Monday, November 12, 2007

FEMA exposed!

If FEMA is such a great agency with our best interest in mind, why are they so secretive?

Why would they have more power than our president and why would they have to create this with a series of executive orders without a vote?

They have a multi billion dollar budget with almost zero accountability.

We did not vote for them nor did we vote to give up all our liberties in order for them to protect us.

If you pay close attention to all the executive orders that have been signed and read the Patriot Act I & II, you might even see why people refer to them as the “secret government.”

Here is a somewhat comical view of a very serious threat to our sovereignty…

Get involved! Pay attention!

Share the knowledge!

Alex Jones Info Wars

Prison Planet

Oops, did I just commit a hate crime???

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TiANews said...

Big Brother really IS watching you: AT&T whistleblower, Mark Klein tells all about it
converted into a tiny URL:   (An advertisement will play at the front. Give it time)
Just when you were beginning to relax and think, "Only one more year of Big Bother," along comes Keith Olbermann on tonight's Countdown with a segment about the upcoming whistleblower' s testimony to Congress tomorrow. AT&T has been turning over ALL Internet and phone conversations, both domestic and overseas, to the feds. EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION YOU EVER MADE, AND EVERY SINGLE EMAIL YOU EVER SENT HAS BEEN SHOWN TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-- no matter WHO you are!

If you missed it, you can see it at . Click on "Whistleblower saw AT&T assist Bush administration" for the video.
(this link is already gone, so the video may be soon. Censorship is a dangerous thing! When the Truth becomes the thing to hide and no one cares; you have to ask yourself are you really free?)

Big Brother truly IS watching us, and the whistleblower even mentions George Orwell by name.

Who will save us, other than Ron Paul?