Friday, November 9, 2007

Top 10 Reasons not to Drink Alcohol!

Top 10 Reasons not to Drink Alcohol!

10 You can't remember the persons name you woke up in bed with, until you find their name tattooed on your behind.

9 You wake up in the morning to find your eyebrows in the shape of lightening bolts...and cornrows where they don't belong.

8 Sometimes the sprinkler is your alarm clock.

7 The toilet hugs back.

6 You don't always know the dog that's licking you.

5 While conscientiously walking home from the local tavern, you realize you "broke your mothers back" 29 times!

4 African cave dwellers are a delicacy.

3 You find out ociffer is actually spelled O F F I C E R while in handcuffs.

2 The sidewalk moves every time you try to walk a straight line.

1 You could make it to YouTube!

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