Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chicano Park-Capitol of Aztlan

Another post from the deleted files...3/07



These videos are a MUST SEE!!! In these first two series, I simply show up at a park where there is an event going on, solely for the purpose of videotaping. I am harassed, assaulted, threatened repeatedly. It has gotten progressively worse throughout this past year. Innocent citizens are always the criminals while the law breakers continuously get their way!

Here are all the videos I made from Saturday. It was a long day, this is just 20% of what we experienced. America needs to see these videos so they will be aware of what's coming to their city if we continue to allow this lawless invasion in to the country. It's time for Americans and politicians to WAKE UP!!!

Of course none of the news covered the truth about their true agenda…
Please get everyone you know to view these! I know they are time consuming but it is important that America wakes up now!!!

I feel like the Rosa Parks of the 21st century! Here's a quote from the SDSU Mecha Club website…
"Czajkowski tried to videotape the event, but was intercepted by its supporters, who waved Mexican flags in front of her video camera and pushed her away from the main stage.
Many yelled "Go home," but Czajkowski said she was not violating any rights by being present and would not be forced to move."

Alrighty folks…how long are we going to let this continue?
Please, I beg you to take the time to open these and see what's happening while the rest of America is still in Pleasantville. This is my home town. I moved away for almost a decade and this is what I came back to.

The end of the day. Believe it or not there were actually some kind souls there who wanted to talk to us and even listened and understood. I promised I would show the ones that were nice even though the bad still drastically outweighed the last few minutes of pleasantries...part 7

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