Monday, February 14, 2011

Denied Justice Again

Well, the good news is I'm not in prison, but the bad news is that they still don't want to respond to my motions. (latest motion for dismissal here) Their rules set guidelines for the time in which they have to respond, yet even when standing before Judge Orr, they still would not be heard or even acknowledge their validity.
It did seem a little fishy that when I got to the court room, my name was not on the docket outside, so I had to wait till he talked with the rest of the pretenders before I stood up and asked if I was on the docket since I saw no such reference on the board outside the door. I told him my name was Christie and he pulled my file stating, "Yes, you're on the docket for today." Well, then why wouldn't he hear my motions? Thisis the 2nd time trial has been scheduled, first time being October 7, 2010 and the second time today, February 14, 2011. How long are they going to drag this out? Until after they give full custody away of my children?

So here we are 10 months and 2 days after they kidnapped my children, clearly judging me guilty before proven innocent. I thought it was the other way around? I thought I had a right to a fair and speedy trial?

So far no due process has occurred, and while I was ready to stand trial today, as scheduled, they refused to hear me. Judge Orr asked me to come back, after telling me that I need a lawyer due to these serious allegations.
I said, "Judge, if there was a case, if there was any evidence, I would have received due process, I would have received discovery, I would have been able to confront the so called witness' against me, I would have been able to depose these "witnesses" that haven't been names, and if the prosecutions case had anything to stand on they would have responded and been ready to proceed today." LOL

The prosecutor Jeff Merrell remained silent. He spoke not one word and Judge Orr did not ask him if he was ready, or if he had responded and if not, why not. In fact Merrell acted like I wasn't even in the court room in fact didn't even look up to acknowledge that I was there speaking to the judge...or at least trying to, about all the rules they had violated in their ruthless tactics against me.

Judge Mark Orr asked a man from the defenders office if he knew why I didn't have one of their court appointed attorneys that they are trying to force upon me after finding out the first one, Reidar Hammond had abandoned the case, leaving me alone at the last minute with no choice but to file a motion to allow me to proceed Sui Juris. He stated that he was leaving the office and that there would be another one replacing him, but he doesn't work there yet.

The good news is I believe there will be a recording, even though Judge Orr said it was not on the record. I asked if it was recorded and he denied, but said, "there are witnesses in the courtroom." I responded, "Great, I will let my record show you refused to proceed today or respond to my motions in violation of your rules."

I think if I would have kept talking, they would have had a bailiff escort me to their hotel, so he offered me to return on March 24, stating trial would proceed then.
But I will ask again, how can a fair trial proceed given that the prosecutor won't follow the rules and tell me what I supposedly did and when? Why won't he provide me with discovery and a witness list?

What's really interesting that I found out today from someone in the system outside the court house is that of all the arrests they make in this county, only 3-4 per year ever make it to trial. I'm not sure if I can verify the accuracy of that statement, but these people have been in the system here for decades and explained how everyone is forced to take some kind of plea. They claim it's because they are "backed up".....yeah, backed up arresting everyone and trying to comply with the necessary paperwork and forcing them in to pleas because you harass and strong arm them breaking almost every rule they wrote in the Missouri Court Rules.
They then disclose to me that all their economy is based on the revenues of the courts, but they do not know where all the money goes while they claim they are bankrupt and under budget.

Well, I guess there's really not much to share since nothing happened...but they didn't railroad me today...
I guess my next step is to go to a higher court and ask them for a review and consider legal action against the wrong doers in this case against my family and life. Despite the resistance I have received in my request for records and standing in the court, I believe someone has to enforce these rules somewhere along the way.
I mean how long can these courts operate unlawfully? How high up does it go? How can one individual get them to follow their own rules?

They have already convicted me in the media, the community, in fact my own landlord refuses to do repairs here because he says, "Well, she's going to go to jail anyway so why should I make her place livable? She's a child abuser, and if she complains, I will kick her out."

They had a flood when a pipe broke while I was out of town in January which ruined all my bed room furniture as it is warped, along with mold in the walls and under the carpet as my place was flooded from the empty place next door., so bad it's difficult to breath and I have to avoid that part of the house. I have been living in these conditions for a month now and what's really funny about that is that the landlord has paid people to fix the empty place next door, but has done NOTHING in mine.

Great, so not only ostracized from the community and unable to get work because of these charges to pay for a lawyer to make a plea deal for me or hold them accountable for their unlawful actions, my life on hold, my children stripped from me and there's nothing I can do?
I'm sorry, I don't accept that. There has to be a way and I intend to find it.

I will post the audio here as soon as my little birdie delivers it. So check back to hear the Judges words with your own ears!

EDIT: Audio from court today. It begins after standing up and asking him if I was on the docket for the day since my name was nowhere to be seen. He is going over my motions, then the crappy audio begins...

Thank you all for your love and support!

I spoke about what happened a little more indepth on 2 shows February 14. You can listen to them here:
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Jim Untershine said...

Prepare for a war of attrition. They were hoping you would not show up, issue a bench warrant, and force you to defend yourself from a jail cell.

You might have to go to the public defenders office - tell them what the judge told you - ask them if they can give you references for local lawyers that will work pro-bono.

TruthBrigade said...
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