Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to ReGroup!


I would like to announce that TruthBrigade Radio will be going to replays for a period of time after I finish a few live shows this week.
Recent revelations have forced me to make a decision that I know will prove to be productive.

We are playing a very dangerous game here and have learned that we aren't teaching anyone a thing. In fact, MOST of our listeners are FED's seeking to do us harm.

I'm assuming they will have to do a better job trying to set me up this time since I've righteously made them look like the idiots they really are and continue to act like. I hope this will also give you time to catch up with my blogs, documents and videos about the situation they've created for me and the nonstop harassment and stalking for the past 2 years their thugs like Jeff Schwilk and Jim Stachowiak have executed so overtly, in addition to the more covert operations including police using laser weapons on me in my home and the endless physical attacks that no one would help with, including being shot at and beat up on video multiple times.

In my blinded position in the matrix, I was under the impression that I was being chased because of the sex trafficking ring or because I outed a few bad minutemen, law enforcement and political figures. If you listen to these archives, you will see how it is much bigger than that.

Christie and StarGate (MKULTRA) RePlay
The California MOB
Breaking out of MKULTRA

The good news is that now we know why the FBI and other agencies never did anything about all the crimes that I turned in...because the perps are all on their payroll!!!

The FBI and other intelligence agencies do not SOLVE crimes, they CREATE crimes and will not stop till a civil war breaks out!!!

Anyone who joins any organization must learn about how our country has been infiltrated and how they start particular organizations to make you think that people are doing something about the problems they created in the first place so you sit back, send money and believe that someone is actually out there fighting for your rights!

My generous estimate is that at least 90% of any organizations you have ever heard of was created exactly by the people you think you are fighting against!

Please use my example and those of many other incredible guests on our show as to how to be active on your own!!! Don't wait for yourself proclaimed leader to tell you to do something! Better yet, don't join ANY ORGANIZATION as they are designed to weed out so called political dissidents, people who know too much about this corrupt system we live in or those who can actually be effective at creating a positive change.
Just think...if you activists would have spent 1/10 of the time you spent out on the streets yelling at people and spent them walking precincts, you would have been 1000% more valuable to your cause and reached out to real people who could have also assisted in the effort at creating local change.

Always be watchful and use my examples and mistakes as what not to do... :-) Be aware that these groups are designed to fail and create another WACO or Civil War. I have firsthand knowledge of this and will divulge everything I know when I am back in a safe place and will also post a webpage outing all the FED's that are running the movements I am familiar with, and what agencies they work for.
MOST are FBI, but I'm sure a couple others might surprise you as they did me.

We cannot fall for this and find a way fight back peaceably and expose the corrupt powers that be! You all have the power to do what needs to be done, which of course is what makes me so dangerous to the animals creating all this chaos. They know I know things they don't want you to know and have suppressed from the public throughout the centuries through the secret societies and now the use of fluoride and other heavy metals and explosives they are forcing us to eat, drink and breathe.
When you know this, your world will change and I truly pray you do as time is of the essence, unless of course you enjoy being a slave. I for one, will not comply and will not become complacent.

When I return, I will be holding PRIVATE community calls in addition to our shows to talk about the ways and teach others. I have always been opposed to groups and lists and have never kept any myself, but for the private conference call where we discuss these and solutions, I will require that you do let me know who you are and I will decide who is vetted and who is not.

If you want to be considered as part of the PRIVATE group, contact me and I will let you know what you need to do. I apologize in advance for any who feel they should be part of it and will not be. There are way too many wolves in sheeps clothing, but to me you are naked so no amount of begging will change my mind if you or a friend are denied please don't even try. :-)

Please understand that I don't know how long this will take, but we will be back stronger than ever! I hope you will enjoy catching up on our thousands of hours of archives in the meantime. :-)

Many Blessings and Peace to you...


Kalash said...

Take care of yourself.
The war is only beginning. Denver was a slap in the face to freedom.

It's only a matter of time before the paintball guns become live amo - and the real threat of oppression fails to be a threat and becomes a reality.

I'm still fighting my battles.
It's been fun Christie.
Enjoy your break - and let me know if anything comes up before I'm locked away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do and have done.
May God bless you and yours with His sweetest blessings and what so ever else He may stand in need of at this time in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. I am James Elmer :-)