Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Police at my door on the Radio Show Tonight!

As I was live on the show tonight, I heard a pounding at my door. After my daughter got up and told me someone was shining a light in her door I decided to interrupt the show to go down and see what was going on.

I saw no less than 6 police cars parked where the vehicles park that watch me all the time an several people walking around. It was dark out with no light and I was not about to walk outside to see how many there were exactly.

I communicated with 5, the two that said they were worried about me, one ladies voice that I could not see and then the two gentlemen that walked back up to my door.

I asked what I could help them with and they said that they were “checking on me.” I asked why. They said that they were just doing their job because someone had called them a couple hours before and they were worried about me.

I said I was on the radio show since 6 and that it was impossible that I had talked with anyone at all in that time so I asked them who called this time and informed them I am a victim of harassment, the reason they are at my house at least every week.

So they called in and came up with a fake name for me this time rather than the regular anonymous caller they get. They said the name was something like Erica Kapinsky.

I have never known anyone by that name and we all know I wasn’t talking to anyone since I was interviewing a guest on the show.

I closed the door, stumbled back upstairs and found my eye burning. I looked in the mirror to see that I had a burn with broken skin.

I was not smoking, eating or anything else, didn’t even touch myself so there was no reason for this burn to just appear.

The first picture is very bad quality because of the light but you can clearly see the date and time.

The second picture had more light so I cropped it and zoomed in.

Right now my ears are ringing, my head hurts, my eye is burning and is blurry.

This is just documentation.

It all happened live on air tonight…3/11/08 approximately 9:30 PM PST. The archive will be up when the show is over.

I have no idea if it has anything to do with my visits today with the county. Every time I ask a question, I get a visit from the police. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were that quick to act when there really was a crime going on like the ones they commit against me?

Last time they did a “well check” at my house, it was raided the next morning.

I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

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