Saturday, November 13, 2010

Special Edition Broadcast tonight!

Special Edition Broadcast tonight!

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The Ego Deception
Special Edition Broadcast tonight!
Louie Bee of Crotch Shot Radio James Burns of Freedom Files
and I are going to be clearing up the air here with some silly allegations that have been made about me by Chris Geo and Sheree Dill of Truth Frequency Radio after a series of attempts to reel me in to their deceptions and twisted sex fantasy.
Background info:
It all started when they invited me over, of course I didn't know that Sheree was bi and that they were going to BEG me to have sex with
This is where it begins, in August.
Then in September on my way home from the Wolf adventure, Sheree calls and practically begs me to come over, so I drive all the way down from the 40 to Dallas, 14 hours out of my way, instead of staying on the 40 to go straight home to walk into some serious drama, including more begging, propositions, because they said I was the only one who could save their relationship by having sex with them and lying down and allowing them to worship me like a goddess.
So after staying up all night, they pretend that all is well, invite me to dinner, a very nice dinner I must admit, but I had no idea that accepting their dinner invitation would lead to expectations about having a threesome with them that night.
I could tell Sheree really didn't want to do it with me because she feared Chris really loved me, so I asked Chris to leave the room and had a several hour conversation with her where she told me all the dynamics of their relationship (ones I did not see in my 5 days there with them) She said if I was just some random person she would love to and they both thanked me and said they respected me for not going through with it.
Of course that didn't mean Geo didn't stop trying.
Sheree took about 70 pills, 3 different kinds in an attempt to kill herself. I was supposed to be home but I felt it was more important to stay and help nurse her back to health. I mean how can someone walk out after someone does that. Of course I didn't want to involved police, hospitals, psychiatrists, etc, so I stayed and called my friend in Ohio who called her doctor for advice. She spent about 4 hours on the phone with us that day while Sheree was falling down the stairs locking herself the bathroom with a knife, pulling out plants, slamming things, destroying things, etc.
We had my van packed twice that day. I was going to either take her home with me to help her get off the drugs and out of her abusive relationship, or to her mothers which would have been another 5 hours out of my way. When I told her she would not be able to bring her drugs with her to my house, she freaked out and decided she wanted to go to her parents since they would allow her and facilitate her drug abuse.
It was so weird being there and seeing these people in these conditions, I mean really...don't they talk about infinite love and higher consciousness? Don't they expose the drugs and big pharma? hmmmmm...maybe it's time to practice what one preaches...?
Anyway, after that, I really really had to go...Geo was still trying to convince me to smoke dmt and make out with him so he could worship me like a goddess, the epitomy of divine feminine he said and show me heaven. LOL
Yeah right little after going home, I found Sheree was still there. We had scheduled to do a show together about "Infinite Love" on September 27th.,5933.0.html
then Chris message me 5 minutes before the start to informed me that Sheree had injured herself and he had to take her to the hospital.
He did eventually join us about 20 minute before the end of the show as you will see in the we had to wing it last minute since I'm certainly not an expert on "infinite love" as Geo claims to be...thought it would be a good topic though. :-)
Right after that, Sheree moved out again and kept in contact with a few of my friends, then ultimately asked Louie is I would forgive her and would add her on skype. I did that night and the chat is posted here:
She divulges more insight in to what she endured with Chris
She went form wanting to do a show with us because they had brought the idea up about doing a female round table show on AFR. We invited her to join us occasionally as we are looking for a few different womens perspectives, she expressed how she would not take any more of Chris abuse and came on the phone with us. 7 people present. Then as you can see in the chat, her position changed, she obviously talked to Geo and he told her she couldn't do a show with us, come on baby, do a show with me, you're my twin flame...even though that is what he has been telling me the past couple months as I have been trying to ward off his advances, while professing his undying love for me. LOL
After this he decided to contact people on the network, contact other people I have never heard of and ask them to harass me, contact me and Louie under different names, he grabbed at having over 15 fake profiles, then proceed to make posts about how I was chasing him, how I wanted to infiltrate his show and break up him and Sheree...LOL
Of course the network knew since they wanted to fire him since August what he was doing, but Geo got his claws in to me while I was out of town so I didn't know what he was doing to the network on my month long vacation. They thought there was something wrong with me for allowing him to infiltrate my show, but they knew since they never had any problems with me, that maybe I could tone him down a bit and that he would chill out. They gave it a go, with Chris and I doing a show together occasionally, but the problems got worse. He even went so far as to try to change my schedule behind my back, meanwhile contacting other hosts on the network stirring up trouble with them.
He then start to post scripts on his website about what supposedly happened and said that I was chasing him, that I was in love with , had sex with him, and made up a whole hollywood script about how I supposedly threatened him then put out a video showing HOW he spoofed out chat that never existed.
So in retaliation, I decided to post all our REAL chats and some audios. This is what we are going to talk about tonight.
here is where you can find all the blogs and audio:
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