Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The show will go on!

Whoo hoo! Thank you all for your patience and understanding! I thank you all, including the hackers who make it their life goal to make mine miserable.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have learned as much as I have, neither would I have had the time to perfect certain skills that you are so afraid of.
So once again, the joke is on you!
Anyway, thank you to those who have helped with this issue! I am glad to be back online and that the sound card is actually hooked up to the right port. It helps to run a show...
Anyway, I missed you all and can't wait to see you tonight at our first show back with a new somewhat put together computer!

Blessings and Love to ALL!

Monday, August 17, 2009

UPDATE Blah, Blah, Blah...

Hi all! Just wanted to send out an update and apologize for the disappearing act. I had been trying to get by on my last computer after being hacked last month while a new one was in the ordering process, thanks to some very kind neighbors who helped me pay for it. My computer completely died before the new one was completed.
It appears the person I ordered the computer from has never worked with so called advanced and new parts they thought would work for me so I brought the computer home to no sound, among other mysterious problems and driver issues.
Good news is that I am on the internet now, I just can't hear, headset, office and adobe won't work, and I'm locked out of my skype phone since I couldn't remember my password, despite this is a paid version and it is my home phone...blah blah blah...

So, I apologize for all delays, missed emails and phone calls the past week and a half .

Please bear with me while we are doing everything we can 24-7 to work out all the kinks.

All shows we missed will be rescheduled ASAP and for those emails I missed of importance, please resend. I have to admit I cannot even attempt to go through these almost 6000 unread messages and I apologize for that too.
I have also decided to CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS since I'm getting at least 100 spam message per day.
My new email address is TruthBrigade@centurytel.net

My temporary skype name for chatting is TruthBrigade777........if you have my phone number, please be advised IT DOES NOT WORK till I can solve these issues here.

Thank you for patience! I miss you all, miss the show, the forum and can't wait to send out an email of good news that we are back on the air at http://americanfreedomradio.com


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