Monday, August 11, 2008

The Most Racist Hateful Pig

I hate to ruin my blog with more updates of provocateurs, but I feel it is important for you all to know who we are dealing with here in Jim (Stach) Stachowaik, of Martinez, Georgia who lives with his mommy and calls himself freedom fighter.

If you have read our forum or listened to our show, you know he has been stalking me since last December and you have seen the evidence of him stalking many other women, including the one he lived with until she ran for her life after she saw he was involved in calling out hits on many other women in the immigration debate.

He has contacted every guest we have had on our show, including contacted all my youtube friends to continue his slander campaign, then stalked and slandered anyone with a brain who refused to go on his show!

Jim Stach is an agent of the federal MOB, a zionist nazi Pig and woman beater! His sole purpose is to create friction and move people towards violence and race wars on our streets!

Don't believe me? Listen to his own words please...

The Reason I Left ffr Part 1 [mp3=200,20,0][/mp3]
The Reason I Left ffr Part 2 [mp3=200,20,0][/mp3]
The Reason I Left ffr Part 3 [mp3=200,20,0][/mp3]

Please do not fall for this as there are many sheeps in wolves clothing throughout the so called patriot (bowel) movement, including all of the minutemen leadership we've already exposed.

Poor little provocateur paid government stalker has 3 listeners per night on his wonder he begged to keep me with him as I brought his show up to number 3, for the first time he had ever even made it to the top 100.

Now I am the number one political talk show on our network and the little fairy is all up in a fuss...who should I stalk this week, he asks???

Dean Santoro and Ted TerboLizard are his candidates this week...I always knew they were handsome and educated...I guess I just didn't imagine that the 5'4" government stalker would have the hots for them this long!!!

FED's, do me a favor!!! Either remove the "I" from your acronym for what you want us to presume represents Intelligence or stop promoting crime and chaos by allowing people like jim stach to go around commiting crimes on a daily basis to further your agenda.

Guantanamo would be more appropriate and the longer you let animals like this run loose, the more clearly we all can see your real purpose.

How do you allow people like stick, I mean stach to go around committing felonies on a daily basis???

jim stach, stay the hell out of our lives. You are on notice once more.

To the American people, RUN VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PROVOCATEUR, of course unless you are a provocateur as well...


Anonymous said...

Read about the hard work Santoro is doing yourself:
and donate to help him!!

TruthBrigade said...


Apparently so does stalker jim stach who just can't leave him alone...GEEZ, we think he's cute too, but come on stach!!!

Can't the DIA send you another woman to harass???

TruthBrigade said...

More about Jim Stachowaik, DIA agent...

Anonymous said...

please answer when and/or if this happened.

1. You choked your children?

2. You shot your dog in the head for chewing a table leg?

Anonymous said...

1.Did you choke your kids? yes or no
2.Did you shoot a dog you owned in the head for chewing a furniture leg? yes or no

TruthBrigade said...


You are repeating words from a delusional FBI mole whos sole job is to set up innocent people like me.
I would like to ask you, if I really had choked my children and shot my own dog in her presence, why didn't she call the police?
You have seen the way they follow me around everywhere I go, had I done that, you can be sure they would have taken me in or at least shown up to see my dog and children to take them


Thank you!