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Better Homestead'n and Gardens with Big John

Better Homes and Gardens has been a household name since 1922 when it was founded by Edwin Meredith who had previously been the United States Secretary of Agriculture under Woodrow Wilson. The magazine which is published 12 times per year by the Meredith Corporation has been the "go to" publication for those interested in "bettering" their homes, and tips in cooking, gardening, crafts, healthy living, decorating, and entertaining.

But what if there was another way? What if it wasn't all about keeping up with the Jones' and doing what the media says we should be doing?

I am a cook and am always disappointed when I look at recipes from publications such as these since these are not recipes where you actually's more of a throw in this box of (something from) corporation X, then a can of (this) from corporation Y, then toss it all together with (that) from corporation Z and viola, dinner is served. Sorry honey, that's not cooking! It's called creating disease! Can you imagine our grandparents opening boxes of pre packaged poison and calling it cooking?

Okay, but it says they promote healthful living...? I suppose one could question anothers meaning of "health." Is it health for the corporations and their fat pockets or are we talking health for your family and well being?

Imagine fresh (non vaccinated and injected with hormones) chicken and eggs in your front yard?

We have been dumbed down in such a way that Americans have forgotten what healthful living is all about and the fact that Americans used to be able to provide for their families...yes, without slaves to clean your toilets, mow your lawns and even paint and build your house or package your own meat and grow your own delicious nutrition produce.

We constantly strive for approval through what the main stream corporations tell us what is good for us. We see beautiful pictures of what our house should look like if we are to be respected in the community. Then we feel less than because we financially cannot obtain it. Should we get another job to keep up?

They tell us what we should know, think and what to buy, but do they really ever teach us anything about what we can do for ourselves? Of course not, that would mean we could be productive and not dependent on the corporations that have sought to enslave us.

That's okay...just go get a loan from some foreign bank and start on those remodels. If you look good, you must be good, therefore you can fit in to society with the cool people...

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I'm personally tired of that way of thinking which is why I don't subscribe to the propaganda spread by these corporations whether it's magazines, news, radio or politics.
And believe it or not, there are others like me!!! People who really care about the direction this country is headed and dedicated to teaching other how to live full prosperous lives no matter what the "Jones's" or corporations say.
Big John, Cathy and Drue

I had the great honor of visiting Big John's homestead and meeting with his beautiful family. Talk about Better Home(stead) and Gardens...not only is it absolutely beautiful, they actually built it themselves!!! Literally, from the ground up! When they first bought their property, it was completely full of brush and trees, so Big John parked out on the dirt road and started digging a way in!

Look at the beautiful interior!

Imagine coming home to relax in something you built with your own hands in a peaceful setting that can actually sustain your family! Talk about rewarding...

Big John has been a survivalist/homesteader for decades in multiple climates and has truly practiced what he preaches. He also hosts a show on GCN where he teaches others to be free of the slavemasters. Last year, he started a seed business after finding out how difficult it was to obtain fresh heirloom seeds anymore since the monopoly Monsanto has placed upon our food supply, and has grown tremendous leaps and bounds, starting out packaging seeds on his dining room table. This has now blossomed in to millions of dollars in sales, despite the beats attempts to harm their business.

I highly recommend stocking up on REAL heirloom seeds NOW, which are GMO free! Consider this, just one order of seeds will give your family and 7 year food supply! If you can feed your family, you will not have to sell yourself to slavery! STOCK UP NOW!!! In Australia, a listener of our show purchased NON GMO heirloom seeds from Big John and her shipment was confiscated with a note saying she could pay them $40 to send them back! That is not too far around the corner here considering all the legislation to outlaw your gardens and pets being implemented right now, like HR 875 and NAIS.

I think it's time we honor Real Americans for their accomplishments and learn from the tried and true, rather than the corporations that profit off our stupidity...

Big John is my nomination for Better Home(stead) and Gardens!

While I was there, I also got to witness a live goat birth! The miracle of life right in front of my eyes (and camera) was absolutely amazing! They get to experience this year round with their goats, chickens, quail, rabbits, donkeys, horse, peacocks, and turkey. Of course their family tree is growing every day, which means while the rest of us stuck in the jungle (cities) fighting for food that will not be available, they wil always eat...and they deserve to as they have built this homestead with their own 4 hands!

Isn't it time to consider doing something different yourself? Do you want to sit back and wait for everyone else to take care of you or are you willing to get your hands dirty and truly provide for your family? There is nothing more rewarding than sitting back and enjoying a homecooked meal that you prepared with your own hands from your own property. Isn't that what America used to be about?

It's time to step up folks! Follow Big Johns lead and learn to provide for yourself! Unplug yourself from the greatest weapon of mass destruction every unleashed upon mankind! They don't call in "programming" for nothing!

Serious times call for serious measures and isn't eating pretty serious? They have used food as a weapon in every major war and genocide and anyone paying attention knows that is exaclty what our federal government is doing today...of course it could just be coincidence...

Either way, imagine going out to your yard to get fresh eggs to cook for your family...

Imagine fresh milk each day...

Imagine a fresh turkey for the Holidays...

Imagine living free...

Imagine Much Better Home(stead)'s and Gardens...

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