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So the time has come... thought I could get away from the stalkers, but I guess not. They made good on their promises, after years of trying to find me, posting my address online and encouraging others to find me, making friends with my neighbors and having them carry out their plan to have my children removed, here we are again...
Please pray for my children.

First off I want to thank everyone who contributed to our get out of jail fund. I apologize I do not have a list of those who donated to personally thank so please accept my apology and gratitude. I am more than grateful and thank each and everyone one of you during our time of need.

Of course this is where the battle begins. I am out of jail, yes, but my children are still being held captive in Springfield, MO at Boys and Girls Town

We are posting updates here:

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and on my facebook page at:!/christieczajkowski?ref=profile

I have been completely overwhelmed with supportive emails so please forgive me for not being able to get back to every single one in a timely manner.

They gave me a mailing address if anyone is interested in writing them, but it goes to the "workers" first and then them. The address is:
Samantha and Amberly
2720 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy
Branson, MO 65616

I also want to thank everyone who has tried to get this story out! It appears there is a bit of confusion here as I see a blog from 2 years ago was posted as this event. Just to clarify, yes, I was harassed, beat up and shot by the police with laser weapons when they came to my door live on the air, but the date on that event was March 11, 2008. Link here:,933.0.html

This has been ongoing harassment since actually before that date, but I do want to clarify that is not what happened this time.

What did happen this time:
(how could charges be filed on Friday, April 9?)

Saturday, April 10, my children decide to not do their homework and run to their friends that they are not allowed to see, that say that reading over the summer or on weekends is child abuse...the same people, the Bayer family, works for the county that has refused to protect us who has caused a lot of damage to our property, garden, home vehicle, have broken in to other homes on the property and have killed 8 animals that we know of. The same people we've been complaining about to the landlord who has been well aware of their assaults and threats towards my family...Photos here:

( Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link: )

Throughout the weekend we were playing cat and mouse, they were coming in to the home to get whatever they wanted while they were playing their independence game. We had spoken to each other several times, no screaming, yelling, physical violence, force or abuse. Kids simply being kids. They were not forced out, locked out or tied up as the media claimed.

Monday, April 12, 7:26 PM central time Deputy Darien Carter came to my door with a social worker named Emily. When I saw who it was, I said give me a minute, I’ll be right out to see what you need. He had already gone through one of my doors at that point, including opening my outside fence. As I turned around he opened the next door and grabbed me, twisted my arm and tried putting me in a head lock. He informed me I would not be going back upstairs. I told him I had a show, I want to talk to him, but I need one minute and will be right back. He proceeded to follow me in to my house; I asked if he had a warrant. He said no. So I suggested one more time that he let me go back upstairs handle my business so the producers know I won’t be right back. He then grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back as he knocked me on to the furniture chest by the front door, which a clump of hair still sits. He stepped on my right foot and used his foot to my left knee pushing me down. My children and I were screaming and Amberly ran to the neighbor’s house. They ran over here immediately and asked what was going on. Carter let me go and grabbed his tazer and threatened to taze them. No force was used by anyone other than Carter. After we talked sense in to him and he knew he broke the law bursting in my home with no warrant, no charges, no evidence he let me go back upstairs to do the show. By the time I got outside, both neighbors were arrested and handcuffed, they grabbed me immediately and took my video camera which the police escorted my children to return upstairs in my camera bag which I found when I got out of jail. So they unlawfully entered my home again. No miranda rights read, no charges at the time, no warrant.

I sat in the car for at least an hour as they took the children to the side of the building to talk. The girls came over to me asking where I’m going, why, where they were taking them, Amberly opened the door, kissed and hugged me. When I asked Emily what was going on and why all this, do I get to know what I supposedly did wrong, she said I kicked out my daughters and tied them up in the woods. Amberly said, “No she didn’t, that’s a lie.” She was told to be quiet and close the door.

Show archive here: (forward to about 30 mins)

Tuesday April 13 they came up with charges, trying to scare me with 50K and 31 years, on top of the one year they were going to leave me in solitary investigative hold for not giving them my social security number. This is where they informed me that I supposedly locked my children out of the house and tied them up in the woods, or "ordered" someone else to do so. This person has not been named and no arrests have been made by this person who supposedly did this.

All my phone calls were blocked except to the bondsman who informed me that the station had put up a chip in for donations for bail. I found this out on Wednesday, April 14.

Thursday, April 15, Bond reduction hearing, from 50K to 10K meaning we only needed 1K. I was released a few hours later and chased by 5 media cars for one hour and one half. Found out I was front page news…well, not really me, but the character they are trying to sway you that I am.

Who are we really???!/christieczajkowski?ref=profile

Friday, April 16 Judge Justus of the Juvenile court deems the children must stay in protective custody at least till our court date June 4, 2010.

Monday, April 19 FST meeting, where I find I can see my children one hour per week supervised and their location. Boys and Girls Town, Springfield.

Wednesday, April 21 I met with the girls for the first time in Branson, 2720 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

Update Report before

April 21, 2010

Update Report after

April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, get to meet with my children at another facility in Ozark, MO one hour supervised.

Update Report

April 27, 2010

Next visit May 5

Updates will continue to be posted:

So for over 3 years we've been asking for help by those stalking and terrorizing us to numerous agencies, filing repeated false reports ranging from me abusing my children, to prostitution, to trafficking my own children, child pornography, bombing buildings, hacking govt computers, murder, vandalism which resulted in a raid on my house 2/8/07 after I exposed a sex trafficking ring in San Diego.
more about Detective Lenhart (please follow links for full story)

So if it's about the children, why would they REFUSE to help us? From the local police, sheriff, fbi, cps, judges for orders of protection, lawyers and even "family."

Record of attacks and false reports in audio, written and video by the perpetrators who have been threatening to have my children taken away for the past 3 years:,36.0.html
start here and read blogs from this month and after...
or here:

News reports/blogs/media:

I speak:
Christe arrested, children kidnapped
Christie Czajkowski guest on Global Freedom Report
Christie Czajkowski on Buckshot Survival Hour
Christie Czajkowski on Truther Girls

I will be speaking:
Christie Czajkowski on Freeman Radio
Christie Czajkowski on Irritate the State

I realize this is a lot of information and I may have left something out. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact me.


- Pray
- Expose the wrong doers and this story
- Write letters/affidavits of your knowledge of our family, how long you’ve known us and what you’ve observed within the family, the endless threats, harassment and stalking and any other relevant information regarding this current situation.
- A ruthless lawyer who works out of the goodness of his heart or who is cool with trading cleaning, cooking, fresh grown organic food and herbs, advertisement, and money donated for our legal defense AND offense!

Thank you so much for your Loving prayers and Blessings,
Christie, Samantha and Amberly

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