey across the border. [6] The Bronfinans also bought up stretches of barren farmland along the border and even built an underground pipeline to pump their "chickencock" into the United States. In 1922, Bronfman brother-in-law Paul Matoff was executed gangland-style by the Chicago mob in a dispute over profit splitting. A scandal ensued, public hearings were convened, and the Bronfman crimes came spilling out into the light of day. The Bronfmans received a mild reprimand from the Canadian government and relocated their operations to Montreal. The year 1922 also marks the point when the Bronfmans procured their own distillery, hauled, with workmen included, from Kentucky to Montreal. Since 1920 the Bronfmans had been importing British whiskey from the Distillery Company of London (DCL), which controlled more than half the world market in Scotch whiskey. DCL was owned by the higher echelons of the British nobility, including Field Marshal Haig, Lord Dewar, Lord Worlavington, and others. The dispensation of distribution rights was a decision made by His Majesty the King. In 1926, upon the request of Samuel Bronfman, the DCL agreed to go 50 50 in the Bronfmans distillery, and the Distillery Corporation Limited was formed as a holding company with Bronfman and Seagram s distilleries. Headquarters were established at the Bronfmans corporate castle in Montreal, but it was the Distillery Company of London s William Ross who was installed as president with Sam Bronfman as vice president. The British elite had given the green light to the Bronfmans. Despite the big infusion of capital and the newly gained legitimacy the link-up with DCL afforded them, the smell of Bronfman smuggling and bribery grew too strong. In 1928, the Royal Commission on Customs recommended the immediate prosecution of Harry Bronfman on charges of attempted bribery. Shortly thereafter, the Bronfmans created the Atlas Shipping Company and moved their smuggling operations to the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, fifteen miles off the Newfoundland coast. With licenses in Bermuda, Saint John, New Brunswick, Belize, and British Honduras, the Atlas Shipping Company was one of the first ties nailed down in the dirty-money-drug underground railway between Canada and the Caribbean.

Organized Crime Comes of Age

With Prohibition, crime became a bigtime business. It was no longer based on small-scale prostitution, loan-sharking, or petty protection rackets. Now it was centralized around the marketing of one precious and outlawed commodity whose supply was controlled from London and from the British colony of Canada. Crime was reorganized from top to bottom into an integrated wholesale and retail distribution chain with well defined marketing districts, quotas, and uniform pricing. Crime became syndicated.

Hundreds of movies spewed out of Hollywood about the "Roaring Twenties" have glamorized the truth: With Prohibition, Britain through its Bronfman gang cutout had created a nationally syndicated crime cancer. Within a decade of the Roaring Twenties, the Bronfman syndicate would be peddling heroin, cocaine, and every other available poisonous drug through the same wholesaling, transporting, and retailing system that bootlegged booze. Bronfman's counterpart in the United States was one Arnold Rothstein. Just as Bronfman made it into the bigtime under the auspices of the Hofjuden elite, so Arnie Rothstein was sponsored by Our Crowd Zionist investment bankers who arrived in New York as the Montefiores were setting up business in Canada. Arnold Rothstein the godfather of organized crime was the son of a wealthy Our Crowd dry goods merchant. At the turn of the century, the Russell Sage Foundation had issued a well-publicized field study of loan-sharking in New York City. [8] The report's wide publicity resulted in the bankrupting, jailing, or takeover of the petty gangsters by Rothstein, who emerged as a powerful Tammany Hall figure with a fabled loan-sharking business estimated at several million dollars. Regionwide combines were formed up and down the East Coast for smooth distribution. The Reinfeld Syndicate named after the Newark, New Jersey bootlegger and accused murderer Joseph Reinfeld functioned as the middleman between the British liquor distilleries and the "rum rows" of Boston and New York. Its controlling shareholders were the four Bronfman brothers, Allan, Sam, Abe, and Harry. The U.S. leg was handled by Reinfeld and Abner "Longie" Zwillman, later the boss of Atlantic City, and Rothstein s gangs in New York. [9] In 1927, the Big Seven combine consolidated the entire East Coast distribution system. Its organizer was John Torrio, a dapper little gentleman who, without benefit of family, racket, or turf had gained notoriety for eliminating any local crime bosses who stood in the way of national syndication. Torrio was a Bronfman man who had murdered his own uncle to prove it. Brought into Chicago in 1910 by his uncle, racketeer "Big Jim Colosimo", Torrio sniffed the wind on the eve of Prohibition and demanded that his uncle start making the right contacts to get into the lucrative business of bootlegging. When "Big Jim" refused, Torrio had him murdered and took over the Chicago mob as the distribution point for the Bronfman liquor. [10] In 1925, Torrio suddenly left Chicago, heading for Havana and then landing in Italy. Returning to the United States in 1927 after he miraculously escaped Mussolini s purges of the Mafia, Torrio came back with one goal: to build a nationally organized crime syndicate. While the mad killers and punks like Dutch Schultz, Legs Diamond, and Al Capone made the headlines every day and provided good material for gangster movies, John Torrio quietly continued the work that Arnold Rothstein (assassinated in 1928) had begun, now with the aid of Rothstein's successors Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. Torrio could do what Lansky and the Bronfmans were prohibited from doing for reasons of ethnicity: Discipline the scores of family local crime chieftains and "moustache Petes" into one centralized business that could penetrate every sector of the economy. Known as the "assassin who never carries a gun," Torrio presented himself as the elder statesman of organized crime and commanded respect from the Mafia locals. "Cooperation is good for business" was his slogan. The Big Seven had been Torrio s first step. The cooperative of East Coast bootleggers controlled from the top down to the local levels all prices, membership, centralized distribution points, corruption, and protection. By 1928 Torrio was able to call a Cleveland meeting to establish a nationwide crime syndicate. [11] The gathering was unique in that it had succeeded in bringing together into one room all the crime bosses of every major organized city. There were three items on the agenda. First, how to use the huge profits of Prohibition and invest them in legitimate businesses that would permit a steadily increasing take for the syndicate. Second, how to deal with the Italian question. The ritual vendetta murders of the mafioso families were good for the newspapers, said Torrio, but bad for business. Immediately after the meeting the Castellammarese gang wars broke out in New York as the test case for Torrio s syndicate. Under the auspices of Lansky and Torrio, Lucky Luciano succeeded in wiping out all recalcitrant godfathers. During the last night of the war the infamous "Night of the Sicilian Vespers " over forty people were gunned down. [12] With cartelization came the need for more long-lasting regulation gangland style. In the early 1930s, Murder, Inc. was formed as a regulatory commission of sorts to police any over-zealous "free enterprise" advocates who might try to buck the syndicate. A special assassination bureau was set up by Meyer Lansky and Benjamin "Bugs" Siegel. The "Bugs and Meyer Gang" had been distinguished by the fact that it owed allegiance to no one (except maybe Arnold Rothstein); it had originally been used to protect Bronfman liquor shipments across the border against "freelance" hijackers. [13] By 1932, Torrio was strong enough to pull together another meeting of the syndicate, this time in Atlantic City, where a National Commission the board of directors of organized crime was officially formed. Aside from the leading Italian mafiosi who had survived the transition, Meyer Lansky, now regarded as the financial and enforcement wizard of the syndicate, and Atlantic City s Zwillman were in attendance as honored guests.

Bronfman Assets –MGM/Universal, MSNBC/Universal, LaidLaw School Buses, McCain Family Fortune,

EIR Report Nov 16. 2001

Who's Who in `Mega' by Scott Thompson

The following are brief biographical profiles of some of the leading known members of the "Mega" group; notable, is the pattern of alleged organized crime ties.

Charles Bronfman: On Feb. 19, 1999, Charles Bronfman was elected chairman of United Jewish Communities (UJC). This $4 billion cash cow subsumes 189 Jewish Federation contributors and 400 Jewish communities in North America. At a Nov. 9-13 UJC General Assembly in Washington, Bronfman will pass the chairmanship to James A. Tisch, son of Mega member Laurence Tisch. Charles Bronfman had been co-chairman of Seagrams, until its merger with Vivendi. He is today chairman of Koor Industries Ltd., which is a high-tech holding company at the heart of the Israeli military-industrial complex. He is also chairman of Claridge-Israel, Inc., which took over Bank Hapolim, when the Israeli government privatized it. This deal was brokered by Ted Arison, an Israeli who, in the United States, built the Carnival Cruise Lines into a billion-dollar business. Arison got his financing to start Carnival from Meshulim Riklis, one of junk-bond manipulator Michael Milken's major clients, and a close ally of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Edgar Bronfman: Bronfman has been president of the WJC since 1981, and has been a director of the Anti-Defamation League for many years.

The Bronfman family fortune was built by the father of Edgar and Charles, Sam Bronfman, who during Prohibition merged his Distillers Corp. in Montreal with Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons, Ltd. to supply "bootleggers" with top brand booze, becoming what Israel Shamir (writing on Mega) called a "Mafia boss." Under the successor co-chairmanship of Charles and Edgar Bronfman, Seagrams took a 24% controlling interest in DuPont. But soon after Edgar's son, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., became CEO of Seagrams, he sold off the holding, purchasing Universal Pictures and the world's largest record distributor, Polygram Records. On June 19, 2001, the Bronfmans sold Seagrams to former Lazard Frères partner Jean-Marie Messier, owner of media and communications conglomerate Vivendi, for $34 billion.

Leonard Abramson: Abramson was the founder of the murderous health maintenance organization, U.S. Healthcare. He sold it to Aetna Insurance for $990 million. Now, apart from a stake in Israel's Bank Hapolim, Abramson owns the Maine Merchant Bank in Portland, which is a $20 million non-deposit institution, whose ostensible purpose is to make high-risk, venture-capital investments.

Max Fisher: In 1985 Max Fisher, a top adviser on Jewish affairs and Middle East policy to every Republican President since Eisenhower, founded what is now known as the Republican Jewish Coalition, of which Fisher, 93, remains honorary chairman. A March 11, 1998 Jerusalem Post article reports that Fisher is looking for a replacement, and among those being considered are Mega co-founder Leslie Wexner, suspected Mega member Ronald S. Lauder, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

Fisher amassed his fortune as a bagman for the "Purple Gang" that smuggled Sam Bronfman's booze from Canada into the speakeasies of the Midwest. Fisher made his "legitimate" fortune in the oil retail business, through Keystone Oil, Aurora Oil, and Marathon Oil. Fisher later became chairman of United Brands (a.k.a. United Fruit), a firm accused of major narcotics smuggling from South America.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesse Ventura-Tool for New World Order

JESSE VENTURA Calls for Revolution of Political Parties

Jesse Ventura for President?

President of the CIA drug cartels would be more fitting according to a conversation I had with him almost 2 years ago.

Let's I think back of my childhood, I was told that we are free in America and we had the opportunity to do anything we set our mind to. I was also taught and believed that ALL uniformed officers, military and law enforcement was good and to be trusted.
With my dad and uncle being SEAL's I have always had a high respect for he military.
When an average American saw that other American's like Jesse Ventura could get elected in to office, it gave me hope for our country! I just knew there was no greater nation in the world!

I was one of those that would have voted for him just because I thought it was 'cool' that an ex SEAL and wrestler could hold such a high position in our country. I was confident that getting regular people in office was what it would take to keep our country free and governed "by the People..."

Because of my family involvement, I have been able to attend a few SEAL events including their big reunion in Coronado, CA in '06. I was told that Jesse Ventura was going to be there and thought it would be a good opportunity to get a big name celebrity on our side for the fight against illegal immigration that has effectively put all Americans in the same class as the workers of 3rd world nations at an alarmingly rapid rate.

As a proud volunteer for many minuteman groups, including the two biggest money lauderers, minuteman project, founded by jim gilchrist and minuteman civil defense corp, founded by chris simcox, I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with jesse about maybe getting us some media attention.

When he first asked about the minuteman pin I was wearing so proudly, I thought as a veteran who fought for our country that he would certainly be on the side of our country and for controlling and securing our border flow. With 15-25,000 illegal entries per day with numbers rising, I was convinced that he would at least be concerned.

To my surprise, he not only approved keeping the borders open, he wholeheartedly believed that there should be a new country consisting of Baja California, Mexico and parts of the US. He did not name it at the time, but mentioned that he "should be Emporer of this new nation."
He then went on to tell us that he was living in Mexico and supplying drugs to the US because he also thought ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGALIZED and thought there was nothing wrong with selling to unsuspecting people in our country that had admired him.

At this time, I was not only disillusioned, I was actually sick to my stomach! It was so difficult for me to see a "leader" condoning all this illegal activity contributing to the demise of our nation!
He tried to explain himself in with his obviously limited education as we all stood back, jaws dropping to the floor.
At this point in time, I had enough! I was not going to let this man, a worshipped politician and wrestler known in just about every household in America go on talking that nonsense! I could not even control my anger at this point so I had to let him have it in a way only I could...with a smile of course!

As my voice raised while asking him to explain his position about this new land he would be Emperor of and try to get him to explain how trafficking drugs from one country to another was acceptable, the people started to gather!
Most were silent because Jesse doesn't like to let anyone get a word in. The men backed off as they saw that I was more than capable of handling myself. Of course I didn't want to act like this mind controlled drug addicted sadomasochistic animal who has eated at least 4 tons of steroids so I said my peace and started to walk away...

Within seconds I had high fives from everyone that was within a 50 foot radius that heard our discussion as they all threw their business cards at me and thanked me for standing up for our country like they had so honorable done. Although I knew this was a very sick man I tried to communicate with, I still had hope that jesse was just an ignorant American working for the good of our country and he would at least contact us to hear about the difficulties arising from the new slave class being imported to America by design and selling our our workers and economy.
What was I thinking? he was a famous drug dealer in Mexico so what did he care?

So now he is discussing the potential of running as the commander in chief of our dying nation?!?!?

As a radio host, I have the opportunity to interview some of the most diverse people in this country and beyond. I also have the opportunity to speak out about the truth when the main stream media REFUSES to tell us!
Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Terry Hayfield, a political researcher who has spoken out about the permanent revolution, political refugees and parastroika. In both of his shows, he mentioned that there would be a 3rd party candidate who would announce their candidacy in May. Could it be jesse?

Jesse was talking about AZTLAN!!! You can't get any more un-American than that!!!
How could a decorated war hero and governor speak of such a conquest in such matter of fact terms? How can one who served our country condone the takeover and massacre of many innocent Americans?

He claims to be working against the new world order, but the fact is the jesse ventura IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER and possibly and CIA operative.

I can only hope and pray that people head my advice about this monster!
He is not on your side, and certainly not your childrens side when he thinks that drug trafficking is necessary, "because they want the drugs in the first place."
He called it "personal choice", which I certainly am an advicate of, but where does it stop?

I am for the idea of any adult putting in their body whatever they choose, but unchecked immigration and smuggling drugs from another country is not something anyone should condone and most definitely not be proud of.

What has happened to our country?
Everything good has become 'radical' and everything bad has become good.

For now, I still have some 'freedom of speech, so please help me use it and pass it around!

I swear by every word written here and will see what I can do about getting an account printed up from another SEAL or two that were there that day.

Until then, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

TruthBrigade migrates to America!

Okay, so it's not breaking news, but I did want to say hello to everyone and let you all know I am alive and well. I'm sure there will be mixed feelings about that last statement, but I have to say my children and I are very happy.

The feeling of being in a place that resembles America is simply indescribable.
I have been without phone, internet, tv or radio for 3 weeks and am counting on you to tell me the news and catch me up.

Is it WWIII yet? Well, if it was, I wouldn't know...and I have to admit, I kind of liked the mental break of being able to just enjoy living, breathing and playing with my children. The dust collectors on the book shelf finally got some use. Our brains got some much needed exercise as we have settled in our new home.

There are no stalkers here (yet) and my health has been getting better being away from all the radiation and other tortures we had to live with.
Thanks to a very good friend, I have been taking what Nurse Olivia prescribed and have seen some marked improvements in my walk and coordination. I have only had to use the wheelchair twice since we left.

Not sure how I feel about the less than freezing temperatures, but they say it gives you thick skin. Given the girth of my head, I'm not sure I need any more but it's always a story, huh?
Speaking of story, you know I would save the best for last...


So here we are in fascist America 2008 trying to cross a state line...I wonder what America would be like if we had this type of security at our borders...well, of course I did not get out anonymously as my moving truck was tagged. Dozens of armed unnamed (officers?), troopers, DHS terrorism task force and other agencies decided to pick my truck out of all the other trucks on the road to kindly repack it for us...or maybe they were just redecorating. Well, either they didn't think we packed it well enough and they just wanted to help, or maybe it would have been the false call(s) put out about me being a dangerous, delusional drug dealing, prostituting racist terrorist, etc...
After hours of being questioned they sent in the dogs and bigger guns because they just couldn't fathom the idea of their intel about us being incorrect...

I would like to share more, but I think I will have to wait for our first show back this Monday the 14th to talk about it.
If you have read this far, you know that I have been out of the loop so I'm asking that you all call in and update us on your end about the current events we missed after we talk about our travels.

This sure is a story you don't want to miss!

I thank you all for being here and carrying me while I was gone. I can't wait to hear your voices and share with you what we have experienced.

I also want to thank all the wonderful angels that made this happen! My children and I can't thank you enough! We are in a wonderful city where people actually care about the freedoms our country used to represent. I'd also like to add they all speak English, even in the schools! Wow! My children will no longer be left behind, thank you Mr. bush. There is no graffiti, no drive by shootings or gang activity, no misguided racist reconquistas or money grubbing fake minutemen out here furthering the police state on the streets as they empty your pocket books while they smile for the camera. I also haven't run into any mobsters or communists that think they can take my country without a fight or show up at my door to burn me anytime they don't like me telling the truth about their illegal activity.

Amen, we can are you ready to raise some hell? LOL

I love you all and God Bless!

I look forward to talking with you soon!