Saturday, June 5, 2010


Judge James Justus of Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, presiding over our state kidnapping case in Taney County, Missouri ruled yesterday, June 4 that I am not allowed to post any more photos of my children while they are in states custody, from April 12 on.
How interesting is that given that the photos are clear signs of abuse and neglect on their part. Is he trying to cover it up for the kidnappers who rake in 96 K per year per child they steal? What would they have to hide?

We all know when a judge orders censorship, it is to cover up their crimes, not to protect anyone. Protecting someone from the truth is like fornicating for virginity.

Could it be that they don't want you to see my childrens burns, their new found illnesses, their poor choice in clothing while in their care, their horrendous make up given to them by the "teachers" in charge, the lack luster in their eyes due to their mind control and drugging and forced psychiatric "treatment" which we all know is TORTURE. Are they trying to hide the fact that my childrens souls are being ripped away in this barbaric use of forced compliance by a state that has NO EVIDENCE of the allegations that necessitated their "emergency removal" of my children while on my show April 12, which they testified to under oath in court yesterday, June 3? Interesting that I'm still being charged with those 5 "felonies" even though the reporters denied reporting what caused them to file the charges against me almost 24 ours AFTER they came to my home without an investigation, without warrant, without indictment, without charges. If they didn't write the reports and they now admit none of their "charges" even happened, why were they so quick to talk to the media and assist in the SPLC's slanderous hitpiece against me here and here? And why hasn't the media continued to cover this story now that the truth is out of the bag?

You would think their admission of no such evidence, and their retraction of their initial reports would be enough for the judge to release my children back home where they belong, but instead he's more concerned with the public perception of their photos which are evidence of their abuse, neglect and malnutrition.

While we wait for up to 30 days for his decision, my children are hidden from me in foster care, being forced upon others that have been known to steal and sell children for profit.
Additionally I have no scheduled visits and to date have not been allowed to talk to them over the phone, although one of the absent "fathers" who refused to take care of his responsibilities and obligations as a father and husband, who left me for a man while he abandoned his sweet innocent little baby at birth is allowed to talk to my baby 3-4 times per week. It is also highly suspicious that my "father" Frank Czajkowski, former SEAL, SS and high level ONI black ops trained killer has not only been able to visit them, but is the ONLY one that they have received mail from.
How interesting being that he has NEVER even written me one letter in my life, not one phone call and throughout the course of my life not one Christmas or birthday card after abandoning us when I was 3 and has refused to make any contact with me or return any emails, letters or phone calls throughout the course of my life. This is the same man who refused to help when he learned that I was in a wheelchair, had been shot at and my children burned.

Click here to hear more about the complete story about what happened in court and some of our past with these "fathers"

Judge Justus, will you do the right thing or will you tow the line for your criminal cohorts and further this conspiracy of kidnapping, violation of rights under color of law and numerous other criminal and civil charges you will be forced to answer to if the right decision is not made in a timely manner?

Until further notice, I am not allowed to post any more photos of my babies in their care over the internet, but I cannot be responsible for what anyone else does with our photos. In fact, I highly encourage everyone to post and send around to your families, your lists, groups, shows, etc. as I give full permission to anyone who wants to use our photos for their site, news letters and media.

Click here for names, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in this kidnapping and please let them know you know what they are doing to families like ours!

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LittleT38 said...

Legally, morally and ethically it is ALL wrong. No judge or 3rd party agency has authority over the parents. They work for us. Family court is a joke and I want to know why these dirts bags are getting away with legally kidnapping children.