Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cointelpro Agent Provocateur STALKER Alert

This man has been stalking me for over a year as he does all his ex co hosts. He is now stalking other women, disseminating criminal slander and filing false reports which is a FELONY! Please beware people like this in the movement and spread around to others who might get involved with this person!!!

In these clips you can hear him talk about the georgia guidestones, filing false reports as revenge to CPS on TWO women, threatening WeAreChange and members and talk about his "connections with FBI and homeland security", along with his "network of private investigators" that work for him!

Jim Stachowiak is an agent provocateur. Please check the evidence before you get involved with this psycho!,44.0.html,2726.0.html,2601.0.html

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