Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogging is Child Abuse

“Your first amendment is going to cost you custody of your children,” spouts Judge McConnell today in the family/juvenile court of Taney County, Missouri after suggesting that I “should not be posting details on the internet about the case” (or lack thereof) against me.

Wow, really? Blogging is child abuse now, an offense worthy of having your children kidnapped without due process and no contact?

I was scheduled for family court today at 1 and was called in the “courtroom” at 1:45, thankfully Sundee Hume from the Taney County juvenile division was there to greet and direct me to the right room. My name was not on the docket outside any of the court rooms again, so I really wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be. She handed me a court report that was to be submitted by Rebecca Pagent, case worker who continues to suggest my children remain under the state of Missouri’s control. Got to keep those bonuses flowing...

I walked in the court room, same old pretenders continuing the illusion of a fair and lawful hearing, a man in a robe asked me to raise my right hand immediately. Although kind of brash as I still didn’t know who the man in the robe was, as there was no name outside the door or on his bench. I was nonetheless excited at the thought of finally being able to testify…or so I thought. He abruptly asked me “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth… (blah blah blah) ...God?” I answered, “Absolutely!” Of course no one else had to hold up their hand and swear that they would tell the truth. His only question to me was, “Do you have a recording device in these proceedings?”

Uh, okay, no…do you? Well, we know they do, but the juvenile and family courts get to hide under some illegal protection clauses…it’s for the children, they say. So, while they record the “hearings” the victim in the case, me, is not allowed to obtain a copy.

At 1:47 I asked if I could serve the other parties in this case against me, 4 lawyers who were in the court room. Everything was perfectly packaged, 5 motions in proper piles to each of the recipients. They had already been signed and stamped with the clerk an hour prior, but they decided to waste some time separating them so they could act all confused as if they all weren’t given the same copies. I had to ask one of the lawyers who this “judge” was since he still didn’t identify himself and the last time I was in this court room, it was Judge James Justus who recently had an aneurysm. Eighmy, appointed GAL informed me his name was “Judge McConnell” and after doing a quick search I found he was appointed by Governor John Ashcroft on September 15, 1985 as Christian County Associate Circuit Court Judge who previously was elected as Christian County Prosecutor for 3 terms "practicing" law here since 1965.

After 23 minutes of silence of them pretending to read my motions and whisper back and forth at 2:10 special presecutor Sherri Harris spoke first asking to go over my motions and hear my “arguments.” Joe Allen also agreed, as well as to deferring the judges “ruling” till after arguments are heard. Mike Merrell, father of Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell charging me with 7 felonies, and Eric Dell Eighmy did not agree to hear what they referred to as my “arguments.” Merrell continued to inform the judge that the previous judge on the case had already signed a custody determination in what he called a divorce decree modification.

Well that’s weird, how come none of us were told about that? Or were they? Maybe it was just me that was out of the loop? Actually Judge McConnell was not informed of that either and asked Merrell how he was able to get a judge to sign that being that no one else knew about this secret agreement?

Merrell skirted the issue, mumbling words that were hardly legible and the judge did not ask him to explain. I attempted to ask Merrell the same question the judge asked about how he could get a judge to do that behind closed doors without any notice to myself or the others and not be on record and why I couldn’t formally speak on the issue, but I was not allowed a legible response. Sherri Harris tried to tell me that I did know about it and had already blogged about being served, when in fact the only time I was served by anyone asking for custody, it was from Joe Allen whom we had agreed to sit down and talk about at a later date amicably with my ex. He still has yet to contact me about it and assured me what was originally written was formality and that they were going to change it before anything is entered. Thom also agreed.

Eric then proceeded to say that my motions were not applicable to this case, after which the judge started to agree, and then mentioned, “Well, maybe one of them is.” I asked how they were not relevant and if the judge knew of any laws allowing this “court” to operate without due process separate from the laws governing the circuit courts that this was supposed to be a part of. He answered, “Ma’am, there is not one court in the state of Missouri that can operate without due process.” “Great,” I exclaimed, “When do we start? You’ve essentially stripped away custody of my children 11 months ago and we have had very limited contact and zero with one daughter for over 7 months now.”

He then tried to tell me that I already had due process or they wouldn’t have taken my children. I guess I should forgive his ignorance since he was new to the case. I had to remind him that there was no due process, the agents of Taney County acted upon a call from a neighbor and did no formal or proper investigation, had no warrant, broke in my house and kidnapped my children and made up charges when they got the arrest warrant the following day after falsely arresting me and 2 of my neighbors for witnessing their actions against me with my children screaming and running to the neighbors for help. “Stop hurting my mommy, HELP HELP!” cried sweet little Amberly. Of course that was all written in the motions they were served with today, detailing the numerous crimes they’ve committed in their criminal color of law actions against me.

He insisted that was due process, so there really wasn’t much more to say on that issue other than my typical infamous giggle. One of my motions was to overturn their current court order of supervised telephone visits only in a therapist setting, being that this order has resulted in only 2 contacts in 7 months with one of my daughters and none with the other since supposedly the therapists keep disappearing without notice. Sherri Harris and Rebecca Pagent then informed the judge that the reason they couldn’t get anyone to supervise their phone visits with me was because they were afraid of being talked about online….hmmmmmmmmmm I guess in their mind they can say anything they want to slander parents, print it in the paper and court documents, giving me a record for a crime that was never committed, one they still won’t inform me on the nature and cause thereof. I wonder why yesterday was the first I have heard of that…?

You can listen to her scramble here:

Why take 7 months to tell me…? I had to remind them that THEY were breaking their court orders, not me and that I chose to document this case online since I happen to free speech was one of my rights. Silly me... If they were doing their jobs, following their laws and not LYING to break up my family, I would have nothing to document. Judge McConnell then told me I “Should not be posting details on the internet about the case.” I reminded him of my first amendment right to say anything I want to say online or on my show and that was no reason for Shaun Lotter (or anyone else) to break off my court ordered visits when my children were still in the state where I could have actually visited them my allotted one hour per week. I then asked what would happen if I broke a court order and of course they said I would be punished. LOL Okay, so once again what is good for the gander is NOT good for the goose. I just don't have enough money to buy my children back or even be heard here in Taney County.

I tried to mention everything I could even though he was cutting me off. He completely disregarded and minimized everything I had to say and talked over me constantly. I tried to stay on point and mention once again the lack of due process and that I have never been able to face my “accusers” or answer the charges. Eric Dell Eighmy and Mike Merrell went on to state why the judge should “drop the case,” meaning to remove Missouri’s hold on my children and grant permanent custody to the absentee fathers who had no interest in rearing or even communicating with their children since they were both infants. They suggested there was a "domestic matter" they had hoped to be solved which was why they had custody arrangements already made in secret without a trial or any notice on record. This "domestic matter" they referred to was my pending criminal charges they keep putting off.

The social workers said they were still working on getting me telephone visits, but it was going to be hard considering that I felt I had to right to freely discuss their “case” against me online.” This is where Judge McConnell informed me my "First amendment is going to cost my custody of my children.”

They proceeded to kick me out of the courtroom, I guess the hearing was over, but he didn’t inform me of any decision, other than he would not hear my motions. I still don't even know what took place, but it was nice to see more confirmation of their illegal actions against me with their secret deal getting Judge Justus to sign over custody back in August as Merrell stated.

Gee………..I guess I have a lot to learn about this “legal” system because I had no idea the judge had that type of power, to deny me contact with my children because I have decided to exercise my free speech in talking about their criminal actions against me and my children and to give away custody without any official record or due process.

I thanked them and told them I was going home…to blog…

Thank you for this experience. I am honored that I get to be the one to expose these fakes and frauds for what they are. Doing so without judgment is the greatest challenge I have ever encountered, but I'll do my best...

Criminal court is scheduled for the 24th and on casenet where I get all the info I am given about my case says it is a “hearing”, as opposed to being a “trial” like was scheduled my last 2 visits.

I wonder if they remember my 6th amendment and right to a fair and speedy trial? Is it me that needs to be educated about the system or is it them? Oh that’s right, they are just doing their job. Kidnapping children is big business! Nice to see all these lawyers, judges, clerks, therapists, county workers, state and juvenile workers getting paid to destroy families...


Niki Raapana said...

Well I've been meaning to ask you how you lost your children and what in the hell was going on with 7 felony charges and I'm glad you pur this up for people like me.

This is one of the hardest aspects of my legal research, and now that I see how you have been denied your fundamental rights and how you've suffered at the hands of these criminals, and I do not use that word lightly, I will make it even worse for them by re posting your story to my GLOBAL readers.

The neo justice system these folks have sworn to uphold is NOT the same U.S. system you and I have sworn to obey. They know it, but as the judge exposed when he told you every American court has due process, they have to TALK as if it is. Somewhere along the way they were trained to use the right words to claim legitimacy, and then to go ahead and ACT completely contrary to what they say they follow, because they are trained expert liars.

And you know me well enough by now that I can document every claim I make against this phony hearing and review "process" that eliminates due process by it's design.

Your "rights" were balanced against their "need" to protect something other than your rights. So the entire justice system that used to protect your rights now protects the rights of other things that were deemed more important than your rights. It's called Harmonization of Norms.

Under communitarian law, there must be a "balance" between the individual and the "community". In this quietly emerging global governance system of rules and regulatory enforcement powers, the "state" represents the ALL powerful community, who, under the new quiet law, places our children under the protection of the same agents who promote the expanding powers of the oppressive state.

You and your family have my complete sympathy and if I can manage it with all the deadlines I am facing, I will help in any way I can with research, footwork and documentation.

Yours truly,
Niki F. Raapana
Documentarian for
Dawson v The City of Seattle 2002,
9th District Court of Appeals 2005

Anonymous said...

Christ, that's horrible what these people are doing to you. It does sound illegal and if they had any sense to them, they would realize serious public pressure is going to come down on their heads if this continues.

There's a reason freedom of speech exists and that it is protected. It is to prevent lawlessness such as what you are experiencing. This affects us all and you are not alone as their actions apply to everyone reading this.

TruthBrigade said...

Here is another thing that was screwed up that day, I forgot to add to the blog...
While I was waiting to get called in to a court room I went back to the clerks office to get a copy of one of my motions since I ended up with one less than I had given her to stamp. While at the window, I over hears the gentlemen next to me about 2 feet away, so it was easy to hear everything they said. He was talking about an injustice brought about on him from his ex who filed a restraining order and won't let him see his child. As he was asking her for advice, she said, "Why don't you just try hotlining her?" At this point I had to speak up and I firmly said, "Hotliing people DESTROYS families, you will NEVER see your child again!" She glared at me, with a who the hell do you think you are look, as I turned my back and stepped away waiting my turn...
I think it's atrocious that they court clerk would be giving such advice!!!!!!!!!!!
amazing to see them all working together to destroy families and giving advice that will only perpetuate their system and the abuse that comes from it.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I thought my story in Taney Co. was out of this world!? Someone needs to help the "GOOD" women and mothers of this crazy place, we are being screwed by these people who call themselves Lawyers and Judges> But who's really getting hurt here??? Are children! Please...if there is anyone who can help? HELP