Thursday, January 31, 2008

Montel turns the tables on a Fox Morning Television show

Sometimes I reflect on the days I was living in the matrix. I remember the days where I was hooked on day time TV, shows like Montel WIlliams, Jenny Jones, Maury Povich and Geraldo...I know, I know, I was young and bed ridden due to a knee injury.
Today, I have never felt more proud of a talkshow host than when I ran across this clip. Now I know that time was well spent with a true American!
Go Montel!!!

Text from video on youtube...

Jan/31/08 Let's get Montel Back on the Air!!!
Variety just reported that The Montel Williams Show has been cancelled just 3 days after this clip went out. I hope it is not because he supported the troops. In any case please join this campaign to get him back on the air. For details and updates visit Please forward this to all your friends and post as many comments and video responses as you can.

Jan/26/08 08:41 ET Montel Williams turned the question on live television when he choose to focus on the solders dying in Iraq rather than the passing of Heath Ledger. Montel did not return for a further segment.

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