Monday, June 8, 2009

So what if I'm a drop out?

That's right, you heard me say it. I'm a drop out! You heard it here first.

I have this tendency to avoid drama and conflict. That doesn't mean if I'm caught up in it, I won't fight back, in fact I will gladly, and win every time...but, what that means in my mind is, the best way to win a fight is to avoid it all together.

Since 2006, I have been targeted by certain overt organized stalkers who have no shame, no self respect or respect for anyone or thing, including themselves. They have chosen to act as mind controlled drones, following their masters orders...which I guess works out for them in their little Napoleonic minds because they happen to be given privileges that put them above the law.

Since this time, I have reported everything they have done, from stalking me, burning me and my children, shooting at me, filing false reports, threatening anyone who talks to me or comes on my show, following me around, attacking and harassing family members, friends, potential work and business partners, etc, lighting my house on fire, coming home to find my dead pets on my front door, totaling my car in my driveway, breaking, entering and stealing all my family heirlooms, including other crimes these stalkers were involved with, like the one they tried to set me up for, and multiple shootings that never were investigated...let's not forget the FBI guy that tried to orchestrate "taking out" multiple politicians in various cities simultaneously after we had some meetings and learned our secret handshake...just to make clear, I never made it to any of those meetings, in fact I turned the guy in right when he started talking to me like that because I knew it was a set up!!!

Been there, done that...

Anyway, talk about me being a quitter...I also quit the minutemen "movement" when I found they weren't the law abiding civil rights protectors as they had claimed. I quit when I found they were out committing crimes against citizens and illegals trying to create race wars on our streets. I got pretty beat up for that, but I guess that's what I get for quitting.

Next, I quit a radio show because the co host was exhibiting signs as the other provocateurs I got to learn from just previously...of course I didn't know at the time it was a set up from the start...I just knew I didn't want drama, so I quit.

Well, here we are over 2 years later and they still can't quit me! The stalkers will not quit for anything. They feel they must slander, stalk and harass me every day of my life, contact anyone I might talk to, might have spoken to, anyone I do talk to and reach out so far as to scare anyone I haven't met and talked to yet in to not allowing me to speak. They have interfered with every radio show I've had till recently, when I started on American Freedom Radio.

Click here for more info about some of their other antics...

So here we are in 2009, still no protection from law enforcement...oops, that's right, I forgot, they are just doing their job creating crimes against citizens with your tax dollars.
So, given that it's their job and I am disposable, I am going to quit a couple more things right now as to hopefully protect anyone else from being hurt because they talk to me...

I am officially "quitting" having anything to do with Freedom County and the Live Free or Die Rally in New Hampshire.
Officially, the only thing I've had to do with these projects is helping to advertise, while supporting the organizers in their efforts, but the attacks upon these good people working their butts off to provide something enjoyable and prosperous for you have become too much.
I know that without me in the picture, these good people will be left alone, so here you go agent provocateurs....YOU WIN!!! I QUIT!
I will not be attending the Live Free or Die Rally so that others can enjoy it peaceably. I will not be anywhere near Freedom County so that the residents can be left alone and live a life of peace as they so desire. Now you stalkers don't have to reason to go there and ruin the event...

AGENT PROVOCATEURS, THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME! Come and get me!!! Stop harassing women, children and grandmothers!!!

Why don't you come over here, face me and work out your problems??? Are you too scared? What, all 4 and a half feet of you afraid of a disabled single mother???

You little cowards have ruined enough lives and knowing that it's all about you persecuting and isolating me, I will gladly bow out. Click here for more affidavits of lives they have ruined for talking to me.

Now, come and face me cowards! Can you do that or will you keep running around like a thief in the night, trying to stab me and anyone else you get your hands on, in the back, in the dark?

Yes, that's what cockroaches do, but I actually expected more from our intelligence agencies...silly me.
I was one of those uninformed that believed the "I" in your acronyms stood for intelligence.

Now grow a backbone and lay the hell off my friends and associates!
Make good with your threats and come out here and just try to kill me!!! PLEASE, don't just make empty threats and harass people who are not involved with your scheme! I've heard your threats for put up or shit up!!!

I double dog dare you, COWARDS!!!

(Please follow links in blog to see proof of these stalkers antics. I realize it is only a portion of what they have done, but sifting through my blogs and videos will show you everything they have done.)

Now the question is, why are they still on the street allowed to do this?
What about the stalker in Georgia, on probation for serving alcohol to an underage girl who spent the night at his house...even though he told the police after getting fired that he had no idea she spent the night...LOL
What about the stalker in CA who is allowed to beat women and children up on video and get away with his crimes in the canyon???

They are allowed to still commit crimes against me and others because why....?

That's right, they are on the government payroll...

Now come face me pricks! I've had enough!

DISCLAIMER: IF I do end up dead, it was NOT A SUICIDE!!! They have been threatening it would be since I QUIT associating with these organized stalkers.

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