Monday, May 5, 2008

Secret's of McGonigle Canyon Slave Trade

Secret's of McGonigle Canyon:
San Diego's Slave Factory

It was an illegal migrant encampment nestled right behind million dollar home in northern San Diego. Residents and advocates claim they have been living here for at least 2 decades, unnoticed. Throughout all these years, the population would range from 300 to over 2,000 migrants living in the canyon, mostly from Oaxaca.

My first time down there was after the news reports came out…

What we encountered was truly phenomenal! Campfires in the midst of dead brush, human feces all over, dead animals that had been sacrificed, piles of garbage, child prostitution, a grave, weapons, drugs, false documents, even evidence of women and children along with jury duty statements lying around. When we were there with the police digging up the suspected grave in mid-November, I met a migrant who was willing to talk a bit about what was going on down there. He was also from Oaxaca and lived in one of the biggest homes in the canyon, complete with a stone pathway and planted garden with a cement floor and basement. It was chilly and he was shivering, so I asked him if he needed anything. Most of his friends had been evicted or went home for the holidays. He informed us that the prostitution was still alive and well in McGonigle Canyon and the girls were as young as 13, sometimes younger, although he said he had no idea where it would be going on.

Of course, curiosity killed the cat and we were determined to find it. Even though we had been to this spot before, we didn't know that it was possibly being used for the child prostitution until November 25th. We were actually more interested in the grave so although we saw some suspicious behavior we went on our merry way. On our way out, we decided to go back to that area and paid closer attention. That's when we spotted the markings on the trees that suggested it would be near by where the women would work after I had ran across all the tarps and condoms in that same area...

Our group had tipped off the city and police that something might have been going on there still. We were assured that there would be undercover making sure there was no child prostitution going on. When we arrived, we wanted to stay on the top of the canyon looking down thinking we'd be taking pictures of police jumping out of brush and busting this known slavery ring. That was before I realized that police could actually be ignoring it…but why?

This is what we experienced on that memorable day, December 2, 2006.

The articles and news reports about the canyon are all posted here…

Pictures here!

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TruthBrigade said...

Apoologies for the poor quality video as my house was raided because of these and the only copies available were copies that were downloaded from youtube that had been deleted 12 times. LOL
The San Diego Police have the origonals though so you can contact the detective here:

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