Monday, June 8, 2009


The stalkers hacked our main site TruthBrigade.Com! But this is not the first person he has done this to... He has stolen 3 of my domain names to redirect to slander and has done this to at least a dozen other people.

Here is a partial list of those attacked by the same person in this manner...,2601.msg4899.html#msg4899

So, until this is resolved, we will not be having the chat during our show at our we will be using talkshoe for the text chat.

You can get there by going to during the show time. Although I wouldn't listen to the show from there as it is only the stream.

Please listen from

Show info is still the same and the calender can be found here...

Tonights show:
Targeted Individuals and Mass Murders with Cathy A. Meadows, MA., Clinical Psych,4083.msg6537.html#msg6537

I will let you know when the site is back up again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding...


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