Friday, May 16, 2008

Letter to FBI...(again)
In the link above, you did your job and went after someone for committing the sames crimes that have been committed against me for a year and a half.

How many reports I need to make of the exact same allegations before someone protects me, or at least has the decency to give me some sort of response???

I have been being stalked for a year and a half which has led to physical and mental injury to myself and my children. They have posted my personal information all over the internet, including naked pictures which resulted in me being stalked 24/7 and filed multiple false reports to various agencies, which is a 3rd degree felony, contacted and threatened my family, threatened my life and launched a slander campaign with purpose to commit injury to myself and my livelihood that forced me to have to leave my home in the middle of the night.

I have sent multiple emails to this agency and others and the most I've ever gotten was, "sorry, we don't handle that."

Well why does it say that it is your job on your website???

Why is the FBI and other agencies, like the San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside Police Departments and the San Diego Sheriff REFUSING to help me? How many people do you know get shot at and the sheriff says it didn't happen?
How many times do people get assaulted and the police REFUSE to watch the videos?
Seems like there might be some sort of picking and choosing here or possibly a conspiracy against me for some reason?
A conspiracy is when two or more people commit the same unlawful act.
It seems with all the evidence I have gathered throughout this time, it would be several very easy convictions, but I have yet to get help from anyone. Even all lawyers were told to back off from helping me and others were unable to get jobs within San Diego law enforcement for knowing and trying to help me while others were relocated.

I have sent you evidence of each of my claims over the past year, in addition to the San Diego Police and Sheriff's involvement in the cover up of the criminal stalkers. All of it has been posted online repeatedly and all I get is my videos and websites removed???

What is going on in this country? Since when does law enforcement protect the criminals???

I thought we were a nation governed by the rule of law and equality! Why am I being treated as a second class citizen?

I am requesting that some take action on my claims and prosecute the perpetrators responsible for this ongoing stalking and harassment that has resulted in us having to flee my home for our safety!

Thank you again!
Christie Czajkowski

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I will be posting this email as a blog as well so that possibly more people will be aware of my inability to get help.

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