Monday, August 29, 2011

Monte Schisler- Investigative Reporter or Tool for Taney County's crimes?

I finally decided to respond to one of the articles online regurgitating fake "news" about the kidnapping of my children. Don't know if it will be posted or not, but here is a copy and paste.
The article can be found here:
"In response to "Honestly - 08/10/2011 6:43:46 PM
Yes, please, please have a trial. I can't wait to get the kids on that stand so they can tell everyone what happened to them while they were living with Christie and what Russ Dove did to them in his house under Christie's request. This woman deserves a trial, and she deserves what she will get once it's over. Children should not have to live like that. Thank goodness they are back with their fathers!"
How could they go back to them when they were never there for them from the start? Sounds like loving fathers, doesn't it? Hopefully your "father" loved you so much that he disappeared for 13 years.
Now can you please enlighten us all as to what it's like to live with me? Have you ever lived with me? I don't think so, which means you are regurgitating FAKE stories.
Climbing trees, homeschooling, gardening, curing cancer, traveling around the country learning hands on with farmers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. sounds like a horrendous way to grow up. So horrendous, it was the life I wish I had!!! I mean they should have been in a concentration camp (public education) reading books about places that we actually went to and repeating LIES. What kid doesn't love traveling and living and loving life?
What I think everyone is missing here is that they came to my house on April 12, 2010. They broke in my house, beat me up and stole my children no questions asked. Where was the warrant, where was due process? Where was the probable cause? An anonymous phone call from the violent druggie Bayer family, along with "anonymous" calls from out of state? In case you don't know it, those elements are LAW in this country! Darin Carter and Emily Nichols surpassed that law, took it in to their own hands based on a call from a drug dealing wife beating neighbor who my children were not allowed to hang out with. As a responsible parent, that is not only my RIGHT to protect them from slime like that, but my DUTY.
After they did this to my family, they decided to get an arrest warrant the following day, April 13, 2010, then make a false report which was later redacted in front of Judge Justus on June 4, 2010. So why isn't anyone reporting on THOSE FACTS? Why is the court, the judge and the prosecutor suppressing that evidence? What about the evidence being the intake report where they said my children were NOT abused? How come these mysteriously have been hidden from the public?
Now I ask, in a country where we are "innocent until proven guilty," how many parents think this is okay? How many people really think due process was served? If they really had a case, why would they be delaying for a year and a half? Why would they be ignoring my motions? Why would they be suppressing evidence that PROVES the story they told you is full of LIES?
There are thousands of children stolen from their families here in Taney County but mine is all over the news with being the big bad wolf. I think that's a little fishy in itself. Why try so hard to demonize little old me? Certainly there are parents who abuse their children, but sorry, putting your children on restriction for not doing their school work and sneaking out with little boys is NOT abuse, it's called parenting. Apparently Jeff Merrell doesn't think we have a right to parent our children and in fact if I was such a danger, why would they wait a year before this alleged abuse happened before they came out to my house? How come they don't even have a specific date as to when this happened? I mean let's get real?!?!? Did I rob the bank in June of 2009 or in April of 2010? Sorry, but they can't say "sometime between these dates (which have changed several times according to their paperwork).
Too bad Monte is too busy to actually look in to it himself. The paper work is there for those who read english and posted online for anyone to see. What is Merrell afraid of? Why won't he show these documents to you and why won't he give them to the public defender that judge Mark Orr FORCED me to take after 11 months of ignoring me?
I was perfectly content to proceed and more than willing, but they want me to be silent with someone else that works for them to speak for me because they have to cover their asses now.
Now if Monte was a real reporter, he would be looking at these, not asking me questions like, "Why do you think you are innocent?" LMAO Innocent of what? Guilty of what? What did I do and when? And if it was so cut and dry as Monte would like to believe, why do they keep changing their story and why would they be trying to charge me with sex offender laws? Do you really think you are keeping the streets safe by trying to shut me up in this manner???
Come on you work for the people reporting the REAL news or do you get paid to cover it up? You are doing the public a huge disservice by hiding the truth putting more parents in danger by this tyrannical system here in Taney County where 1 in 31 adults are in the prison system as opposed to 1 in 100 the rest of the country according to Shari Harris and her scathing report from the inside of the prosecutors office. Is it just that our county is filled with criminals or are the criminals in the court system trying to put a good face on their kidnapping game? My children were not abused before they were taken from my home, but they were clearly abused AFTER they were taken and the photo evidence clearly shows that.
I certainly hope that people really look in to this BEFORE this happens to them. Of course you would have to actually do something, expose something to make it to their hitlist, so obviously Monte is working with them, for them, as opposed to being a true journalist that actually has the balls to look in to the truth behind the deception.
Now I want to know who is going to make those that supposedly enforce the law follow their own laws??? Why is it that this can happen in the first place? That's right, I forgot, in good old amerikkka, the poor pay the court pretenders to put on their dresses while the rich get away with rape, murder, theft, etc. Funny how it's only poor people in the court room in my 25 times there the past year and a half.
I am looking forward to the many millions I will be collecting from these monsters for what they did to my family. Maybe then I will have a chance to buy my children back from the system........maybe then I can afford a real defense...? Maybe then I can help others in this situation who have been railroaded by hot dog prosecutors that are clearly NOT working for the people...maybe then I could afford my own media where the truth is actually investigated...
If there was such a thing as due process I Would have been able to face these charges BEFORE they sent my children away. Perhaps someone would have considered asking a question BEFORE they kidnapped my beautiful children...perhaps if they knew we were having trouble, they would have offered HELP instead of tore us apart and fed my children with lies about how I "don't love them...which was why they had to take care of them..."
But instead Monte jumps on Merrells bandwagon to try to shame, humiliate and further harm a single mother who is being railroaded by the system...good reporting there!
I would love people to go to my website or my facebook and see with your own eyes about our lovely little life. Thousands of photos and videos DO NOT LIE!!! Prosecutors DO!!!
There are literally thousands of photos of our life before, then photos of what happened to them after this. They were brainwashed so quickly that in 3 weeks time they were not my children, they lost their innocence, CPS dressed them up like whores, gave them make up, let them play with boys and have sleep overs with boys like their loving father, medicated (DRUGGED) them and turned them in to zombies. This is why judge James Justus ordered me to not post any more photos of them online!!! None of them wanted the public to see! Than Judge McConnell steps in to tell me that blogging about this will cost my custody of my children! LMAO Really? Blogging about their crimes is illegal now and worthy of sending your children away never to be seen again???
This story is sooo heart breaking when you know the truth, so those of you talking smack and repeating the garbage lies that have been regurgitating are part of the problem and I can only hope this happens to you for your complacency. So much for community support! SO much for this nice bible belt town that justifies this type of behavior from our elected "officials." It is clear this county is run by the good old boy network where women are less than and do not deserve a voice!
For those of you that are not from here, DO NOT COME TO BRANSON! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR CHILDREN, DEMONIZE YOU THEN TRY TO LOCK YOU UP FOR 56 YEARS for saying NO to your children!!!"