Monday, November 3, 2008

Looks like I kicked their asses again, now it's your turn!

I was deleted from youtube again today with 150 more videos I was able to upload after the last deletions. So it's only time, right?

Actually, this means that I am hurting them or they wouldn't pay me any mind. Was it the mafia out of PA scared that we're going to beat them this election? Was it the hitmen in the San Diego police that were running the sex trafficking ring or the mayor married to the mob coverring it up? Could it have been some of our so called intelligence agencies that get paid to stalk and harass me hoping to get me back in their programs or just the average agent provocateur jealous of my work?

Whatever the reason this time (since there are never any warnings or responses to my inquiries), I have to wonder what kind of threat do I pose to anyone? What makes me so dangerous to where I must be monitered and censored everywhere I go?

One reason that comes to mind is Orwell's warning to the sheeple...

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."~George Orwell

I suppose we could look closer at the owners of youtube and basically all media which would lead us to the basic pricipal of the wars we are in...

"By disinformation we shall wage war."

So here we are in 2008 where telling a lie and repeating it over and over (thanks for the heads up, Hitler) is acceptable and commonplace, but telling the truth will get you imprisoned, fined and ostracized at best.o

We have an (s)election tomorrow where we have a choice between two mind controlled drones that will both tell you that censorship is good for us...after all, it protects potential hate against the perceived underdog. They will both tell you that we need to leave our borders open for more slave labor because it's good for the economy. They will both tell us that bankrupting Americans, outsourcing our jobs and bailing out foreign corporations is good for our economy and that slavery is necessary...what country do they represent???
Certainly not the republic we once knew and loved. Let us not forget that the head of our so called homeland security is a DUAL CITIZEN!!! What country do you think he pays his allegience to?

We are headed to a socialist dictatorship and no one knows one except of course the people getting deleted off youtube and myspace in essense, it is better that they censor those who know, so the sheeple don't see them coming for the slaughter. It's better to go about our day and vote for the same old republicans and democrats because after all, they said if you vote for them AGAIN, they will save you!
They promised to stimulate the economy by giving you free money, then a job at walmart.

Maybe it's better that people keep living their lives in the dark and the 'authorities' keep censoring people like me, filing repeated false reports and investigations, conducting false unlawful raids on my home and stealing my property (evidence of their crimes) while sending hitmen after me and stalking me and my children all the way across the country for the rest of my life...after all, it's just little old me screaming that something isn't right, so I must be wrong... Everyone would be better off if they didn't hear the truth about the country we live in...everything would be all right if I just shut my mouth, right?

Well damn it all to hell, I will keep screaming and I will keep fighting! I want to know, where are you? How long are you going to sit back and let a girl go fight the big dogs???
My 9 and 11 year old daughters have done more for this country than 90% of the sheeple out there that continue to bend over and beleive the lies.

Tomorrow is where the people are going to believe that they are electing our new representation and that things are going to change. Tomorrow is the day that IF our vote counted we would actually have a chance at change.


Don't give me this excuse about how splitting up votes will ensure the other party wins...WHAT OTHER PARTY, I ask you??? This is not a football game and BOTH parties are puppets of the same master!!!
Stop falling for their game and web of lies and deceit! Do like Carl Klang says and "use your vote like a rope, hang them high!!!"

Whether osama or mcstain gets in, we are all screwed so stop fooling yourself that one is better than the other. If you are convinicing yourself that you are voting for the lesser of two evils, not only are you still voting for evil, YOU ARE EVIL!!!
You know what you are doing is wrong, but you do it anyway for the party lines!!!

If we all voted 3rd party and not wasted our vote, we would at least send them a message that we are not buying their game. Don't be afraid to do what's right and speak out!!!

Your children need you, your grandchildren need you!!! Is this what our vets have fought for???

Grow a backbone and stop sitting on the sidelines falling for their lies! Start realizing that it IS YOUR FAULT we are in this position!!! It is your fault for doing nothing more than reading and spreading around a few emails a day.

It is our DUTY to take our country back and assert our rights!

So tomorrow when you go to the polls thinking you are doing your duty as a good american, think about it before you listen to those idiots telling you to vote a part line...VOTE ALL INCUMBANTS OUT and TRY A REAL CHANGE!!!


end of rant


livevideo hasn't deleted me yet so I will start uplaoding the rest and catch up there when I return...

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