Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vicente Fox Protest San Diego

This blog and videos were deleted so here it is again... :-)

Vicente Fox Protest San Diego


Yesterday, 4/7/07 was the day where a misguided American group presented a humanitarian award to Mexican oppressor President Fox, our friendly corrupt dictator with sought after "family values", south of the border...or so our president says.

Familiar with, and against the corruption and oppression in that country, I decided to join the protest and get some video to expose what's really going on with the people of Oaxaca and why they all feel they have to flee here to get away from the torture.

If you've seen any of my videos, you know what's happening next, unless you thought for some reason the SDPD was really on the side of the American Citizens…I actually hoped for the best since I had met with a lieutenant of the same division just the week before to share the horrible abuses imposed upon me by that department and thought I had made it easier for them to do their job, by providing copies of the laws they were violating.

I have chosen not to cut it down is so the world can see the whole event and how threatening and out of line I was to be showing up on a public sidewalk in downtown San Diego with my blonde hair and a camera. I believe it's important to show America what is happening to our once great nation!

The SDPD clearly wants to arrest me and provoke other law abiding American citizens on a regular basis. They REFUSE to protect our rights while protecting the same group of people that are protesting against them. The captain actually went around to the officers and told them to ignore me! They were not interested in keeping the peace! It got to the point where they had to make 2 barriers (just for me) because they forgot why they put the first one between me and the hundreds of angry anarchists violating my rights again.

It is apparent SDPD will not do their job when it comes to protecting me. You will not believe your eyes and ears! If the fake search warrant and raid to my house, personal invasion, loss of privacy, defamation and humiliation weren't enough, they are determined to make me a criminal! The captain even tried to arrest me for putting my camera in his face! You will clearly see that he got in MY face repeatedly! Then the anarchists pushed me off the sidewalk while the cops did nothing but threaten to arrest me again for being on the street, instead of doing something about the people hitting and pushing me off the sidewalk.

I do want to thank Lieutenant Tenney for keeping her promise and not making me go to the other side of a public street in downtown and standing up to her Captain and the rule of law as much as she could.

That Captain was out to get me and actually condoned using force to 'protect' me! He is also on video CONSPIRING against me and telling his officers NOT TO PROTECT ME!!!

This is not going to get any better. I continue to go to these events for the sole purpose of videotaping the events and am continuously harassed, threatened, intimidated and treated like a criminal from those that are sworn to 'protect and serve' me.

Please watch these videos and send them to everyone you know! Feel free to write or call the SDPD and let them know what you think!
You can fill out a complaint here.

If you do not live here, it is only a matter of time before this comes to your city! I guarantee it! I am a San Diego native, as well as my parents and have seen dramatic changes in recent years…to the point of even police telling us white people that we should move.

On my road trip I stopped in Salt Lake City where I lived for 8 years…downtown is like San Diego was 10 years ago…

(Insert Twilight Zone song here…)

Please call, write and pass this email around. I would really hate to think I keep putting myself out there for this abuse if people aren't watching and waking up.

SDPD 619-531-2000

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