Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego Makes Secret Deal with La Raza!

Mayor Jerry Sanders made a deal behind closed doors with La Raza as he was Chief of Police. No one was able to vote on it as it was secret till we got the FOIA...

Here are some quote from the document.
Department Policy Numbers 6.18 and 9.16
and Department Procedure Numbers 3.08, 4.11, and 6.18

They did it without a law, just make up a policy to not enforce the law.

"The duration of the stop or detention prior to the detainee's
release to CBP/Border Patrol shall be in accordance with
Department Procedure 4.01, Stop/Detention and Pat-Down
Procedures. Such factors as remoteness and safety
considerations for the person(s) detained may extend the
reasonable time of detention prior to CBP/Border Patrol
release . However, such detentions should ordinarily be no
longer than twenty minutes."

"Officers are generally prohibited from transporting detained
undocumented persons to a police facility for the sole purpose of
releasing them to CBP/Border Patrol."

"If, after investigation, it is determined the person(s) is/are not involved in
criminal activity unrelated to immigration status, the person should be
released, regardless of immigration status."

The majority of residents living in migrant camps work in the surrounding area
and are in this country legally. Officers are generally prohibited from detaining
undocumented persons in this setting for CBP/Border Patrol unless there is
probable cause to arrest for a crime not related to immigration violations."

Full FOIA here!

Mayor Jerry Sanders in Barrio Logan
admitting his deal with La Raza!

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