Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marina Kats is a Thief!

What a wonderful time of year, the holidays approaching, the colorful leaves falling and cockroaches showing their colors...

The cockroach of the week is congressional candidate Marina Kats, in the 13th Distreict of Pennsylvania, who with over 40 million in assets feels she needs to STEAL and interfere with the campaign of 3rd party John McDermott and volunteers.
It probably wouldn't be so sadif it wasn't true, but since I was the one there posting the signs and taping, I feel I have the duty to share with the rest of the country, especially her district what this woman is really about.
How pathetic can a woman get??? She has over 40 million in assets, thanks to the banksters, she's backed by Arlen Spector and the mafia and she has to stoop so low as to steal from an average everyday hardworking guy trying to stop the theft of the taxpayers from our Washington leeches???
What is she so afraid of???
On top of that, she is a lawyer!!! An immigration lawyer of course who has directly contrbuted to the destruction of the American middle class and suports the bailout, outsourcing our jobs and slave labor.
You'd think a Russian immigrant would respect freedom and the American way of life a bit more, but that just shows who she is really working for...

Can you say Mogilevich???


Constitution Party Candidate



Indy said...

ok parallels with communism and Russian mafia are stupid, she is a hardcore republican, as hard core as you can get.

Otherwise stealing signs - omg, dumb dumb dumb lady. And she is a racist btw, she gave an interview to one of the Russian most popular radio station in which she told the host it saddens her to see Obama signs "in the decent white neighborhood". I wonder how many Obama signs she has stolen?

phil said...

The Marina Kats Freak show is at it again.

I have from a good source that Marina Kats is going to capitalize on her recent "success" as a congressional candidate in order to open up a lobbying firm. Anyone familiar with Marina Kats knows that she often creates businesses utilizing oportunities opened by her law practice so this seems just an extension of her MO.

She is going to be doing this with Tom Harari who was her defacto campaign manager after the five previous holders all had resigned due to conflict with her. Harari inherited the position despite his admitted lack of experience through sheer attrition. Harari was the mastermind behind the "attack Montegomery County GOP" strategy that occured late in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Parallels with underground "business men" closer than you know. Her millions didn't come from handling immigration cases, they came from personal injury claims, meaning our insurance premiums. During Glasnost friendly "business men" (Ukraine and US probably) financed travel expenses to the US for refuseniks and other emigres, and it was all financed it with personal injury lawsuits. Not bad money for a bar admitted travel agent. She was too dirty for Bob Rovner, it begged the question, just how dirty is she?

Ironic it was her campaign, but someone needs to attack the Montgomery County GOP, for running her. Do they not vet anyone? Or are they all just as slimy as her?