Friday, November 20, 2009

Just an excerpt from a book to be...

There comes a time where one has to ask at what expense do I give in for evil to prevail? What am I willing to give up for an illusion of safety or protection?

Holing up in a cave might protect you from some rain, some bad weather, even some random crazy people you might have run across if you were out. But how many good people, experiences and magic will you miss entirely?

I guess if you never knew it, you wouldn’t miss it, and holing up doesn’t sound so bad, especially with all the threats there are out there to fear. But do we cower in fear because of outside forces inducing fear or are we afraid of ourselves? When you are afraid of love, giving and receiving, it’s easy to use the excuse of other outside threats entering your world. So, being used to fear and pain, we block out the unknown to willingly accept the status quo. Well, it might not be all there is to be had, but I know it, I’m familiar with it, I’m comfortable with it, so I will take it. No one wants to walk alone in the dark. They want to clearly see the path ahead of them ,which gives them a sense of control over their environment, which of course only leads to more of the same. Those walls, although invisible are as sure as the bricks your house was built with.

How do we step outside those walls? How do we learn to break free from fear and pain? Pain is inevitable, no magic pill or safety net, or running out to the woods to hide in a cave will protect you from pain. It’s how you deal with that pain and what you do about it. You can cover it up, bury it in the toxic waste dump, but those toxins aren’t going anywhere. They are still there, being piled upon by more toxins that will eventually erupt, perhaps even getting it to the water supply to poison the community. This works the same in your emotional body. Covering it up doesn’t work! Protecting yourself from feeling will not work either! You must feel it to set it free. Enjoy it, love it, embrace it, erase it…this is part of your path, your journey into the unknown realm of true freedom here in your physical body. Is it safe? Are you here? You’ve made it this far! Get out there, take a step, simply avoiding what could be painful will not release it, it will not cover it up, it will just boil beneath the surface preventing other systems to flow freely and seep into other areas of your life until you can embrace and release these illusory fears. It will show up where you least expected it and force you to deal with it, no matter how much you run. And no matter how fast you run or how far you run, you will always be there. Face it, feel it, free it, fuck it and have fun with it. Love yourself all the way through. Of course it’s different. That doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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