Thursday, July 17, 2008

Migrant March 2007 No Whites Allowed!

February 2, 2007, I was not allowed to attend a public event due to the color of my skin.
Watch the San Diego Police take orders from the mexican government and refuse American citizens from watching a planning meeting of the take over of our country.
You will also see how respectful these lying sick excuses for police sworn to protect and serve.
Beat women, false arrest, civil rights abuses galore!

You saw the NEWS (not good) see the truth!!!

US citizens not allowed to walk on same street as Mexican gov't officials..?
The laws are changed temporarily when representatives from several law abiding citizen groups, along with two blonde Border Angels are not allowed to attend the Marche Migrante.
3 videos, sorry. I know it's long but it's worth it to see what took place yesterday with your own eyes. Also watch this short video to see the white border angels getting kicked out simultaneously...

Folks, we have a problem when Mexican government officials pushing for amnesty are allowed to hold events on public property and deny the right of peaceful American citizens (from both sides of the issue) of being there.
False arrests, citizens arrest, media railroading, harassment by goons, unnecessary force, discrimination, police refusing to take reports while the Mexican flag waves in the background.
You decide...

How long are you going to sit there and let your rights be taken away on a daily basis???

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