Saturday, April 11, 2009

TruthBrigade Radio on American Freedom Radio

After being on talkshoe since 2007, I would like to thank all of our listeners and guests for your continued support, despite all the technical issues and repeated harassment our show has endured.
That obviously shows that what we are doing is the right thing so I have GREAT NEWS about our show!

I am excited to announce that TruthBrigade Radio is moving to American Freedom Radio, formerly FURadio this Monday, April 13. I am so thankful to Danny Romero and family after many months of laboring over this project, they have finally overcome the setbacks imposed upon their network! If you like what they are doing, please feel free to donate what you can in order to ensure the network remains on the air. We all know how hard it is and they are funding this with your support and are in need of sponsors.

American Freedom Radio is rapidly becoming the new favorite internet radio source broadcasting 24/7 with some of your favorites like Jack Blood, Mark Koernke, Jeff Rense and many other wonderful hosts with plans to expand in the very near future. American Freedom Radio favors FREE SPEECH and will diligently work to make it your favorite whether you are into finance, health and wellness, the latest news or ufo conspiracies.

Please help support our new network by sending this out to your friends, family, email lists and post on forums, myspace, youtube, facebook, twitter and other social and political networks!

Our new schedule at American Freedom Radio will be Monday - Thursday from 7 - 9 PM Central Time. You can join in to text chat during our show at our main site, TruthBrigade.Com and don't forget to exercise your 1st Amendment at our FREE SPEECH forum, TruthBrigade.Org.
The new number to call in is 512-879-3805.

I am so looking forward to this change and am positive you will love it too! Please join us at our new show on American Freedom Radio and spread the word about our changes!

View our upcoming shows here!

Blessings and Love to ALL!

See you on American Freedom Radio Monday night!


Anonymous said...

Dear Americans,

If I am so irrelevant, according to the blathering loose cannon Crazy Christie, then why did I appear in 22 talk radio appearances and six newspaper interviews in the past four weeks? I will never understand the dementia and jealousy that makes persons like Crazy Christie hate someone because that someone is bringing continued national awareness to the illegal alien crisis via the media. All of the discussions were on the need for strict enforcement of US immigration laws. Like so many others looking for a target of their delusional wrath, Crazy Christie has fallen right into the hands of the pro-illegal alien invasion fanatics like “dirty” journalist Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County Register.

Disregard this loon. Apparently, another spoiler of the movement who needs to blame MMP for his failures and the failures of organizations like SDMM, ALIPAC, Mountain MM, the failed hijacking of my organization by a couple of CCIR members and greedy MMP former volunteers, and the participation of that failed attempt by Los Angeles-based SOS. As far as Counselor Lula, in my opinion, he was simply duped into believing the propaganda he heard from persons he barely knew. Even a Harvard law grad can be duped into “hanging the innocent,” especially when he gets his information from someone who promotes and posts on the internet a video portraying MM shooting an illegal alien to death and burying his body in the Campo, Ca. desert. Not very bright.

The MMP has been successful, despite relentless interference from the ill will of the above, all of it fostered by three former MMP so-called volunteers who apparently saw the MMP as some kind of cash cow (for them) in their futile attempts to steal it, in my opinion.

Consequently, as long as “useful idiots” like Crazy Christie continue to conduct their counter-productive and downright ignorant war against the MMP, or any other group that will not “goose-step” according to their prescribed mantra, the movement is destined to fail. I intend to continue operating in the vision of our Founding Fathers and our rule of law. That means the MMP will disassociate itself from those persons or organizations who foster and engage in inter-organizational acrimony, fascism, racism, vile propaganda, and other modes of despicable conduct that will guarantee this movement’s failure.

As I warned that LULAC lawyer I debated with on MSNBC last year: “If you continue to engage in name-calling and mudslinging, I will certainly accommodate you with a like response.”

I will say this one more time: While European settlers colonized what now is known as the USA, American Indian tribes warred among themselves in petty squabbles, rather than unifying to deter the 16th and 17th century migrations into their land. Consequently, the USA is “our land” now. The same petty squabbles have infected the minuteman movement and as a result the illegal aliens, predominantly from Mexico, will soon be able to claim the USA as “their land.”

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA(ret.) - Founder and President, The Minuteman Project, Inc.

TiANews said...

Oh so you are a success, but you fail because everyone doesn't buy your lie? What have you succeeded at, besides doing a lot of talking and collecting money? All Christie has done is expose you for being a liar, a women abuser and useless in any real effort to stop the flow of illegals across the border; I stand as a witness to these Truths. Jim, you are the fool who wants everyone to believe that if we just rid ourselves of those illegals our problems would be over, you fight the conscripted army and refuse to take on the big boys with the money and guns who are the real problem. Christie on the other hand does not have that problem and because of her efforts we now have their names and locations. I see you here doing your best to defend them, your masters, the ones she is exposing. You boyz fear her and it is showing; LOL!

Follow Jim and his lies into slavery or follow Christie and the Truth into Freedom, it is a choice.

TruthBrigade said...

Here you go gilchrist...

any questions?