Friday, November 30, 2007

Censored again!

I'm sure it gets pretty tiring coming to my blog to watching videos that are no longer working. This is the third time I have been censored on youtube even though I have followed their rules of conduct. Over 300 videos, over a year of work, all down the drain because some people are running scared...
In the meantime, you can see some of my videos on
I'm also uploading videos here and here.
Also visit my myspace as I will be uploading videos there. Don't forget to check out the pictures and blogs.

There are many people who are attacking me, but they all come from the same camp...the neo-cons. The most amazing part of this is that I used to volunteer with them!
Check out these blogs for more info about that... here and here.

The level of corruption and people seeking to harm me never ceases to amaze me.
Why would so many BIG MEN be so afraid of little old me???

I know I've been asking this question for a year, but it's finally starting to make sense to me.
I'm the only one willing to stand up and tell the truth!
I'm the only one that has spoken openly about the connection between supposedly opposing forces like the border angels and the minutemen. I'm the only one not afraid to address the connections between our beloved republican leaders and their ties to the mob, murder, pornography and the fact that they are funded by these people.
Isn't it my duty to make sure the people know the truth? Isn't it my duty to make sure we know who we are voting for?

Next Friday, December 7, 2007, I am going to take callers on our show all night long. This show will be dedicated to those who have been attacking me for a year now.
You will not only get to hear, but see with your own eyes, what these leaders are really up to.
You will have the opportunity to ask me anything you've ever wanted to know...about the minutemen, sos, the canyon incident, getting beat up by a leader, along with answering any questions you might have about the slander that has been going around the past year.
I have even invited my attackers to present proof of their claims and offered to post it not only on this site, but on the radios site.

You can listen at

Here is the promo for this show and please send it around! :-)

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