Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why I Hate Christmas

Oh no, here we go again, first she bashes males, then females, now Jesus?!?!?

To be clear, I am not bashing Jesus the Christ or any other child of God (Creator/Spirit), what I hold utter disdain for is government mandated corporate holy days and the illusion around them that is shoved down our throats...and even being used against those who choose not to celebrate the traditional lie.

We are brought up to believe that Santa Claus is coming to town, after of course he's been watching you every second of every day all year to see if you are "naughty or nice" or are deserving of more toxic plastic toys produced by child slave labor in China.
Who do you think has more super powers? God or Santa? Or could they even be referring to big brother?

So, according to this first lie, the so called "poor" kid who's parents don't have credit cards to max out, courtesy of foreign banksters, obviously was naughty that year or santa would have crawled through their chimney and dumped a bunch of gifts under your dead lighted tree. Can you say fire hazard?
Well, what if they don't have a chimney? What if you don't feel like killing a tree or simply couldn't afford one? What if you can't afford the extra couple hundred dollars per month to decorate your home and dead trees with lights and flashy iconic holiday cheer?

Then what?
According to the way we are taught to celebrate, my children would obviously have been in the "naughty" category.
What a miserable way for a child to grow up. The rich ones of course are deluded even further since they are rewarded with their every little frivolous desire for being "nice" all year....which of course we know is not true...

Could this be considered rewarding bad behavior? Could it have something to do with the entitlement mentality so prevalent in our society today?

Why is it that we hold so dearly to these lies? Why is it that those who choose not to participate are considered some kind of threat and are even reported to "authorities" for not celebrating the lie?

Look, I'm not trying to piss in anyone's cheerios, but I think we need to look more closely at our roles in purporting delusion and bad habits, which of course I believe contribute to the chaos in this perfectly managed society and have nothing to do with the true spirit of Christmas.

I have to admit I'm a bit anti-establishment and are not programmed by the boob tube or the radio, but occasionally while I'm driving through a city, I will turn on the radio to see what people are saying. For a month now, all I've been hearing is "Tis the Season to Shop and be Jolly."

So it's December and I'm supposed to shop? Why? What if I don't have extra money to throw around to try to impress the Joneses? What if I simply just don't want to? What if I am content with knowing all our needs are met and do not want for anything? What if we are just happy being together and sharing love every day of the year and talking about the REAL SPIRIT, not just the one day we're supposed to put on a smiley face and pretend we love or have a relationship with perfect strangers who happen to be part of our family, however disconnected it might be the other 364 days of the year?
Is this the day where all of a sudden every thing will be magical and this spirit we refuse to recognize will automatically repair whatever damages has been done throughout the rest of the year?

I will admit here that I might be coming from a negative vantage point, but I am positive my upbringing is not uncommon, so I will share it with you.

The day after Thanksgiving, the day where we are supposedly celebrating the natives and newcomers getting along to form this new land in peace and harmony, not bloodshed, genocide and greed, we had to wake up early to go shopping at all the spots that we were told to shop at on tv or on the radio. If we weren't the first one there, we wouldn't get the deal we have been waiting for all we so harmoniously do what everyone else in the matrix does, get stuck in traffic, stand in really long lines where fights actually break out because someone cut in line or took too long to write their check or because the light turned red. If this is the season for the spirit, why all the haste and anger? People were not smiling and I have to say, nothing on that front has changed over the years.
People are honking their horns, screaming at each other, then go home to scream at their children or loved one because they spent too much money they never had and cannot afford to pay back......but what the hay? Every body is doing it, at least we are part of the cool crowd.

Now Christmas is approaching...a week or more in the kitchen preparing for guests, guests that you never had time for the rest of the year, but now feel you need to impress to make up for the guilt of not being a good friend of family member the rest of the year and of course gorge ourselves like little gluttons, which was really confusing because I thought that was a sin...hmmm, so we sin to celebrate Christ? As you can imagine, this could cause a lot of confusion for a curious child.
In my house, it was all screaming, yelling, blaming and stress, up to the minute where the first guest arrived where the spirit would miraculously make it all disappear and change it to love and smiles in an instant. Until uncle Tommy came over, he was the most despicable human in the world, but put on that fake smile as soon as the door rings.
The meals were not prepared with love, the gifts were not bought or prepared with love and in most cases the guests were not invited out of love, it was called obligation, guilt and one upmanship.
Of course, nothing some sparkling wine or spiked egg nog couldn't take care of for the evening.

As a child, I apparently was one of the "nice" kids who santa made a special trip to see and fill up half of the living room with toys and clothes to show his appreciation for our good behavior all year...sure, doesn't that sound like a dream come true? I was kind of bummed that I never actually saw santa, but I was amazed his taste was obviously very similar to my mothers.
Imagine my surprise when I was all of a sudden getting yelled at for santas credit card bill!!! Of course it was my fault that my mother had to max her credit cards for Jesus...or was it the Joneses...?
I was constantly reminded how she was going to be in debt for 20 years because she HAD to max her credit cards for us to show her love and contribute to the lie of the system. Damn, what a naughty child I must have been to make her do that.
Honestly, I never wanted all those gifts, in fact it was obvious to everyone who entered our home. I felt it was a big waste and almost felt guilty myself because santa obviously didn't love anyone else the way he loved me, I mean come on, we totally scored (if material counts in your world).
My favorite thing to do was gather gifts, clothes, books, homemade cookies or whatever was around to bring to the people in Mexico which loved in cardboard boxes. I would even spend whatever was given to me at toys r us to bring to children who never received a Christmas gift in their lives. I couldn't understand why santa didn't love them too. But the beauty, spirit and love of the exchange when I saw the look in their eyes of gratitude filled me up, enough to want to continue to play santa for those in need most of my adult life. Then I woke up and scrooge (and truth) reared his ugly head...

What I always wish those toys could have been replaced with is LOVE. I wish there was a TRUE spirit of giving that wasn't reserved for one day per year. I simply wanted to be told I was loved, I wanted to find out where santa lived, how he did it completely unnoticed, and more importantly learn about Christ who we were supposedly celebrating that one day per year.
Do you think Jesus, Christ, God, Creator, Divine Spirit or whatever you call it was ever mentioned??? I was told we were Christian, so why no Christ in Christmas???
Not was all about the hustle and bustle, keeping up with the Joneses and living the lie. The stress was unbearable, even for a younging who didn't even know what stress was. All I knew was that it didn't feel good.
I almost felt like I was being bought. I WAS being bought! I will give you this and max my credit card for that if you promise to be a good little slave all year long...imagine their surprise when I actually said PLEASE DON'T BUY ME ANYTHING!!!
Of course I said that because all year long I heard about how broke we are, how the payments would never be made and that with interest, she could be paying for those same dumb gifts for the next 30 years which would make us homeless. Even as a child that didn't make sense. So after one of these breakdowns I asked my mother to return my violin and cancel my classes. I think it was about 12 per week at the time, but to me that was a phenomenal amount of money and I wanted to do whatever I could to help reduce the stress and bring in the spirit of the season.....
Of course I failed at that because as soon as she canceled the classes and returned my violin, it was replaced with more plastic. Sometimes I think I should have kept the violin.

I don't really want to moan and groan here, but come on, I know I'm not the only one that went through that same kind of dark holiday celebration.
And I know this tradition is still being continued today.

I'm not going to go in to the religious debate here in this blog, but we are going to do a show tonight with Tobias Lars about the Real Story of Christ if you want to learn more about that. What is the season about anyway? Is it about reporting me to CPS because I don't celebrate Christmas or other corporate holidays the way you do? Is it about treating me like a terrorist because I really don't feel like killing a tree and bringing the fire hazard in to my home to light up and triple my electricity bill?

Is it time to recheck the old ways that have permeated society, leaving us feeling empty while supporting the corporations we know are not only not serving our interests, but using child slave labor to produce a material society where whoever has the most toys wins?

Sorry, I don't see the spirit in that.....

My prayers for the season are that we come to an understanding of the powers that be. No, I'm not talking the elitist genocidal maniacs trying to control the world, I'm talking about the REAL POWERS THAT BE, the ONLY REAL POWER on the planet and that is LOVE! That's it! There is no power in darkness and lies. That is force. Force to conformity, force to feel and believe a certain thing, force to possess, which includes also being possessed. There is no spirit in force
Give of yourself, yes, but that doesn't mean you must spend yourself in to debt for one day a year where corporations make between 70 and 90% of their sales for the year. What about a true gift from the heart? Your time, your understanding, your unconditional love?
What about giving that of yourself every day of the year?

What about honoring mother nature and the beautiful abundance she is longing for us to appreciate?
What about honoring your family and loved ones, those in your community or lending a hand to those in need?
You don't need to look far to find one in need. My guess is you could start with those you share a roof with, then branch out to your neighbors. Perhaps they may not be in need of something material, but might need a little love or companionship...?
I would be willing to bet you have a street nearby where homeless people reside and would love nothing more than for someone to go share with them a smile, conversation or a hug....yes, even homeless and financially challenged individuals also need and deserve love.
Nothing compares to helping someone less fortunate than you and is also one of the best way to lift your own spirit. The spirit of giving, the spirit of love can be so beautiful if exchanged in it's natural state. Consider de-commercializing it for a day and see what beauty you can bring in to your life.
You are not a better person because you have more credit cards. You are not a better person because you bought more junk for your children and paid a higher electricity bill and look down upon others who do not. You are a better person because you are true to the spirit, your soul, the divine spirit within every day of every year and strive to be a Blessing in others lives.
May you Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others this holiday season and may all your dreams come true in the coming new year!

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