Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!

Last super-bowl Sunday will be a day I remember for the rest of my life…but not because of the game, the entertainment or the half time. One year ago today, marks the beginning of my descent down the rabbit hole. It marked the beginning of my loss of innocence and hope. One year ago tonight, my eyes were opened to the possibility that all that glitters is not gold.
I was not watching the game, screaming at the TV in support of my favorite team. I was sitting right here at my computer asking myself and who I thought were my friends, how something so good could end so badly? I wasn’t talking about a relationship gone bad or the death of a loved one. A micro-wave relationship had ended, but I was more than happy for that. After living in the matrix for so long it was getting easier to weed out the bad seeds, however I began to find out how much I really did not know, or would possibly ever comprehend.
I could not understand why people couldn’t work together. I couldn’t understand how after I had given everything to a cause with thousands of friends and supporters that they were really not my friends or even fighting for the same thing. I could not understand how anyone I loved and respected could possibly not be the greatest leaders in the country and that some leaders were not who they said they were or they pretended to be. At this time, I had never read a site that would teach me things like this…
In the effort to establish a singular global government, the powers that be recognized that opposition to their plan would be evident and unavoidable. These opposition forces must certainly be neutralized and their voices squelched, if the socialists' plans to conquer the world were to be rendered successful.

How can one keep leaders from arising out of the teaming masses to speak out against the plan in favor of freedom? The diabolical would-be dictators understood the only way to accomplish this, was to create the perception that someone was already fighting the battle of liberty for them. Someone who both supported the plan, yet spoke out against it. Someone who would gain the trust of the masses, then employ diversionary tactics, leading them into tyranny.

These are the controlled opposition. They come in many different forms, and organizations, and purport to stand for various causes. Some fill pulpits, others occupy public offices. Several are broadcasters. All are deceivers. All are players of a manipulation process called the Hegelian Dialectic.

They hammer at issues, are vocal about matters that appeal to Christians and conservatives, and even do some good deeds. But their efforts always fail to mobilize their supporters to take the right action, leading the majority who never see through their scheme to ask, "Who silenced the outcry?"

I knew that there was always friction. I know that my leader was doing bad things and asked me to lie for him and I knew that he had just beat me up after I asked him to return my videos when I offered to go away that he stole for profit and publicity.
I knew that he lied about it and said I attacked him. I knew that he started a slander campaign against me, well actually I didn’t know there was such thing at the time. I just knew that he was lying. I couldn’t understand it.
I thought for sure that the people would see through all the lies and stand for what they would see was right. I didn’t know that no one wanted to see. I never thought that anyone would judge me or run away from me because someone told them to. After all, there is nothing that anyone could do or say to keep me from at least questioning allegations on a co patriot, friend, family member or even an acquaintance.
I was actually scared for the leader thinking that he didn’t really mean to do it. He was under a lot of stress from the opposition after all. I should just forget it ever happened and we should work together for the cause. That’s what he said in his last words in his phone apology to me anyway. I believed that.
I knew that I was getting attacked, but I thought that I was just really unlucky and just happened to meet a lot of really mean people. If I had changed my environment, they would leave me alone and I could move on…
Before I knew it, I had police at my door every other day with false accusations about these allegations by what I thought to be just a bitter ex lover that couldn’t control himself. After beating me up, he went to the court to ask for a restraining order and a gag order against me, then called the police to tell them I committed a crime that he had been known to organize for at least 7 months BEFORE they got caught.
That week, my house was raided and all my computers, media and videos stolen under the color of law for a so called “suspected misdemeanor vandalism” in an illegal encampment that had already been cleaned up by Cal-Trans at least two times that month with the last clean-up 3 days prior to the day in question. The media turned it in to a terrorist hate crime and I was the number one suspect. Of course it was the 6 foot blonde chasing illegal aliens in the canyon with knives while screaming “fuck Mexicans,” stealing computers, electronics and jewelry all the while videotaping…
Thankfully, the Orange Country Register chose a picture of me for their front cover story about the event that I was really at about 100 miles north of the crime scene. My alibis proved that it was impossible that I was there at the time they said this happened. At the time, I still thought it was the opposition that was attacking me. I thought it was the opposition that broke in my house, stole all our valuables, vandalized my van several times, broke in to my bank account, lit my fence on fire and threw it in dead brush, totaled my honda in front of my house and sent me daily death threats. Of course it was the “violent reconquista anti-American goons” attacking me everywhere I go because that’s what my trusted ‘leader’ told me.
I had heard of cointelpro, but that was just in the movies and for really important famous rich people, not little old me. I had never heard of gang or organized stalking and I never knew that a regular church going softball playing poor single mother would ever be considered an enemy of the state…
How did that all happen? I guess I said NO! I knew they were mean and evil, but how evil, I could not comprehend. How could a human being or group of humans be so devoid of soul and character? Even more surprising was how could anyone support that or not see through it?
My friends told me about agent provocateurs and gave me a documentary to watch. I instantly recognized every word Beverly Eakman spoke! Wow, was this really going on in a volunteer effort such as ours? Communism is dead, isn’t it? We are Pro-American and for the Rule of Law and Individual Liberites! How could any of these people not be who they say they are? I mean I understood people acting irrationally at times, but to be a full time job?!?!?!
Tonight is the one year anniversary of the day I began to open my eyes. It marks the day of the year that I was physically attacked by the leader of my email list. In his multiple press releases, I was “FIRED!” I never knew that someone could be fired from an email list, but according to him, I have since been fired by 13! Since that tragic occurrence, I have been accused of being a transvestite lesbian prostitute, a druggie, a violent racist, a mentally ill delusional psychotic who lives in her van and a mental institution, abuser of my children who takes part in child pornography, a con artist and fraud who makes a living off of making up stories to make people feel sorry for me and a thief of tens of thousands of dollars from the American people that was donated to them, to their bank account, to their group that I had never seen, touched or was even aware of at the time. I have been accused of killing my pets, the ones that showed up on my front door. Oh, let’s not forget the arsenal of weapons in my home and that I am a suicidal dangerous criminal and a traitor to our country.
The police have showed up at my door from an anonymous caller for that one 3 times. I have had no less than 8 fake reports to the child protective services, no less than half a dozen false reports to the local police and at least one false report to the FBI. These are just the fake charges that I know about. I was beat up on video and the detective that got thrown on to the case after the fact says that it didn’t happen and now a police report does not exist. I also have him in writing telling me that he will not watch the video and he will not investigate.
Let’s not forget all the other times I was physically attacked in the vicinity of police and I was told that it didn’t happen. Since then, I have had no rights. I can get beat up in front of police or even have uniformed police throw me around forcefully with no consequences and prevent me from attending open to the public events in public spaces. I was even shot at with another friend and 3 other witnesses nearby but the sheriff said that didn’t happen either. Supposedly my mother pays my bills and I abandon my children.
I work for the Mexican government and am an infiltrator from our own government as well. I think that might be called a double agent. I single handedly have the power to destroy the whole entire universe if you listen to my stalkers. My oh my how things change in a year…
Amazingly enough, I found out this year that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, how good you really are and if you are an honest person…I found out that none of that matters, all that matters is that you follow orders, do not ask questions and everything will be okay. I learned that if you stand up for what is right and just, you are at risk of becoming a target of an organized terrorist hate crime ring that gets paid billions of your hard earned tax dollars to destroy your life.
A year ago today, I did not understand that I could not just move on and do something that I care about with another activist group I thought was doing good things. A year ago today I did not know that the police, judges, lawyers, radio talk show hosts, family and church members, neighbors, friends, co workers, would-be employers, county employees and media would be order to back away and would follow orders because someone told them to. I did not know that I was not allowed to ever leave my house without being attacked, followed, threatened and sabotaged as often as I drank water.
I did not know that one person was so powerful and could actually change my entire reputation in a few phone calls and slanderous press releases. I did not know that so many were so weak that they would fall for that garbage. I did not know that there would be people intercepting all my email and preventing mine from going through, nor did I know that someone would be listening to my phone calls then write about it on the internet. I did not know that so many spineless heartless individuals actually could walk the face of this earth. I know that today I heave learned more than I ever wanted to know, yet I can’t stop searching for more.
I know that they have not broken my will and that I am shielded by the Grace of The Lord.
A year ago tonight, I was sitting here with tears, thinking about what I could do to help the person who just beat me up. I had listened to his message and although it was clearly very selfish in intent and content, I did not want to give the ‘cause’ a bad name. After all, every time something dirty was going on up till that point, they would always tell me not to talk about it “for the good of the cause.”
I bit my lip for the good of the cause…that was before I found out that 3 hours and 15 minutes AFTER he had left me the apology, let’s work together message, that he had called my own mother and made up a story about how I intruded into his home, uninvited and caused a scene and needed to be hospitalized for my illness of not conforming to his game.
See, when I had first started videotaping with these guys, my “job” was to get the “other side” on video acting like he was. There were many times before I had asked him if I could video tape him and play back his behavior in hopes he would see how truly egotistical, erratic and condescending he was, in hopes that he would treat others, especially volunteers better. My motherly intentions were sincere as he had no children and despised his mother. Given that he had no female in his life for guidance, my compassion and understanding nature set in as I was to show him that he did not need psychotropic drugs and alcohol to live a fruitful happy life. After all, I had my experience with those drugs and alcohol. I had learned from my mistakes and mis-informed past and felt the need to help others I saw in pain caught up in that vicious road to hell.
A year ago today, I did not know that what he did was not just a one time mistake. I did not know that there was a conspiracy to slowly rip my life apart and that my loved and trusted friends and co patriots would fall for it. In fact, I never would have believed that even police would be in on it! I thought police were there to protect the victim? What happened?
I sincerely thought that that night would be it and that we would move on to ‘save the country’ together. I mean he said those exact words in his last message to me that night, a year ago today. A year ago tonight I did not know that he would conspire to take my children away from me and contact everyone in my life or anyone that could ever be in my life to scare them away from me. I had no idea that people would run from me when I walked outside and others would be shot at, stalked and have their lives destroyed for supporting me. I had no idea that any job offer I would get would fall through and that not one out of 200 job applications would not respond to me. Nor did I know that if I did not “shut-up” as threatened by so many, that I would be the victim of an organized ring of terrorists and that I would have multiple false reports about me all basically saying the same thing, all orchestrated by the same people. After all, I had never falsely called the police on anyone. I only reported crimes. Why was I always turned in to the criminal when I thought I was being a good citizen by reporting a crime? Throughout my life I have had many opportunities to file a lawsuit or call the police for many situations, but I chose not to because I thought that you move on and karma takes care of it. I thought that if you were positive and did positive things that you would get positive back. I thought that if you were sincere, the whole world would be sincere back. So much for the law of attraction…
Tonight, I am a year smarter and a year stronger. If it were not for the people attacking me, I would not be where I am here today. I can only thank the Lord for all He has taught me in this new chapter in the book called life. I always knew the only way to learn was the hard way.
I also always had a desire to protect others from suffering so if you would do just one thing for me on this anniversary of mine…


There are many different types of stalking, but I will let the reader listen to our shows or archives to hear about that as I have rambled on enough on this anniversary blog. You can also read many cases and documents in our FREE SPEECH forum TruthBrigadeRadio.Com.
If this is the first of my blogs you have read, I would like to invite you to read my archives where you will see the record of harassment and overt stalking over the past year. There is plenty of video proof and documents that will show the repeated harassment, stalking and abuse. There are even blogs that debunk these allegations made against me even as recent as tonight while I write this, but I will no longer waste time on answering any of the above said accusations.
The evidence is in my blogs. I have already written and documented it. They want me to waste time and I will not oblige. They will have to take me out if they want to silence me. They will have to make good on their threats against me. They will have to slit my throat in the middle of the night or shoot me from behind or poison me as promised. They will have to make up another fake crime and set me up and put me behind bars. I will not play this game any more than I have to because of the effects of what they have done and continue to do. Although the covert terrorism is much harder to document, we have started a log.
Let this be a warning to all corrupt disinfo agents…if you try to mess with me, I will find you out.
I will expose you and reserve a chapter for you.
I will announce the release of our book on the show.
Good night and God Bless!

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