Saturday, June 14, 2008

communist defectve lenhart SDPD northeastern division

Apparently the defective that conducted a false raid on my house violating my 4th amendment has some skeletons in his closet…

Francisco Jiminez Latino (?)

September 9, 1994. San Diego:
Officers Patrick Lenhart and Jeffery Sterling shot Francisco after he allegedly called 911 with a false report. When they arrived at his home, cops claim he came out with two knives and “ignored orders to drop them”. They shot and killed him.

I find this interesting because it was shortly after this shooting that he received a promotion.

Why was this Francisco such a threat? We may never find out, but given the media silence about it and his elevation to detective after this incident, it is obvious that he is a puppet for someone.

Another interesting point is that his mother has some border front property in one of the largest drug trafficking chutes.

Of course that wouldn’t mean anything to the average person unless you have been there.

One of the border patrol captains that I had seen making a cash transaction at the border with a famous criminal ‘minuteman’ in 2007 also has a wife that is a defective in the northestern division of SDPD with Lenhart.

Seems they have all their bases covered.

Here is a copy of the search warrant lenhart used to raid my home over the ‘suspected vandalism of trash in an illegal encampment they denied existed.

Here are some videos of the canyon, including the day we saw the sex slaves and the sdpd refusxed to act and instead threatened to arrest me for ‘tresspassing.’

Here is a video showing lenhart and his refusal to return my property or even a phone call…

lenhart threatened to arrest me for calling him and asking for him to return my property, then when that didn’t work, he actually sought legal council to see how he could sue me civilly for making this video and exposing what a slime ball shill he is…

Mayor Sanders secret deal with La Raza as chief of police…

communist pig mayor sanders treats EVERYONE equally…

A letter to the city over a year after the false raid and so called investigation

San Diego is run by the mob!!! Jerry sanders wife is part of the ADL aka Bronfman crime family!!!


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