Monday, December 3, 2007

Will the real Minutemen please stand up?

I wish I had something other the write about than more drama from the people attacking me still.
They took down my youtube site RonPaulWontCensorYou as promised and have continued to follow me everywhere I go, as promised.
Does anyone have any information about how to get these stalkers off my back?

When this began, I reached out for help from the other leaders of groups that I had worked and done so much for, but they all turned their back.
The slander campaign had already reached the entire country and not a soul would even talk to me. No radio, media, lawyers, police, judges, etc...
The funny thing isa that the proof has been here all along about what has really happened, but they all chose to blindly follow their dictator and attack me.

Here are some excerpts from Mike Fair bragging about taking my site down again...

deviltopay5 | November 28, 2007
Now Christie the Goon and her Psycho-Squad has returned to YOUTUBE with 3 accounts.
She's BACK for a second Helping of WHOOPASS !
3 new Christie accounts, same old Christie.
Hey Scary Psycho Mom !
Be careful what you say to me !
I got you banned once before, I got your Truthbrigade webpage shut down, and I single-handedly informed EVERYONE to Avoid you and your sick CON GAME antics !

Once again, more lies and slander as they accuse me of the things that they themselves are doing to me.

Here he is in his new screen name pretending to be me...
CCzajBADforRonPaul | November 30, 2007
GOOD! She's suspended.
Ron Paul doesn't need that psychotic tramp making him look bad. I am HORRIFIED that she's leeched on to Ron Paul's campaign with all her baggage.
Have you called campaign headquarters yet?

And here he is a few minutes later...

CCzajBADforRonPaul | November 30, 2007
She's already back with another screen
name called SlutsForRonPaul.
How fitting though! LMFAO
Who is her little posse over here?

Here is another one he has posted all over and even sent to the Ron Paul campaign...

CCzajBADforRonPaul | November 28, 2007
That traitorous whore needs to stay away from Ron Paul's campaign!

Mike Fair got caught sending slander around before and we even found his photobucket page where he was making pictures of us to send around. Here is part of his email admission...

To Christie -

The foul , explicit sexual comments which were posted on YOUTUBE were NOT written by me.
Its true I throw a spiked glass of verbal punch your way every now and again, but the "Explicit" sexual comments were NOT written by me.
I allowed a couple house guests, who overstayed their welcome, and violated the house rules, to have access to the House computer. They claimed they were checking their emails. - at 2 am ??

IF you ask HOW those house guests of mine accessed my accounts ?
*You know I told you I leave my computer running 24/7 to receive Microsoft Updates and sometimes I forget to sign out from the various websites to which I am a member.
I'm human and I make mistakes.
I am sorry they posted those disgusting comments aimed towards you and everyone else.
I may get a little heated from time to time and spout off but I dont stoop THAT low !
Not even to the HARD CORE GOONS !

As far as those houseguests ?
As far as the messages ?
I have dealt with them, and I have secured this situation.
I will comment towards you , russ, Robert, and TB never again - just to avoid ANY confusion.
I explained how I caught them in the act with a hidden micro camera -

So there Mike Fair is admitting that all the attacks came from his computer, but he wants me to believe that he caught them with a hidden camera! LOL
So in their mind they think that if they can convince the whole world that I am a slut, all the countries problems will go away...

I thought I had moved on from these freaks long ago, but they have continued to slander me everywhere i go, all the way out to Rhode Island! the funny thing is, they have people so scared that they actually bow down to these criminals because they don't want to be treated like me.
At least 4 of us have been shot at already and they have suggested repeatedly that they would "get rid of me."

When I first signed up on the Ron Paul meetup, I thought they would leave me alone, but I was aware that they were still spreading disinfo to the campaign due to emails I posted on my last blog. I did not attend some events that I had planned on because of their stalking and harassment.
There was a meeting tonight I wanted to go to, but I received an email confirming that they are still watching everything I do!

Here is the email...

From: Tom Taylor []
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 10:06 AM
Cc: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; tisha;;;;;;;;;; ;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Re: Ron Paul meeting tonight 7pm - Elijah's - La Jolla Village Drive


Guess who is coming to dinner.

Goto: wrote:
Saul, Everyone

I have not chosen my candidate yet - thought I'd meet some local Ron Paul supporters.
I might attend.

1.) There is a Ron Paul Meet-Up tonight 1 block off of I-5 at La Jolla Village Drive
7pm At Elijah's restaurant. - In same shopping center as the movie theatre - right beside it.

2.) Do we have a representative for Ron Paul for our Jan 22 function ?


or just & browse around the Meetup site.

Now isn't that interesting? 10 months later, these people are still curious about what I'm doing. Now why would they be reporting back to master jeff schwilk?

I had noticed that even all my messages were getting censored there and even sent email to the organizer asking him why. He did not respond even though I let him know I already knew he had been confronted with the disinfo about me. After a couple months of being patient and hearing things about him talking about me to, I decided to post a message on the site... click here
Her responded to that one, but no more since. Neither have my other messages been able to go through.
Why won't even he admit that they have gotten to him? Now the minutemen control the Ron Paul meetup people? How is that possible?

Most recently they have been attacking the owner of a radio show that has asked me to co host with him. When he did not fall for their threats, a bullet ended up in his bedroom wall.
Now they are trying the same attacks on him and spreading it all once again to their network to try more to destroy our credibility.
The funny thing is, all they have are words! Not once have they provided proof of ANY of their accusations and instead when people ask for proof, they attack them for being idiots! How dare you ask me a question! Just do as you're told!!!
So they have convinced many to attack me, many to ignore me, and even many more to be afraid of me! Little old me! :-)

Here are some videos of the men who have been attacking me and some of the reasons why. They thought if they could discredit me and get people to believe their lies that they would never look at the evidence. They have succeeded somewhat, but the internet is here to stay. These videos will not go away!
They have already been distributed to a very large network country-wide.
I have a very good friend who has been there for all of this who recently decided to help me get the story out since I do not have the same protection under the laws as everyone else does.
These videos will confirm that what I was saying about being shot at by a minuteman leader is in fact true. I addition to the witness statements that you may have already read, there were also two more witnesses. You will also hear about the shooting that happened one month before as Leland Sprout chased an unarmed man into Mexico under little dog's instruction...once again, 2 more witnesses than we had originally thought.

The funny thing is about this is I never wanted to show the world how truly corrupt and vile they really are. I did my best to cover up all their misdeeds while I produced 300 videos for the movement. You can see some of them here, thanks to my friend taking down his stuff to have room for mine. We know the only reason I am still alive today is because people know who I am. When they succeed in silencing me completely, that may be a different story.
They succeeded in pulling me down again and frankly I don't want to have to redo my work for a 3rd time to put it back up there again. That is over 300 hours of work for me and I do not have the resources right now to buy my own server space so I'm not attacked anymore.

If for some reason you value my work, please feel free to press the paypal button so I am able to put a fund aside to continue me effort to bring the truth to you. ALL truth, not just half of it.

They have done the world a severe injustice by taking my videos down. I have tried to help everyone and spent my time, my life and every penny I have ever had on getting these videos out to the world. At a rate of over 4000 views per day, I think the country also appreciated my efforts.
They have hurt themselves even more because now I'm ready to tell all...

Please call in to on Friday, December 7, 2007 if you would like to take part on the show.
I will be answering any questions from anyone about anything minuteman related.

On to some of the videos that have been released so far...

I had reached out to the entire minuteman leadership about these criminal issues and more, but they all ignored me and started to participate in the threatening and slander campaign against me and anyone who talked to me.

I thank you for taking the time to do your research here and don't forget to check my past blogs here and on myspace for further detail!

To call in on the show and talk to me this Friday, you must be logged in! I will not take anyone who just wants to call up and call me names. Only valid questions will be answered and there will be nothing left to your imagination any longer!
Feel free to ask anything you ever wanted to know.
Of course I can only answer questions pertaining to things I know about and I will only talk about things I can prove.

Thank you again! I look forward to having better news for you soon.

Sorry about all the videos being taken down again. It makes me sick too. That was a lot of time and effort. I did not break any rules, they simply went around writing more false letters with more fake accusations and once again, the ignorant listened.

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