Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Future of TruthBrigade Radio

Hi there! It's time for me to make decisions about my radio show and thought I would share some of my personal situation with you...
I have been on the air, literally working 7 days per week for 2 years to bring you the best guests on a wide variety of topics that you will not here anywhere else. We have focused on a solution oriented format that will only uplift and empower you and give you the tools necessary for total freedom, sustainability and breaking through the false paradigm system that has governed the world for so long.
I am a single mother who home schools her children and volunteers full time. We grow our own organic garden, thanks to Big John of , and herbs, and do most things for ourselves to reduce our cost of living to the absolute minimum.
In this time, 3 people have donated to our show to help keep it going...perhaps that is my fault for not going out and getting sponsors even though I have no idea how, and that I've never really told anyone our real situation of living day to day.
I also work in the community to heal people and animals from a variety of conditions from cancer to diabetes and just about any other ailment you can think of. Not to toot my own horn, but I am batting 1000....I do this because I love it and feel that it is needed, it is my gift, and judging by the feedback we get, you feel the same. Now it's time to ask, how important is our show to you?
It is important to keep in mind that the universe is governed by laws that make reciprocity a necessity. Within each and every interaction, each and every relationship, each and every exchange there must be reciprocity. Therefore, we ask that you consider making a donation so that all will be in balance.
There are many ways you can help! You can send our show to your email lists, facebook pages, twitter and myspace accounts, and tell your friends, family and community about our shows, products and advertisers. If perhaps you have a business or something to advertise, you could consider sponsoring our show or doing a banner exchange...?
Did you know that I make organic tobacco? (That means you can smoke all natural clean homemade tobacco and can drop the chemical laden poison you are purchasing from our gangster government that loves you so much)
Did you know that I make herbal smoking blends? (Think ceremonial blends, restful sleep, relaxation to assist in lucid dreaming and self awareness?)
Did you know that I am a master blender when it comes to healing oil? (Are you suffering from psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, pain, sprains, cuts, burns, etc)
Did you know I create meditation and massage oils? (Are you interested in stimulating your pineal gland, deeper meditation and self awareness)
Did you know that I am nutritional coach/natural healer?
Did you know that I now have in stock to sell the sea weed product that saved my life and in the 2 years I've known about this I have personally seen it CURE cancer, aids, ms, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, blindness, heavy metal and radiation poisoning such as DU, DEW's, agent orange and vaccines?
While I would love to heal the world for free, continue to produce our show to provide free information for our growth and spiritual development, it has come to the time where I need to consider why I am doing this?
The biggest road block here is that it does take money to accomplish these things, never mind the fact that my emails and sites get blocked, youtube and myspace pages deleted (15 +) and links broken when they do allow me to post. My children need to eat and shoes really come in handy...unfortunately I am not going to be able to continue working 7 days per week for free. (FYI, there are no alimony checks or govt handouts going on here.)
I have been looking for a "real" job and I have sadly come to the place where I am going to have to seriously consider taking a regular job full time and drop the show and alternative healing.
I am asking you, if you love our show and what we are doing to please contribute or come to the realization that we will not always be here.
Of course the archives will always remain so you will be able to access the information as you need it.
I am dedicated to keeping the truth alive, but I do need your help as I am only one person.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement throughout this amazing time. It has been one of the greater Blessings I have received in this lifetime and would like to continue to Bless others in their path. Can you Bless our show so we can continue to Bless others?


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