Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend at the Mint Farm

Many of you are already aware that our so called controllers are doing everything they can to put mom and pop out of business to make way for more poison coming from China we can't pay for and even our own government run factories and corporations backed by evil doers. For decades, corporations like Monsanto have forcefully stolen family farms by way of the legal system, despite all the screaming and complaining. It appears there is no end in sight to this atrocity unless we ALL wake up and learn to say NO! JUST SAY NO! We CAN take our country back, but IF and ONLY IF you decide to stand up and do something about it.
After our show Thursday, August 27, 2009 with Peppermint Jim Crosby of the Crosby Mint Farm in St Johns, Michigan, I felt compelled to make the overnight trek to their property in hopes of helping what I could on their final day at their family farm with a 98 year history.

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I mean, I knew it was bad before scheduling this show, but I had no idea how bad which was why sacrificing a couple days of sleep and food meant nothing to me. On the show, we found out that GREENSTONE banksters had evicted them from their property and gave them 4 days to remove 98 years of history! They had before 5 PM to remove everything or face arrest by the local sheriff.

I had nothing to offer, only myself, love, heart and shoulders. I couldn't believe that every single local farmer in the country wasn't there to offer support so we hopped in the van and raced around the clock to make in there in time to do at least SOMETHING...key work here folks, none of us can do EVERYTHING, but everyone can do SOMETHING.

My secret for being able to stay up for 2 days.....MINT! Sorry guys, I don't do drugs...

1 800 345 9068

The weather was a bit drab (which was fitting considering the circumstance), but that didn't stop me from finding the beauty in this situation, nor did it deter 30 other great patriots and community members from going out to help on the last day they were allowed by bogus bankster illegal laws to be on their property. I mean, come on! how do you remove a family farm operated for 98 seasons in 4 days???

The answer is, you don't. No matter what the thieves try to do, they will not remove that history, that heart and soul, the backbone of America that made our country strong.

I thought I knew the American Spirit, but until I was there, face to face with some of the most beautiful people in the world, I had no idea how strong, how pure, how grounded, aware and determined one family can be. I am truly humbled and honored by this experience.

It was difficult holding back the tears, tears of joy at witnessing first hand what happens when a community comes together in love for a common cause. I got to meet people who got married on the farm, those who went to school with Jim and Lynette and of course all their faithful employees and neighbors who were busting their butts doing all they could to move their supplies, equipment and most importantly offer love and support. This farm is not just any farm, it is very special, near and dear to many hearts and lives. Not only is their product necessary and useful AND THE BEST ONE AVAILABLE, each and every plant out there was grown and bottled with love. There is nothing more powerful than love!

The property itself is abundant, over 100 acres of pure mint, along with many other medicinal "weeds" (God's medicine) at their disposal. I can seen why the banksters would want to steal that from these remarkable people.
Of course, not to produce another quality product, but to yank it from you! To rip out the hearts and souls of those who have been so productive all these years and replace it with some fancy concrete.

Please do what you can to support this farm! They are not asking for handouts! They actually have enough product to sell and pay their enormous illegal debt.
Consider this...last year, they owed 325,000 in legal loans. Through various sources, the banksters have received over 3 MILLION, and they are now faced with a 550,000 bill!

Ask yourself, not only how that can happen, but what you can do to help turn it around! Can you repost this blog with links to the farm and send to your email lists? Can you forward the show to your email list? Do you have 5 dollars to spare to purchase a dram of pure oil, candles, candy or tea? Can you repost on twitter, facebook and any other social networking sites?
Like I said before, no one can do everything, but every one can do something! Is that too much to ask to help preserve 98 years of history in a proven natural medicinal and therapeutic product that has been used throughout all the ages in history?
What is your health and history worth to you???
When it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us! If you do nothing now, you will have only yourself to blame IF they are not able to find a financier or sell enough product to meet the deadline.
The deadline is now at 22 days and counting...
WE CAN TURN THIS AROUND and Peppermint Jim Crosby has made a promise that he will not give up and just walk away despite the pressure and illegal legal maneuvers they are using to block him out of his farm.

Just some of the uses of peppermint are:
headaches, nausea, toothaches, acne, bronchitis, diarrhea, convulsions, constipation, shock, sea sickness, heartburn, heart palpitations, sore throat, fevers, fainting and MUCH MUCH MORE...

Hundreds of uses of peppermint have been around for centuries. Why are you taking the doctor prescribed and over the counter medicines when you can be taking God's medicine?

Please consider helping this farm today! Don't wait, don't think about it any longer, DO IT NOW!!! The life you save may be your own!

1 800 345 9068

I will be posting videos just as soon as my computer allows. Please check back for some heartwarming experiences with some of the most beautiful people on the planet!

Peppermint Jim's farewell...

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