Monday, November 24, 2008

It's the Journey, not the Destination

I just wanted to give an update on my Journey of Freedom 2008. I have been overwhelmed with messages of people concerned for my well being, so I decided to take a short break to let you all know that we are safe and at peace. I can't wait till I have my computer to upload the pictures and videos from our trip to share with you! :-)
I have to admit, I was also quite alarmed at the level of curiosity I had came across and some even interrogative conversations I had on our adventures. I have heard a lot that I am in "hiding" or "on the run" and my questions is, who am I hiding or running from and what do I have to hide? Fortunately, we didn't have any road blocks like the last time where we were held up for 12 hours having my truck inspected after the rumor of me being a terorrist, although there were a couple close calls.

In the first place, why is it so important for anyone to know where I am or what I'm doing other than the people I am spending time with in the first place? If you needed to know where I was, or where I'm going, I assure you that you would know. Of course because of the high concentration of rats and spooks, I will not send out a list of updates of everything I do or where I go when I am on my adventures, even if I would like you to know.
I do have to say, I appreciate some of the rumors I have heard and always enjoy them for a good laugh.
Attempts to sabotage me never go unnoticed, but now I am curious...why do so many people feel they need to know where I am at all times? Why am I such a topic of interest to so many people that make a living of off causing discontent and disturbances? Could I be reguarded as someone's property?
Could it have something to do with the people who tried to set me up in the last few days or could it have something to do with a phone conversation I got to listen to with my own ears for over an hour that described what a certain stalker was going to do to me to "destroy my life" by continuing to "file false reports about me to CPS and other agencies?"
It makes me wonder why I am so important to some people. What makes it even more disconcerting that our tax dollars are being used to fund these types of invasions and repeated criminal stalking/harassment and tortuous interference with business partners and my reputation.
My point was not to send out a moan and groan letter, but if you are still on my list and one of the perpetrators who has dedicated their life to following and trying to harm my children and my self, you need to know that your number is up too. :-)
Note to perps: I'm glad you're all still falling for the dumb blonde routine..the funny part is that I even told you I use it! Sorry little boys will never learn, and I will never stop staying one step ahead.

I have to apologize for the delays and lack of response to my emails the past couple months. If I have missed anything important, (and I can assure you I've missed just about everything in the past month plus), please feel free to resend although it will still be a while till I have my computer again. :-)

Getting back to my absence which I described fully on one of my last radio shows at talkshoe, it was time for me to take a break, concentrate on home schooling my children and the adjustments with our recent move. No, I'm not on the run. My children are not kidnapped and I am not on a criminal watch list that I know of...
I have also been on a quest for answers, most importantly what we can do about this current mess that is affecting the globe. I am particularly concerned about our state of affairs, but have also realized that it is a choice you live. Most people seem to want to bitch and moan, but stay stagnant...but as long as your part of a "group" and attend a meeting to buy a new book every month, you are appeased and feel you are doing something for our country.
If standing on a street corner or writing letters to congress was so effective, why is it that over 90% of congress was reelected? Yet everyone still complains about the bailout, broken borders and our bottomed up economy...but have you ever took a look at just what it is you are really doing?

Many want to believe their "leaders" of their respective groups are really their savior's and will do a better job and fighting for your cause than you we sit back and wait for them to tell us a date where we are permitted to go stand on a street corner and yell at a building or illegal worker, creating riots. Then we wait for them to tell us when to write a letter, to whom, and what it should say. If we send them our monthly dues, we are in good standing, just don't cross that line and actually expect to be able to ask a question if ever in a group setting or with that trusted respected leader. They tell us who our enemies are, which of course it never the bankster or treasonous politician friend supposedly fighting for the same cause. They tell us what book to buy if we want to belong to the club and tell us who we are to talk to and to not talk to. On special occasions, they even tell us who to gang up on and file false reports about, who to stalk and who to steal from and ostracize by spreading rumors about. Most comply. We comply with orders from our savior group leader because we cannot think for ourselves. We have been trained to take orders and do what everyone else does so we can be accepted. "Why rock the boat? Why think for yourself and why would anyone ever consider doing what makes them feel good? Why live free? Why help others? That's just too damn hard, isn't it? No one will like me...I must keep up with the Jones's and mind controlled programming I pay for everyday on the boob tube."

BOO fricking HOO!!! We get what we deserve!!!

That sad fact of the matter is people don't want to change, they don't want to feel uncomfortable. They don't want to make different choices because it's easier to go along to get along!!! They want to worship a politician or group leader. They want to be a good slave...after all, that's how you get more toys, right? And the guy who dies with the most toys wins!

Of course, to what extent do you feel comfortable with trading off your soul?
It never ceases to amaze me how many people feel nothing trading their souls for money. Just how many are trading their souls for worship of a false god (man).

Bottom line...YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED AND IT IS YOUR CHOICE!!! Your leaders are sabotaging you whether they are at the local setting or in Washington, including the groups you belong to that are supposedly fighting for your cause. You continue to pay for the tv and implanted thoughts you feel are your own. You continue to go worship some man who says he's going to make change in this country or who writes books and runs for office. You continue to buy the same products, bank at the same bank, drink the koolaid and then cry and moan about the end result.

Now has anyone evern considered changing their routine to receive different results?

On my road trips throughout the country, I get to speak with all sorts of people about any subject imaginable. I am thankful for all of these experiences. Many have helped me as I have been able to turn that over to help others in me, that makes the world go around. I heave learned at least as much from others who I thought I was helping than they learned from me and intend to continue sharing this knowledge with others that are seeking it.
I have seen that most people are basically the same, no matter what region, what color, what ethnicity, what sex, what religion or age. We all want the same things, we all seem to enjoy the same things and desire the same things for our children. Where we all seem to differ is in the number of people who actually practice what they preach. That is where wanting remains a want and not an action that really does spark a change.
We hear radio hosts say they found Jesus, yet they use that justification to harm another who does not want to bow down to their agenda. We hear we need to hurt another country or another group or person. We use all sorts of justifications as to why we need to harm our brothers and sisters and attack one another, but we don't really hear much about how we can make the simple changes within ourselves to make life more livable, peaceful and rewarding. Has anyone ever heard "Be the Change you want to be?"
Doing harm to another is never rewarding and will never help you. You will live with the choices you make. If you complain about being a slave, why are you still finding and working for the same slave master?
Living free is a choice and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have tried to share my vision of peace and living free with many, mostly rejected because overwhelmingly the masses do not want to be free. They want conflict, they want others to think for them and they want to be led. They want others to do for them what they can do (whether they know it or not) for themselves.

I would only ask why? I understand how hard it is to change. I understand that it takes great risk and personal change and discipline. I am aware of all the conflict that can arise in making that decision to be free, but I can not understand the resistance to do so.
The first step of advice is to first envision what you want, believe it, then put your right foot in front of your left and continue this process till you are there.
There is no magic involved, only discipline and desire.

I would like to invite all people who know that the status quo is not all there is to life. I am seeking all interested in making change and actually living it...people who are interested in finding and debating solutions to the situations we find ourselves in...people who are not afraid to speak up and out about the truth and ways to stand up for yourselves in the name of Liberty.
There is a FREE SPEECH forum at TruthBrigade.Org which I hope you will participate in and share your insight on the problems we face and solutions with others.
I would like to announce that we have an action packed show in store for you which will be starting soon on FU radio! I guess that could have two meanings, but we'll just call it FREEDOM UNDERGROUND! :-)

As always we will be sure to have the most controversial and knowledgable guests and topics to bring you the TRUTH in all aspects of how we are being lied to in our daily lives, from our personal health to our wealth. You might even learn that there is more to wealth than illusionary finances and there is more to health than the fraudulent medical field. In fact, that is our goal.
I am looking forward to being back on the air as my Journey of Freedom comes to a close. I have to admit, I do not have all the answers I was seeking, yet I found many more I wasn't looking for and needed to learn. I consider myself very Blessed to be able to do this with my children and take them on a history trip that should not be forgotten and would encourage others to do the same. Living it teaches you a lot more than reading about it in a book.

I am thankful that we were able to enjoy and experience all that we have from running a congressional campaign, obviously well enough to receive phone calls from the opposition on my cell phone and well enough that they had to pay someone with a contract with PDOT to follow us around and remove all our signs... :-)
I am thankful for all the wonderful people we have been able to spend time with and share a part of their lives, wisdom and hospitality with us. I am thankful for these experiences that continue to show me what life is really about and how we should all take time to smell the roses...It's the journey, not the adventure, stupid!!!

If we spend our whole life worried about the destination, we can never enjoy or even know and understand the journey. As far as I'm concerend, I already know the destination and I would hope that you do too.
Take time to enjoy what the Creator has put here for us, everything in it's perfect balance. The wonder of beauty right here in front of our eyes never ceases to amaze me. Slow down, enjoy it and try thinking like a child again. Remove all your expectations as to what life should be and start living it as it is or you will miss it.
Time is not something that can ever be returned or bought back. Your level of happiness is directly related to the here and now. Are you here now? Do you feel peace where you are at and the choices you make?
I am not here to judge anyone, nor do I want that job but it makes me happy when people start to think. My guess is the more people that take that time for themsleves to ask those questions will find they have more peace, therefore can recognize the answer.

I wish you all well and will send out updates as soon as we begin on the new network. If you are not already signed up to receive updates at TruthBrigade.Org, please take a moment to do so. The life you save may be your own!

Many Blessings and Prayers for Happiness,


Anonymous said...

And Good Luck and God Speed to you, Girl Friend!

Anonymous said...

And Good Luck and God Speed to you, too, Girl Friend!

Anonymous said...

Most people would rather sit on their asses and let the Government dictate their life but when all goes to hell they blame it on the Government yet they did nothing to change it.

Keep up the great work Christie and God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I see you have a flashing duo picture of 'W' and Hitler on your side bar. It made me wonder if when 'O' commences his term in office if a similar picture with him (O) as the center will be considered a hate crime? My caution shows that I am already in fear?