Monday, April 28, 2008


I really hate to start my week like this, but it is time that everyone knows what has been going on and why I left.
I have been being stalked for over a year by a group led by jeff schwilk (san diego minutemen) of Oceanside, CA. Many of his group members decided to follow suit when they figured I wouldn't go along with their criminal treasonous program.
In 2007, I was asked to do a radio show with a jim stach of 318 mears street martinez, GA.
He tried to get close to me the way jeff schwilk and others did so when I turned him down and quit the show, I became the object of his obsession as well.
Everyday they would have someone sent to follow me, make false police, cps or other criminal allegations about me, including to my own mother, church, neighbors and work.
They would send police to my door minimum once per week and they would even burn me with their weapons while I was LIVE on camera and on air...

Enough was enough, I had to walk again and make my children safe.
After hundreds of death threats and a 2 mile long paper trail proving that this was of the stalkers doing, the police and city chose to do nothing, of course they had a stake in the game of driving my out of town because I had exposed their criminal actions, like the sex slave ring and others...

So I left my life behind in order to be safe from this harassment again and made special provisions to be sure they would not be able to find me...that is unless they ARE law enforcement and use the system to track me.
This morning, I received another phone call from a friend out of state that warned me jim stach was still trying to track me down so that he could continue "to file false reports about me and have my children taken away to get back at me" for not being part of his program.

I had been quiet about a lot of this for the past year and now I'm going to tell all. All information with links, videos, pictures and documented news reports can be found on my blogs.

I do have to run for work so here are the threads where you can see what he has been up to the past weekend...

Have a great day and God Bless!


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