Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it REALLY time for Change?

I know we keep hearing that word with one of our presidential selections put before us by the slave masters, but does voting for the same status quo and allowing them to pull the wool over our eyes one more time REALLY represent change?

Change is more than a skin color, more than a religious belief and certainly more than what we've gotten the past several decades. Change would be putting someone in office that really represented the people...a true statesman.

We have not had a 3rd party candidate sit in the white house since 1860, so isn't it time for a change?

Why don't we really try changing something and stop falling for the two party one party system.

Is it not apparent they are both being funded and controlled by the same people leaving us with the same fate...a socialist dictatorship in a north american union?

The Constitution Party offers another choice, the REAL change we have been talking about. Now it's time to grow a backbone and stick your vote where it counts and vote for that change you've been talking about.

How about a candidate that serves the people...after all, aren't they our elected servants? Voting to pay someone who actually knows his job and wants to serve would get us a lot more than the kings and queens we've been electing that care not about out Republic.

Last night we had Darrell Castle on TruthBrigade Radio of the Constitution Party, the VP choice on the Chuck Baldwin ticket.

This is a show you don't want to miss!!!

We've had some great shows and great guests, but I don't think there has ever been a time where EVERYONE AGREED with out guest. Last night that really happened so if you dare to hear what a true statesman is like and what he can do for you and your country, download the show and pass it around to anyone else who might need to hear that there IS a 3rd party choice!!!

Countdown to the Election with Darrell Castle ...

We are out of time America! Give change a shot.

Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle 2008!

I would also like to add there is change coming in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, District 13, John P. McDermott who we had on the previous show.

Listen to the archive here!
Countdown to the Election with John P McDermott ...,2717.0.html

We are still looking for volunteers to come help us plaster the district with signs and fliers.

The country you save may be your own...

Get off your duff and come make a difference...a real change!


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