Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To the City of San Diego...

I just found that this post was recently deleted so here it is again...

To the City of San Diego...

Dear Mayor Sanders, city officials and law enforcement of San Diego, CA,

I am a native of beautiful San Diego but was forced to leave because of your refusal to uphold the rule of law. You were elected and paid for by the citizens of San Diego, yet you seem to think you can work for your own special interests as evidenced with Mayor Sander's secret deal behind closed doors with
La Raza, making it almost illegal to report an illegal alien, Code 6.18.

You have all betrayed the citizens of that city and I pray there come a time where you will be held accountable for your criminal actions and conspiracy against the citizens for all your unlawful actions and failure to protect us from a
full scale invasion that you profit off of.

On February 8, 2007, my house was unlawfully raided because you were supposedly looking for evidence of a vandalism of an illegal encampment that you allowed and actually wrote in 6.18 that they were not here illegally. You made sure that I was convicted in the media, but your lies were so out there that a 3rd grader could have executed a better plan to shut me up.

You claimed that you were searching for the vandals and that there was a 10K reward for any information about that crime, when you knew all along who was there and what they did. I feel sorry for your poor planning in trying to make me look like the criminal.

So what happened with that case?
Did you ever charge the real criminals,
Jeff Schwilk et al?

Fox Report 8/14/07

You have had evidence of who was responsible from day one, including email admissions of the guilty with a detailed list of what they apologized for destroying and video of some of those acts.

You not only ignored the

sex trafficking in McGonigle Canyon

, you allowed it and vowed to prosecute any law abiding citizen that dared complain or make it public through harassment with your police force, violence, abuse and even stalking and conspiracy to violate laws against me on video!!! You refused to protect me from

civil rights abuses

, numerous physical assaults and even being shot at. You helped on to my property knowing I was innocent for 9 months just because you can. You threatened anyone who would dare talk to me or try to report the truth. You sent your police to my door to use

special weapons on me

for numerous visits and scared the living death out of my children with your repeated harassment and abuse. You successfully drove a great family out of town to cover up your crimes.

Unfortunately, you did not succeed in that effort to silence me. None of you succeeded in your efforts to

falsely arrest me

or turn me into a criminal to cover up your own tracks, because you know you were wrong and that way too many people knew what you were doing. The world is watching and I want you all to know what you did succeed at...

You succeeded in raising awareness world wide of your criminal conspiracy. The world is watching you and we do expect that you all should be sleeping in a cell very soon. If there is any justice, you will be sent to Maricopa to wear pick bikinis.

We know that many of you are part of the communist party

and that you hired the mob to train our law enforcement that we the citizens are the terrorists!

You are knowingly, willfully and forcefully poisoning the citizens by fluoridating the water and adding other poisonous elements such as lead, arsenic and even estrogen. On page 6 your own

water quality report

, you warn customers to consult with a health professional before drinking. Well, why are you putting harmful elements in our drinking supply?

I'm sure that if I poisoned you, I would be in jail. Why is it that you can poison and lie to millions of San Diegans on a daily basis?

Do you really think the city would approve of being run by the mob, via the ADL, Bronfman crime family you married in to.

I'm sure that was just a coincidence, like Fred Sainz being a die hard member of the communist party, among others like Bonnie Dumanis.

There is nothing in the leadership of that once fine city that resembles any respect for the rule of law and the American way.

We, the Citizens of


, would like to know how you justify your criminal actions and abuse against the citizens that pay you to represent them. Remember, you are all public servants! You are not idols, kings and queens.
You must be held accountable for your treasonous actions and we will be filing a complaint and the cause for your arrests very soon.

We the People will not forget, so you might want to start looking for another job.

I hear Tyson is hiring...

If all the jack booted thugs you sent to my house to harm my children and I on a regular basis didn't figure it out yet, I am not there for you to harass anymore. I will make sure you never hurt another innocent citizen again.

Good will ALWAYS prevail and you are living in the dark. You can only fool the people for so long.

A former citizen,

Christie Czajkowski

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