Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coward in Training

Damn, I had to smoke another one this week....maybe one day they will leave me alone...LMAO
But I hope not, because this is quite fun...

This is a perfect example of what has happened to amerika and the pay-to-riot movement.

WARNING: Explicit language will be heard so if it offends your pretty little ears, please don't listen. Yes, even happy loving people lay into those who need it most.

This was one of the witnesses in the shooting I reported and filmed what I could, which of course put me on a list to be taken out. He changed his story several times in this audio then of course finished with admitting it, albeit reluctantly. Then even continued talking to me...I wonder if he learned this in school, the navy or...?

I start to lay in to him at about 8-9 minutes, but getting to know him and the mentality in the mean time is also entertaining, although admittedly slow. Get's pretty heavy around 15-20 mins and beyond.

He actually JUSTIFIED assissting in crucifying me to save his own ass, discounted the murder of Brisenia Flores and other shootings we witnessed, including the life of my children and myself.

This will show you the mentality of the common man and why we are so backwards and upside down. This will not be a waste of your time.
You also have free reign to do with it what you will. Post in blogs, use for shows, sound clips, videos, etc...

You would think people who've betrayed me would have learned not to mess with me??? Well, as luck would have it, some still have the nerve to try to snow me.
The last time this guy called I made it clear I don't trust him because of what he did. Then I noticed his webcam was on while he was talking to me asking pointed questions. He was actually writing them down as I watched...(change agent in training?)

Unfortunately for him, he had the nerve to call me again so I had to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.

Come on people, stop being cowards and letting fear control you! There is a difference between right and wrong and somebody has to stand up and say no...or are you going to wait for a girl to do it?

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